Could Bitcoin End War? — Garzik on Alt-Coins — Winklevoss ETF Update

good morning bitcoins today is monday july 15 2013 at 1107 am in caracas venezuela i'm using the inequality of bargaining power to create a demand vacuum for my decoupling and recoupling oh yeah here are today's mad bits bitcoin prices have steadied in the 90 to 100 range with a last of 98 a high of 101 and a low of 92. volume was 30 0520 deflationary currency bitcoin could end the government's ability to finance endless war and that would be pretty nice one of the things governments around the world do is finance their wars through inflation they just print money for whatever they want to spend it on if the world were using bitcoin that would no longer be a possibility if you're opposed to governments inflating money to pay for wars around the world bitcoin should be something you're interested in bitcoin developer jeff garzik on altcoins when it comes to math-based currencies garcic is all for diversity he's happy to see the proliferation of other coins it's a fantastically good thing he said experimentation is wonderful it's been disappointing that the overwhelming majority of altcoins have been pump and dumps or pre-mined schemes he calls that the first generation of altcoins but thinks that the landscape for altcoins is maturing the second generation is far more interesting with fewer lazy clones and more experimentation he argues singling out ppc coin for its work with proof of stake and freycoin for its exploration of demerge but apparently all of this has its place and it's underneath bitcoin i don't think it's likely that the second generation will produce any useful viable long-term cryptocurrency but i do think that all this experimentation will absolutely inform the bitcoin ecosystem and any features or really novel developments can likely be incorporated into bitcoin itself winklevoss etf update from bloomberg news the winklevoss twins propose to create an etf that tracks the bitcoin the cryptocurrency the same way that the spyder gold trust tracks gold but there has never been a more highly publicized etf launch the reason for the buzz are the three forces of nature coming together the bitcoin the etf and the winklevoss twins unfortunately for the winklevi most of those articles panned the filing citing the dozens of risks outlined in the 18 pages of the prospectus such as the possibility of government regulation security concerns and the twins lack of experience managing a trust ticker possibilities wink coin wtf this has been mad bitcoins mad bitcoins mad bitcoins

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