Corum 20 Dollars Double Eagle Yellow Gold Coin Year 1907 Mens Watch | SwissWatchExpo

From SwissWatchExpo. This is the Corum coin watch. 
Now, the first time I ever saw one of these,   it was on the cover of TIME magazine. President 
Reagan was wearing one but most of the presidents,   both Republicans and Democrats had had 
this watch. They've been photographed   wearing them at different times. You can see 
what they've done here is they've taken a $20   gold piece. Now this is a real coin. This is a 
1907 coin that this one is made out of and they   slice it into make this bezel for it and mount a 
watch movement in between. Now this one happens to   be a quartz movement, runs on a battery. There 
are also automatic ones and we have lots of   variety available on the different year coins, but 
it's such a great look and it's really unusual.   Definitely something that is a conversation piece, 
because not many people have seen one, but give us   a call. See which ones we still have in stock. 
The Corum coin watch at

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