Create Your Own ERC-1155 Tokens: Enjin’s Mintshop is Now Open for Business!

Oh hello there Simon here from engine here to wish the engine community a very happy birthday and it's a very special day today exactly one year since the engine coin ICO was completed and we've come so far but we're only just getting started so it's going to be a very exciting year to come now we have a lot to announce today but I'm gonna focus on one aspect of it in particular one aspect that I that excites me a lot because I'm a big believer that blockchain technology can be integrated into every part of our lives into every part of society for that matter and I think this solution that we're releasing today is going to be a massive part of a massive piece of that puzzle that makes it super easy for everybody to join that movement so as you can see in front of you we're talking about Mint engine coin IO this is the engine coin mint shop it's a place that anybody can go have items minted for them receive those items straight to their engine wallets and start giving them out owning them forever if they wish trading them swapping them selling them the process is really easy we as you can see in the video we create these items out of engine coin they get created and then these items will actually hold that engine coin within them until they once again get melted down this is why as far as digital assets go engine coin created items are real art they're made out of something of value and they can be destroyed again and when they're destroyed the assets that remain become even more scarce so this is a very important part of the life cycle because it replicates what happens in the real world now this website is obviously super easy to navigate I just want to talk about the referral scheme here it's available to everybody because we we believe that you know it's all about the community banding together working on pushing this blockchain movement forward I don't think we can do it alone and we want to make sure that everybody is rewarded for the effort that they make as well so this referral scheme is a very big part of that feel free to just jump in fill in the details and help us push this movement forward we also have a buyback policy here on this mint shop as we discussed before every asset is minted out of engine coin so as more orders come in we meant more assets engine coin gets locked up inside of those assets and obviously we don't want to be put in the position where we run out of engine coin so what we're doing is we're using any profits over and above our business expenses to buy back engine coin so we can continue to Min assets long into the future there's also a maximum 7 day turnaround time for these assets we obviously expect it to be a lot sooner we're just a little bit unsure about the kind of demand that will come through these doors so yes if you want to create some assets right now just come to this website click this mint Now button you'll be taken to this online store here and there's some very very basic information to fill out for you to receive your assets we just put in the token name put in the description upload an image put in your aetherium address and we'll send the assets straight to you you obviously need the engine wallet to be able to actually manage that asset but you can download that at any time so let's just go through some of these details so fungible tokens are an identical set of tokens that are exactly the same from one to the next you can't tell the difference between them they have exactly the same name image description even identification and history and metadata every single aspect of them is exactly the same and non fungible token can look and feel exactly the same but it will always have its unique identifiers and unique history so there's there's one key difference there now if you want to create fungible tokens you can't create one because non fungible tokens are the ones that are one-of-a-kind and we will only enable up to three hundred dollars worth of transactions to take place so if you want to make ten thousand tokens you can but if you want to back them with more than the allotted amount of engine coin this button will become unavailable with non fungible tokens you can only create one hundred at a time as well any more than that and this button will become unavailable so if if you try to come in here mint some items and you say that this is unavailable you just need to play around with these settings until everything fits in alright so from here it's very easy you just put in the token name token description upload an image theorem address Add to Cart follow the usual shopping cart prompts and you will have your token to your engine wallet very very soon I want to show you the blockchain legacy category that we've created just for these items it's an exclusive category it's only available for a limited amount of time it's a dedicated location to house the first wave of ERC at 1155 tokens that have ever existed so if something lands in this category you know that it's a part of blockchain history anyone that mints an item right now is an early adopter and they deserved that recognition so here's an example of one of the world's first multiverse characters his name is Mike is a very special guy people that own him can use him in up to nine games so he's he can traverse universes and you can jump from game to game using him where you go this is the world's first blockchain membership so basically you can get that for free at crypto and gamers comm slash membership right now and it enables you to get our you know exclusive prizes and giveaways it's it's a VIP on chain membership token this is another multiverse asset it can be used in some incredible games you can jump from game to game using it everywhere you go so creating assets like this is now super easy all you need to do is create the token name which appears there create the token description which appears there upload an image which appears here it needs to be a thousand pixels by a thousand pixels and a jpg put in your etherium address and we'll send it straight to you if your Add to Cart button isn't showing up and it says unavailable down the bottom here just play around with these items with these fields and you'll be able to make it all happen so thank you very much for your time have fun playing around with one of the most easy to use robust digital asset creation tools that has ever existed this is your key to the blockchain and you can do whatever you want with it I hope to see you open some new doors I come up with some new use cases and help us break down some boundaries that have been locking the blockchain down field way too long there is limitless opportunities of how this technology can be used we're only limited by our imagination and I'm so glad we now have this platform available where you can use your imagination to help bring blockchain into the real world you know we just need to try new things make people believe make it make it useful for businesses and people and entrepreneurs and developers and we're just going to see this grow and organically flourish into something that becomes ubiquitous until we realize we look back in five years like how did we ever live without it and that's what I truly longed for and that's what I think we're just just on the cusp of saying right now so happy birthday engine it's going to be a great day [Music]

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