Convergence POLKADOT T9/2021 Coin CONV Vina Team Bitcoin

Hello guys welcome back
VinaTeam channel we will introduce to you a coin that I think
you will be interested in is the conv coin denoted conv and this coin is currently for sale At a price of
not   0.37 USD per dong and starting to increase slightly    this week, there have been some
postcards from the level of 0.8 0.9 When We Watch Together . I've been monitoring since
now, March 25, I started to be tracked, I've saved my peak at that time,
so I'm not 1.19 I've been swinging a lot A and after a May 19
drop, it's gone down. is 0.04 UK and today has accumulated
quite a long time in the period 0.033 in this coin I am interested in because this coin is
currently being invested by big funds that are alameda and Hashed funds. me at the beginning of this right
now  has a rather small market cap of 39 million while trading volume is growing compared to
the the one with a small market cap   of 3 million 800 if you ed in 20 hours in in
this is trading this afternoon on or new exchange SD or SX or delete your size
if you don't have an account at the exchange, please register my link below the video you will register the link
so that you can can track about this copper can buy this copper wire this copper i follow Because this head
has been car Wave for a long time you can have any child because okay ha The big fund is
the investment quarter and the investment fund and in the Trac about literature, in the past 24 hours , there has been a snack in the past 7 days, and in the
past 14 days, there has been such a decrease that this dong is unique.

Please pay attention in the near future,
let's take a look at the communities this is about. Come here Grande is also a
very strong community ecosystem in Vietnam with 82,000 members Come back slowly but play this first. There are also many strains of
yeast, that is, there are 74,900 and 75,000 times how long, A and the funds for men and women have a
share of up to 40 percent and other funds hold up to 15 percent and ten percent.

I think that
's a large amount of grafting and the funds that are also kept can come here after accumulating enough,
maybe you are nefarious, please put this Crush on their coin in Dong Nai is being traded on the exchange, so
we can also be in the pay of the tree wave when you arrive, this couple has been pumped for the
last time, so the 0.05 level then continued to decrease A and it is very likely that there will be mourning for
that  Is the date given on August 20, 21, yes, yes, yes, here is the coin that is invested by big funds and has
a large community refer to people singing investment Investment And if you need to follow more details
we will see in the field again it is copper and we will find out on
398398 there is a detailed guide about this filter this week, labor and brother You may want real
estate elsewhere, which means that real estate takes us to the child's name as a dollar
for the future, and I think in terms of the future, bringing real estate into the world.

its ecosystem, above is possible ah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I got me nice about the 221 mail fee will continue to update
cross this April this May this 6th July a for investors pronunciation Asus eee a NC ventures
CS has a lot of big investors here yeah yeah Here I gave a brief overview of the
dong a content Yes Wish you have an overview   of the dynamics.

this engine to be
able to make investment decisions and follow up Hello and see you guys in the next videos
on decodethis channel of Vitamin A group.

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