Hello crypto lunatics, I hope you're great, I'm El Lunax today we are going to see how we can buy cryptocurrencies through our Metamask wallet Metamask recently made an update in which now allows us to directly buy cryptocurrencies therefore we when starting in our Metamask now at the bottom it appears to buy Ethereum This is where we are going to be able to buy the cryptocurrency we need so we put buy Ethereum It will display this window where it says that the transaction will be done with Transak You can also make a bank transfer or debit card and most importantly this is working in 33 countries if you select this is the list of available countries in which we will be able to buy directly through our Metamask so if you belong to any of these countries you could already use this function for all other countries not on this list we are not supposed to be able to buy still I'm going to do the test, I'm in Chile and I'm going to show you the process you are asking for and now that we are clear about the countries and that we can buy cryptocurrency We select the option that says to buy Ethereum with Transak It will open this window where it indicates the purchase process In the upper part we will be able to select the quantity that we want to buy already next to the currency in which we want to pay then I'm going to select to see what coins there are there are several countries so I'm going to find out if Chile is there You are paying with Chilean pesos, so we are going to select it I'm also going to say that I want to buy 30,000 Chilean pesos in cryptocurrency if you go down a little it will say the means with which a visa card will be paid in this case it is already selected and cannot be changed below it tells you the fees or the commission that you are going to pay for this whole process currently it tells me that it is 8,610 pesos of pure commission this is because the Ethereum network is a bit congested and the commissions are being quite high also below gives me the market price at which Ethereum is being sold in this case it tells me that 1 Ethereum is worth 295,205 Chilean pesos and below it indicates the amount of Ethereum that I am going to receive for these 30,000 Chilean pesos in this case it tells me that they will make 0.07 and fraction of Ethereum and the important thing is that if you want another cryptocurrency here where Ethereum appears, you can select and the different currencies that are available will be displayed so that we can trade As you can see, the list is quite large so you could go see the one you really want see if it is and so you can buy it continuing with the purchase down here indicates that there may be a price difference of up to 3.82% that can vary between what I buy and what they are showing me and it also tells me that the process time will be more or less 3 minutes once you have all this clear, we can buy now on this page it will ask us what is the address of our wallet in this case the currency we are buying that Ethereum so we must return copy the wallet and do the process again until here to get the address from your wallet is very simple! you only have to click on this icon that is here and it will tell you copied public address, so it would be ready now we return to the purchase process once you already took the address out of your wallet and put it Below you will see a summary of the transaction that we are going to do indicates that we are going to buy a total of 30,000 pesos and this is divided into 4 payments the first will be 20,849 pesos that this is what we are really going to buy in Ethereum then below it tells us that the fees or the commission charged by the Ethereum network were 7,572 pesos then the commission charged by the card for making this transaction is 1,278 pesos and finally the commission that Metamask takes to help you do this process is 300 pesos and that will give you the total of 30,000 pesos invested if you pay attention I lost 33% of my capital only in commissions This is a lot! so with small amounts it really doesn't pay off once you are clear about these numbers, we can buy now it asks you to put some personal information such as your address what city do you live in, what region, your zip code and even your country after you complete this data, you must put continue the page that follows is the one you are seeing here All the information about us that we have just completed will appear above the address of your wallet will also appear below the one you have put where you want the Ethereum to arrive if we descend a little more the transaction summary will appear again, everything I showed you previously and below it appears that we must accept the terms and conditions where we are authorizing this transfer to be made once clear with this information, we confirm then this warning appears indicating that the price of the displayed cryptocurrency is only an estimate the actual price will be determined when your payment is cleared this means that you could receive significantly less or significantly more once you are clear about these risks in the purchase, we should continue and on the new page that throws us now they ask us for our card details so here you should put yours once you put your card, obviously we put continue Well colleagues I just got an error, this may be due to 2 things 1 because I am in Chile and it is not one of the enabled countries and 2 because I realized that my card I had no balance to buy, so it couldn't have been done either up to here are all the steps so that you can buy from your Metamask I must emphasize that when making a purchase through Metamask you will be delivering your data, therefore they will be able to know that this account is yours well crypto lunatic, I hope this mini tutorial on how to be able to buy through your Metamask it works for you if you want to continue learning more about cryptocurrencies remember to subscribe to the channel activate the bell so that you get all the notifications when I upload a new video I also invite you to go to the playlists here are all the courses that I have created for you in order to make it easier for you to learn the world of cryptocurrencies remember also, leave me a like if you liked the video

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