Conio: come investire in bitcoin in modo sicuro per chi parte da zero

you know the story of that guy who lost $ 80 million in bitcoin because he accidentally threw the hard drive in which he kept them it seems incredible but there are dozens and dozens of cases like this maybe with values lower than people who lose or forget access to move bitcoins the issue of security for bitcoin has been a bit of a weapon a double-edged because if it is true that it guarantees greater safety to the owner it is also true that if one loses the access keys there is no more way to recover them and this second aspect frightened many investors especially the most careless and forgetful hi I am alessandro moretti financial analyst and independent trader with over 10 years of experience and I'm also the author of the book smartphone investing like investing in shares successfully are also the second Italian in the world ad having obtained the highest worldwide recognition in the field of technical analysis financial in this video today I'll tell you about a super simple way to invest in bitcoin also suitable for those who are anti technology personified and which solves the problem of recovery access keys in case of theft or loss stay until the end of the video because I have prepared a surprise for you about this news before starting, however, I recommend to the boys subscribe to the channel by clicking on the subscribe button below you will always be updated on all our new content which is free from any conflict of interest and you will learn how to invest and manage your savings in the most correct way and that is to lose less earn more and live more peacefully but let's not waste any more time and start immediately via bitcoin is increasingly regarded as an exact digital safe-haven asset it can be assimilated to gold both in terms of characteristics and utility yes, in short, the comparison seems strange because you touch gold and it you see sparkle but bitcoin is identical to gold only you can't touch it and you can't see it sparkle we can consider it a bit like digital gold an innovative gold 2.0 one is a piece of metal that doesn't pay dividends the other is a piece of computing that does not pay dividends are both poor in nature and difficult to extract and both have value only because we decide to give it to them otherwise they would do 0 this is the comparison in a nutshell but I didn't want to talk to you of this it was only to introduce it to those who know practically nothing then there I recommend to deepen the discussion bitcoins are of interest to many people many would like to buy them but many are afraid of losing them and not being able to recover more yes because in fact bitcoin is as if it were cash digital so as for banknotes if you lose them no one can give them back to you this aspect here is in some ways limiting for bitcoin in its adoption mass because people are already struggling to understand it let alone if then they are afraid of losing them all if you forget the access keys plus most of the services that allow buy it are foreign and this increases people's distrust but browsing the net I found a new completely Italian service which promises to solve all these problems and therefore allows you to buying bitcoin even for the most inexperienced practically becomes everything almost like a simple banking operation and what's more it is done all in italy the service is called conio conio is an italian startup founded in 2015 from two Italians on the one hand we have christian miccoli e on the other, vincenzo di nicola both have great experience christian in the financial sector and vincenzo in the IT field christian probably there is a new name surely you will know orange and account chebanca here is christian was also the founder of orange and then account also the managing director of chebanca so let's say it's not exactly the latest in the industry financial Vincenzo was the founder of gopago start up that he then sold to a certain amazon he too is not just the last of the arrivals in the camp computer science practically these two gentlemen have put together their skills very complementary to each other and so in 2015 they gave vita a conio what is conio conio is an Italian startup that aims to make bitcoin accessible, safe and easy to use even for those who leave from zero the difference compared to all the others services that allow you to buy and sell bitcoins lies precisely in safety and is a one-of-a-kind novelty without getting too into technicalities in minting have instead patented a three-key security system of the two standard keys that allows those who should lose their codes to access not to lose bitcoins and therefore practically allows him to recover them with a traditional system if I lose my private key bitcoin wallet i would also lose access to all my bitcoins forever there is no way to get them back they are gone the same would happen if I had to die or if I lose my memory go into a coma or other similar things no one could recover my bitcoins without my keys private conio instead no if I use conio to manage my bitcoins if then if I lose my private keys or if I die, bitcoins could be however recovered in what way thanks to a third key held by minting once all the necessary ones have been done in fact, coin verifications can use its third key to recover bitcoins lost the key is secret and disconnected from the network for which no one except coin can access it only when it is necessary, let's see now how minting works first we have to download the app for apple or android because it only works through the app once the app is downloaded we can start the registration recall on the button create account and then we leave our email please use the correct email because you need it then to confirm the account we enter our password then we accept the terms and conditions of the service at this point we will receive a confirmation email at the address we have written above click on the confirmation and then we can access our account bitcoin which thus presents a green screen where we can see how many bitcoins we have and their value in euros and where we can also send or receive bitcoins from the main page we can also see the movements made before you can start sending and to receive bitcoins, however, it is necessary to complete the verification process identity by going to the settings in a few minutes you can confirm the your identity with a valid document and with your mobile phone camera I guess you all have from the main screen you can then click on receive bitcoins if you need to receive them in this case you can enter the amount to receive and click on the next button it will appear the address of your wallet in alphanumeric format or below form of QR code who will send them needs the alphanumeric code or he can directly scan the qr code and that's it if you want to send them you will have to enter the amount to be sent and then you will have to write the alphanumeric code of the recipient's wallet in alternative you can still scan the qr code of the wallet of the recipient so you will avoid errors in the transfer of bitcoin can take place in a few minutes or in several hours depending on how much the network is clogged simple and seemingly great service but like Earn Mint The minting business model is very simple earn from commissions when you buy bitcoins with your euros when you have to convert your euros to buy bitcoins you simply have to insert your card and then the system will complete the transaction here is coinage earn by taking one percentage on the amount in wish paid the commission you take so if I'm not mistaken it is 1.75 per cent on the euro changed now not I know if it is the cheapest service ever but certainly among the most cheap because there are some that easily exceed 3 percent a negative note, however, I must say and it concerns precisely the costs you know they are particularly fixed on costs when it comes to financial instruments financial products etc.

Now then went to the site or do one search to see the business model so where he earned minting his percentages on transactions and really struggled to find the cost percentage on transactions therefore practically those 1.75 percent that you take here is a advice I want to give to coin is to put this percentage beautiful on display in front of the first page of the site like this everyone they can know immediately how much the cost on deposits is in my opinion this is a form of transparency that will pay off in the long run certainly also because cabbage the costs are among the lowest then let's show it no on the bitcoins that you send and receive are not there commissions to be paid in minting only the normal commissions due are paid to the miners for the confirmation of transactions here too I do not enter technicalities so if you don't know who the miners are and how the process works of mining go to deepen it on specific videos to finish it is possible also monitor in a simple way the trend of bitcoin as you see in this screen you can see the bitcoin price chart and you can also monitor them on different time horizons here this here is minting ah I forgot at the corporate level minting has a seat in the states it is one in Italy all the information can be found in the their site to finish we conclude with the surprise that I promised you since the project immediately seemed a lot to me interesting and trustworthy I visited them at their headquarters in milan and I had the pleasure of meeting the whole team and interviewing one of the two and founder who is christian in the interview we talked about many very interesting things as well as minting we also talked about bitcoin of pounds the crypt currency of facebook in the banking and evolution sector of the crypto market have come out of the spit really really really very interesting the interview will come out in the next video so me I recommend you do not miss it to be notified when the video comes out click on the button below subscribe and on the nearby bell so you will be the first to hear them a little while ago he also talked about free to crypt currency of facebook if you don't know it and want to know how it is and how it works a video has already been released where I talk about it in detail you can find the link below in description alas it is unfortunately guys we have come to the end of this video is as always I leave you with the final question you already knew coinage or not it seems to you an interesting service leave a comment here so below we all discuss it together I'm sure you liked this video and above all that and it was useful if so, however, let me know anyway by clicking on the button thumb up and share it with your friends too because they may not know about this service and finally guys sign up to the channel by clicking on the subscribe button that you find below in order not to lose them all of our next videos and we'll see you next bye

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