Cosa sono le Criptovalute (Stablecoin) Tether e Tether Gold?

hello everyone and welcome back to my channel in today's video regarding the playlist of the coin projects let's go and see what the auction ball coin teter was born how it works is also teter gold obviously after the initials we leave from this video on how to market cap and let's analyze the third crypto currency by capitalization I'm talking about teter click on the left mouse button on the teter item and you see that at rank 3 a token with a value of 0.3 euro cents can be purchased on many exchanges among the best known we have by now and biloba the kraken and many others here you see the contract that runs on the brooke sheen of and then I shoot an erc 20 token by clicking on thater point I have both for the official website screen we apply on the right button of the mouse we translate into Italian and let's see a little bit what it is about teter teter converts money into digital currency to anchor or tie the value to the price of national currencies such as dollar us the euro is the chinese yuan in fact in most cases when we talk about te ter we remember the acronym usd t so the test was linked to the dollar but there is also eur te cnh t or the tester linked to the price of the chinese yuan the 100 percent of teter tokens are backed by our reserves of value then i will explain what it means is a tester is pegged 11 to the dollar value because teter does not have the market fluctuations like in normal crypto currencies because they are technical as we have just given that a fiat air currency is linked it is called st ball coin that is a digital way that aims to be a stable replacement for a legal tender currency therefore a fiat currency deterra was founded in 2014 at the basis of the idea c ' it is the master coin protocol dgr willett who among other things is also the inventor of ico we can find it on linkedin point willett inventor of ico inventor of the stub all coin and founder of omni then we will see c he what is this omni teter at the beginning was even called realco in almost wanting to underline the difference immediately with the other crypto currencies but only four months after the foundation real coin was replaced by the name that still has it nowadays therefore teter the first tokens issued were launched on the blu shine of bitcoin in October 2014 just a few months about three months from the official birth who manages teter teter is managed and controlled by the big beat fiennes therefore the tete al limited a company that will now incorporate from the change bits since the real boom of you occurred in 2017 in fact on January 1, 2017 the market cap was less than 10 million dollars, a value that was finally actively smaller if you compare it to the one reached twelve months later.

Of you for the transactions of this ball coin auction are mainly based on the omni platform which in turn is based on the bitcoin blog chain or be team function. iona also on other fast as we have seen and tir hume where teter are cognate in the form of tokens and areas c 23 ether also supported by two other blow chaigneau vera that of tron ​​tron ​​chain and ios as we had seen before each usd t issued is equivalent to one dollar the total value of the testers we have in circulation is guaranteed by the reserves of the tete unlimited company today on the official website of the crypto currency of the ball coin auction it is specified that the reserves are made up of dollars and other assets including credits from loans granted from testers to third parties as regards the most used wallets starting in the exchange teter it is possible to insert for example in my hat wallet token supports erc 20 omni wallet is also exodus for those interested instead a hardware solution therefore much more secure is also supported by the ledger nano s I did a video review regarding just this hard wants that I will leave you on the click overlay going to the top right we can see the word teter gol next to the resources, let's click on it and let's see what it always means with the right mouse button Italian language and let's go to see a dog in digital supported by physical gold with the acronym hicks a putin goes to you to recognize the bolchoi teter auction with the gold collateral this token was launched both informed rc 20 on the entry in tearoom both from the tokens and from the trc 20 contract on the fast in di tron ​​so that it can be transferred to mode peer to peer from and to any address iter youm to the patron each hicks houti token represents the ownership of an ounce of physical gold on a specific gold coffin, therefore with a value ratio of 1 to 1 with that of the ounce of gold an important feature is that holders of this token can file a ransom note in the form of physical gold provided they have completed the tg commodity limited verification process and are in possession the minimum required number of their physical tokens of the holder can be delivered to a very chosen location in Switzerland or the holder then to ask tgcom on it in limited to try to sell the gold and to receive the cash proceeds of that sale an important thing for those wishing to invest this token linked to them and that there are no custody fees so holding this token within the service does not have any cost for the user as you see at the top right there is the possibility of log in and possibly register an account to be able to operate in this field let's stay on the market cap for a moment let's go this time to see the third gold token 22,766 with a value of 1,500 euros you can obviously buy immediately ex f tx btf and is traded with usd or with bitcoin we arrived again for today at the end of this short video invites you to subscribe to the channel if you have not yet done so by leaving a like to support them l work and all our real rivers united telegram to stay a little with us and have a chat with the community thank you for your attention and see you tomorrow bye everyone

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