Hello and welcome to intelligent investment,
I am Enrique Martin, director of the intelligent investment training academy, and
the expected rebound within bing ans coin finally occurred this Monday in a market that had fallen more
than 70 percent in the last week. the outrage that we have experienced within this
crypto market falls of more than 70% in just 78 days and it seems that the long-awaited rebound finally arrives,
you know that the fall has been very abrupt the price of bing ans coin has fallen
too much and it has found accommodation it has found support in this important control zone
around 200 the 200 points has been an area from which it has been able to bounce and it seems that
the second downward impulsive cycle has ended this wave 3 that we place between interrogations already
that if the price were to turn around and set new lows again, we would have to recount
the downward leg but look at how the entire explosive upward cycle experienced during months ago,
especially from the beginning of the year 2021, it already found a certain laterality in this phase, the price began
to tire of rising so vertically, the coin wine market lost strength and from this last
week we have experienced a real crash where, as this one told you The market is cryptocurrency has
lost 70 percent of its value so be very careful in the short term we are under the
bearish mantle the short-term trend is down the force the volume the main trend
the momentum is bearish so be very careful with the Buying operations be very careful with
getting long inside vidanes coin since the force is on the side of the bears in the first
place it has found main support in this important zone of 200 it is getting to
bounce strongly I have drawn here the first key control zone the the zone rebounds around the
highs of the previous Wednesday Thursday around 400 425 points and higher we would have In
the next control zone, the next relevant ceiling, the zone of 500 550, so notice
that we are talking about this market for grip inanes coin could rise practically 50
percent to 60 percent to 70 percent from here from current prices and it would continue to have a
certain short-term bearish bias so although there are bounces, meteoric rises in the next few
hours, be very careful because the market has hit a very explosive downward trend for a long
time that the crypto market did not do this and it can be a warning sign Given the
macro news that is coming from China from the US to put this crypto market in turmoil,
also notice that I have also placed here between questions what would be the first of this
corrective cycle up from this rebound that the market is going to suffer, we have placed the wave to
corrective patterns are usually flat patterns between your waves ab and c this first cycle would be The
wave that has all the earmarks that it is going to try to reach this first control zone, therefore
it would still have a good stretch to the rise of 25 or 30 percent without any problem for
coin wines and later it is quite likely that the market corrects again that it is wave
b in agreement and tries to approach again to this control zone to the minimum of
3 around 225 200 points and from there to establish a next impulsive wave in this
case the faith that it carried the price to the first control zone even because it does not set
more ambitious goals such as the 500 550 points within the Danish bing coin chart but
in reality until the market until bean ansco and does not get and break these two
control zones towards up strongly and approaches the relevant ceiling at the last maximum seen in
recent weeks in the environment of 700 points until that does not happen the bull market has lost
power The bulls have lost control, therefore we are going to be very cautious, the market may
continue to drip downwards and even position itself laterally in range between this large control area,
this large relevant ceiling and even this floor area that we could have signed here although
already You know that a downward wave 5 would be missing in theory after all the corrective section remember
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community that we are creating continues to grow among all of us, we expect
heart attack sessions meteoric rises deep corrections a lot of volatility a lot of nerves we are
in the theory of a wave 4 waves 4 are long they are volatile they have a lot of ups and downs and
the market is going nowhere the market is going in range or lateral so we hope that the
price remains within this zone of maximums and minimums within 200 and 400 note that there is 100%
from the minimum zone to the maximum zone and we hope that in the next sessions the price will
go from bottom to top from top to bottom and try to overcome, do not succeed, fail, relapse again and
then continue bouncing so the market can [__] a respite from so much downward volatility in
these previous sessions so we will take advantage of these opportunities to be able to buy in
control zones as long as we have the risk well limited and the stocks very tight since
in the short term the bing ansco market in the crypto market has lost its upward power
and buyers long-term may have some additional scare as
the painful fall could deepen even more in subsequent weeks

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