Cougar GX 1050W ver 2

project sponsor sapphire sapphire our best recommendations good time of day with you again technology today we are with you get to know the company's powerful expensive and heavy power supply corner unit really heavy weighs more than four kilograms together with the packaging heavier than many 1200 watt models, the power is 1050 watts and is also enough to power two video cards of titanium level + motherboard with gluttonous overclocking processor price in Russian retail at the same time 6000 rubles, which is not even expensive and many are primarily interested in how quiet this instance is the opinion on Internet forums is diametrically opposite, some consider the block to be quiet others are very noisy, let's pick up the sound level meter noise level from 1 meter 3 s half decibels is much lower than the daytime background in the apartment, which is 32 decibels and above, that is, simple power supplies are absolutely quiet and you can feel what only if you put a fan on the grill near you we tried to boot the system using two gtx 780 video cards and in general we need note the power supply was no more noisy than the video card that did not work quietly more than 1000 6 decibels tests of our foreign colleagues confirm the piece goji x1050 runs quietly the system uses a 14 meter fan with hydrodynamic plain bearing after half a year the fan may begin to groan in our opinion to steam the cooling system no need to put fan thermalright at all set with the reobass 1000 revolutions per minute and you will never hear its own kilowatt nickname and it will not overheat as for the filling it very high quality kuga is a power supply unit manufactured by the company an effect that is a solid middling Japanese capacitor panasonic maintains working properties even at temperatures of 105 degrees the layout is tight and neat boredom in general, everything is simple if the power supply to work the first three days means it will work for many years, otherwise the warranty in general will save the manufacturer's warranty for 5 years, although the Russian store trying to look around and for six months of a guarantee what else will please sample from where it is over long wires length of the processor new cable if you pay attention to the 8-pin connector 89 centimeters we meet such luxury for the first time usually 55 centimeters is enough in the case of the lower location of the power supply and here 89 centimeters of the model from kuga is simply a must to race with a developed frame management to tidy the cables length of the motherboard cable 62 centimeters is also not small and even excessive, pay attention to what you can power the system with two processors with sockets plus the developers implemented another 4-pin processor socket, probably so on in any case, we also see this for the first time to her with a detachable wire still include two cables with 6 weight 2 pins on each otherwise the block is modular in total we have 6 plus 2 pin connectors for video cards, that is, 3 top-end video cards and without adapters can be powered, plus 12 but 12 hard drives can receive power as well as 70x and one flop socket and in overall more than enough for any graphics game or server on the station independent tests confirm the golden efficiency is at least eighty-eight percent at 100 percent load voltage deviation is usually not more than one two percent of the food is very high quality and in the end we have one of the night kilowatt nicknames of the market if you collect well at the same time do not give system take a look our award gold with you marina meeting

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