Configurando o Repetidor de Sinal TP-LINK

i'm lucas type of tpm brazil in this video we will show you how to do configuration of our signal repeats on the tlw at 850 ere trw at 855 and the products are very similar serve to extend the reach of your residence differential of the given to 805 I won that has two minutes two minutes you must click on the pf button of the same name and password the second will be extended to the functioning it is very important that the distance for this observes if changed there are 850 these right side indicates the signal strength to maintain a legal quality it is necessary to maintain this intensity at least in the final half is good the orange means his connection to router is weak outlet closest to your router by configuring a application as we have shown in previous videos it is possible to configure the most of our products through the android smartphone app and the s on your phone download the application and would now be on your smartphone connectnow is standard on your signal repeater the user of that will do if finds bottom writing of the connected device let's start automatically it will find the script of your device so click sign and default for lower repeater logins in the case is me and both geek he will ask to put the country put brazil click next he will warn you that the technician will be restarted can confirm click ok wait a few moments return to the login page your eyes and you are already safe so just click login again on this he is currently looking for wireless networks near the signal receiver wait until you find all the networks click on the 2.4 ghz rules button to view networks from that nearest frequency done that click up there and done each click the next same name and password of your router as your devices automatically connect without needing to reconnect in different a different man or password you can click and modify by repeating that other name that we set up that it would be in my case the tp-link video target your smartphone successfully finds access to other settings here in management for example led where you can enable or disable this night mode when this module is enabled cheerful by the way it is erased so as not to disturb in speech then you can make some extra confirmations through that application also third method configuration via computer the first successful step on the bottom left of the product in this case is this tp-link peter ponto net and its users and it's for login it's me without also admitting now on your computer open the internet browser and 20 years in the case of that time and link click on automatically perform it is recommended that you change the pattern to join in this page the network is even safer place a new username for your security in a new password confirm now we are in the configuration select the country in which we live in the case do brasil click next is now looking for nearby networks repeat the pattern the network will have the same name as the original network but you can change the information again make sure you are right in finalizing a few moments for the configuration will already be configured and working with success you can even go back to the page initial page will be expanded and working on this page also has the functionality of device is here in settings and control you can also enable or disable an night and even alone I hope you liked the video used in the case of trw 850g or tlw a 855 and click the link here in the description of video if you have any suggestions for the next video leave in the comments also thanks for listening and see you in the next video

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