Create a VerusID on the Verus Desktop wallet

In this video I explain what a VerusID is and shows you how you create a VerusID. One of the most intimidating aspects of work with cryptocurrencies, is the way addresses look like. In most cryptocurrencies is your only option to use an address that looks like this. This kind addresses look intimidating, unlikely to get them remembers or recognized and are confusing. There is a danger that you will get your phones or tokens to the wrong recipient sends, especially if you work with multiple addresses. Three times the address checking is stressful and still is risk is a major obstacle for the cryptocurrency adoption.

VerusID has solved this. by registering a VerusID, you create a name on the Verus network that is recognizable, rememberable, intuitive and easy to use. If you knows someone's VerusID, can send you funds, similar to popular money sending apps. For example: if Alice the VerusID "Alice Smith @" has registered and Verus wants to receive from Bob, Bob only has to to know the VerusID "Alice Smith @".

Bob can Send verus to this ID just like to an address. A VerusID is placed on the Verus network registered by your wallet and paid with Verus. There is no centralized server or authority, no gatekeeper and costs to register an ID goes all the way to the miners and referrers. You can have so many IDs register if you want and you have access to all IDs from the same wallet. Currently costs a VerusID 100 VerusCoin and with a reference the price drops to 80 VerusCoin. VerusID can even be transferred like when you want to move it to a new wallet or to own it want to transfer to someone else. If you have a an ID that transfers an amount to Verus will contain that amount along with the ID transferred.

Now a brief explanation about it create a VerusID. Okay, we use the most recent version of Verus-Desktop wallet, that is version 0.6.4-3 and is today (May 16, 2020) the most recent version. We have our "Wallet" tab, our "Verus Identities" tab and "Mining" tab. In this video we will mainly use the "Verus Identities" tab. As you can see here, I have 100 Verus in a public address. So let's start creating an ID … We click on "Verus Identities" … Then we click on "commit name" … Now we are going to be a regular name create. It can be anything in you comes up. Let's see if "Steve Smith @" is available. It is allowed with uppercase and lowercase letters, but as you enter it here it will be visible as ID. A VerusID, as I said, costs 100 VerusCoin, but if you use a reference, it drops the price to 80 VerusCoin. The that I'm going to use is from the Verus Foundation.

Click continue … Name Steve Smith … Referral ID "Verus Coin Foundation @" … Status success, that means the name is available. We've got the chain, we have the transaction ID. We got it control address, The name again "Steve Smith", referral ID "Verus Coin Foundation" address and the ID address. Click on done … Now we are waiting for the blockchain it recorded. The status is now "pending" … Now the "Steve Smith @" status is "ready", so we are going to create the ID.

Click here: "create Verus ID" … If this is your first ID, you must use "self" for the first two sections / "Steve Smith @", self, "Steve Smith @". We have to enter a private address so we'll leave this screen for a moment. Click on the cross … Go to "Wallet dashboard" … Go to your private addresses here. Copy your private address … click cross … Back again to "Verus identities" … Create "Verus ID" … Again, if this is your first ID ID you must use self, self and paste the private address here … click continue … Because we using a referral, it only costs now 80 Verus. The referral ID … The name … The chain … The primary address … The revocation … The recovery and the private address. Click continuously and we get it again and then click done … Now the status is "loading". As you can see the ID "SteveSmith @" now in use …

It is now in our list of IDs. "SteveSmith @" click on open see your own SteveSmith ID wallet your ID. ID info top right … Same information that we saw earlier. click X … And here is the ID pop-up menu. Now we only have 1 ID: SteveSmith "We go back to Wallet and see that we have 20 verus left because the ID registration only cost 80 Verus, with the reference. Verus ID tab and mining tab. And that's how you make a VerusID! NGa to Download the wallet and get started today!.

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