Hello and welcome back to my channel. In this video we are going to finally find
out when will Safemoon be listed on popular exchanges. For example: Crypto(dot)com. And much more information that you just must
know if you hold any of Safemoon, so make sure to watch this video until the very end. Disclaimer. Also if you are interested in getting price
predictions and crypto news literally every hour, then join my telegram channel, we already
have more than 500 people. At first, let’s take a look at review from
a safemoon whale.

Safemoon Family, Looks like we were down about 0.5% today,
which is pretty stagnant compared to the big swings that we have had over the past couple
of months. This would make five days in a row that we
have been stuck at this price. I feel happy and disappointed at the same
time. A couple of days ago I said we had three possible
outcomes, and I feel like we may be back to the pattern that we have been in the past;
a nice size jump followed by a couple of weeks of stagnant growth. I am happy because it seems like the drastic
drops may be over and the cryptic winter may have been avoided. On the downside, I would love to see some
growth sooner, but it may be a while before the next jump. And in the previous cycles, we experienced
slight slippage in price before the jump occurred. I still think it’s a little early to make
predictions of price and where we will be over the next week or so.

Let’s wait a couple more days before we
officially say the pattern is still in effect and map out the next jump date. I wanted to take a moment to throw a shoutout
to Underground Cigar Shop for adding Safemoon as a payment method on their website. This is EXACTLY what I was talking about last
week about needing use cases to help burn the supply.

If you own a business, please do something
similar and exchange your good and services for Safemoon. The more we use it, the faster we burn it! Also, don’t forget to mention it to your
friends, and if you have any SFM attire wear it with pride. Today I got Black Ops for the Xbox and I made
my name SafemoonDaddyB, making sure that everyone who plays with/against me sees that lovely
Safemoon. I saw a few other folks on Reddit do something
similar with other games and this is free advertising. By the way, a recent post on Twitte from official
safemoon account shows all the things safemoon perfomed in in a small video. Just take a look.

"We have come so far in such little time! As a team we want to thank every single one
of you for being patient, understanding, loving and caring towards us and the project. We won’t stop and will not stop until we
reach the #SAFEMOON From John, Jack and the team… Thanks." I mentioned a few weeks ago that everyone
needs to view the tokens like a stake in the company as opposed to a cryptocurrency. This is OUR business, and the better it does,
the more we profit. I want the entire world to learn about Safemoon
and jump into the community with us to help burn the tokens and push up the price. Every little bit that YOU can do to help grow
the community and get the word out will benefit all of us. At this moment, stop reading for a second
and reflect on what you can do to help…..

Talking about token burn I just can't no mention
daily burn review on reddit by user mathiaskristensen03. I am really excited about the whole thing
with Crypto(dot)com, I do not know if the picture is real, I find it very odd that it
was a picture of a conversation and not a screenshot? Well, just in case you don't know what's up
with crypto(dot)com, here's the news. "I speak on behalf of 2.5+ million holders
of safemoon, we are just wondering when we could use the crypto card with safemoon token. We have sent in multiple requests for listing
on crypto(dot)com you guys could be the leading team and bring in massive revenue, becoming
the leading exchange in the crypto sphere. We safemoonarmy ask that you list us as we
need an exchange where all people have access to this token, thanks." "Hello, thank you for reaching out to us. Please be advised that we are working hard
on implementing this token in our platform. Fingers crossed it would not take too long
before we start supporting the Safemoon token so that you can trade with it on crypto(dot)com
and enjoy our benefits." The burn is getting smaller, I think many
are quitting PCS because SafeMoon is so widespread amongst all of the exchanges now.

Again, we have broken our own record for lowest
burn, and yes it is because of low volume on PCS v1. Apart from the burn, today has been rather
okay. We have been quite stable, which is always
a plus. And I am very tired of people constantly spreading
FUD, saying we need manual burns and that the team is not doing enough. Therefore I have turned the comments off for
today's post. Burned total: 417.1149 T (0.014%). Burned last 24h: 60.00 B (-15.3%). Wallet reflection 24h: 0.0144% (15.3%). Reflection to holders for holding throughout
May: 1.3715%. Now onto the stats, today the whales dumped
about 600B coins, which I would consider to still be an average day of whale selloff.

We are also quickly creeping up on the 250k
mark on Reddit which is absolutely amazing for 2 months! I really wish we had an AMA Sunday because
it would help us so much to understand all the news that has been popping up. I personally hear so many rumors from different
people, all of it exciting, and I hope it all comes true. I bet that next week before the AMA we will
start seeing John dropping some hints of things to come, seems like Papa has already started. This could cause a lot of hype next week and
we know what hype does.

At this point, I am going to continue to HODL
and enjoy those tokenomics and let my bag grow. We could definitely dip a little bit more,
but I am mentally prepared for whatever is to come. I still feel like we have a couple more days
before we get any more clarity on the overall direction of the market as we enter into the
month of June. I hope you all keep those hands diamonds! But the proble, is that there's a lot of people
that have paper hands.

Here's a tip. Believe it or not, most individuals don't
have diamond hands. At the first sign of adversity, they're looking
for the exit. So what can you do to avoid having paper hands? Invest in a product you believe in. Realize no lambo tomorrow. Or next week. Hell, not even this year. (as much as I want to be wrong, this is very
likely true) This is a marathon project. Short term price action doesn't mean anything
unless you're buying up the dips and increasing your bag size. . Learn something. Since this is a marathon, take the time to
learn how the market in general works and learn how to read candlestick charts, patterns,
and the different types of indicators you can use. (If you don't know how) . Don't worry about safemoon dropping in price
if BTC/ETH/BNB is down. They all move together. Promote what you believe in. Telling others what you believe in reaffirms
why you believe in the coin. Don't over invest in any project. Investing money you can't avoid to lose will
only increase your stress and make you want to sell when the chips don't fall your way.

You will only lose if you sell. Learn about capital gains taxes. In the US you pay significantly less capital
gains tax if you hold for > 1year. If you enjoyed this video, then please put
like and comment something, this would really help me out to reach the youtube algorithm. Also, just for those who wants to invest in
Safemoon, you can use BitMart Exchange and by following the link in my description you
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in this project. It's 100% your personal decision. Also if you are interested in getting price
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