Crackòvia – Gra o tron, część 3

In previous episode So if all barcelonists unite … He was a sports journalist, but we still killed a man. Our hands were bathed in blood … Game of Thrones I'm scared to death, I'm about to [ __ ] out of fear. Because of the white shooters? Don't overdo it. We Keepers of Style must keep Barça playing well. Otherwise, the White Riflemen will destroy us. Same as they did in 2012 … What are you doing? Since they're not there yet, I'll make a gin and tonic. Do you want some? I would never drink anything like this while on duty. But rum and cola is another matter.

The end of the series is coming! The end of the cycle is coming! Guardians, I caught one of them, but beware, one touch of it can be lethal! Juanito, war! War! Whatever you want! We won't go down to your level anyway. Never! Tiki Taka and ball possession! How far are you from the wall? Speak! We are more or less … Speak, hell beast! Man, how am I supposed to talk when you keep grinding your tongue? Dude, you gotta start listening! Listen … Okay, I'll try to do the next interview … We White Marksmen will arrive before the season ends! Competition season? No, the hell I'm talking about the show! But according to the book … According to the book, strings, blah, blah, blah … Do I look like someone who reads books? You [ __ ] sweet! I can? Sure. No, the enemy does not even deserve a water ration! But it's not water.

It's a gin with a little tonic. For my taste, it's a bit of a strong tonic … We see you at a game in Copa, Champions League or la Liga. Because the end of the series is coming !!!! As the classic says: and he landed. So the whole intricate plan … I don't think he's dead. White shooters never die! Watch her [ __ ] her up. See? Ciulesy, your end is coming! Rather yours, you …. We must unite to face them. The fight will be cruel, bloody and epic. In the next episode Now we can win against Barça! But we already did it a year ago. So we can humiliate them We have already done that too. Well, we can always repeat it because I was gone. Game of Thrones.

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