Comparing Bitcoin Price: XanPool vs. Google

hey guys this is Jeffrey with Zen pool and today I'd like to explain how Zen pool and our market makers arrive at the prices that you see on our website Zen pool calm or on our partners websites [Music] so what actually prompted this video was the user inside our samples telegram shaft commenting that the Bitcoin price that he was quoted in his local currency was expensive so I asked him what he meant by expensive because people that day we're in his region were buying and selling to and from us quite a lot and that usually doesn't happen when it's expensive so this individual he suddenly pulled up Google and tells me to compare to Google Bitcoin price to the Zen pool Bitcoin price and it was then I understood what he meant because to this person as long as the Bitcoin price was higher than the Bitcoin price that the Google effects calculator showed him then we were considered expensive now the reason I'm making this video is to explain that Zen pool market makers do not consider the Google BTC price whatsoever for their local currencies and the reason the Google price does not get taken into consideration is because the Google price does not price in effects controls foreign exchange controls and the premiums and discounts that often come with those so let me just give you guys a quick example on this Google page here I'm just gonna take the Indian rupee as an example because there's often a premium for buying Bitcoin in the Indian rupee if you are to go to Google now at today's date 19th of March 2027 p.m.

Hong Kong time Singapore time you will see that one Bitcoin equals roughly four hundred and eighteen thousand Indian rupees right here and if you are to go to Zen pool you'll see that our market makers are pricing one Bitcoin to about four hundred and forty-nine thousand I am so if you are not familiar with these premiums and discounts in the market you'll think that this is obviously a very expensive Bitcoin price however if you are inside India truth of the matter is that at this time it is very hard to get Bitcoin at four thousand four hundred and eighteen thousand Indian rupees simply because there is massive foreign exchange controls for the Indian rupee to give you a better example let's go to local bitcoins which is a peer-to-peer kind of trading platform that's whereby you can trade directly with individuals from your local jurisdiction which is exactly how zenpo works by the way we are actually a peer-to-peer kind of mechanism platform that allows you to on and off board into different exchanges the user experience doesn't look like a peer-to-peer one but our infrastructure and our market makers our peer appeared they are individuals in your local jurisdiction and you can see here that in India today at this time one bitcoin is roughly four hundred and fifty thousand movies so if you are to compare the zenful price to the price on local bitcoins we are actually slightly cheaper but if you compare us to the Google price we would look very expensive and that is simply because you cannot get this price realistically inside India for this many Indian rupees for a single Bitcoin and that is primarily because of foreign exchange controls so in the future if you guys ever feel that the simple prices are very expensive and because of that you want to file a complaint with us or talk to us in our telegram chat we welcome you of course but I also encourage you to not just check out the Google price because again it does not show real market sentiment but I encourage you to go visit any local exchange or a local peer-to-peer platform and you'll see that the zenful prices will be roughly following those price hey to put a cherry on top of that you can also sell on Zen pool and if you think that our prices are expensive we're roughly buying at the same rate so you can buy it somewhere else cheaper and sell it to us and arbitrage that difference so with that set a few key takeaway things don't think that you always be able to get the Google rates because they're not accurate always visit a local peer-to-peer marketplace sample is one of these you can also go to local bitcoins packs full bisque these are all local marketplaces that which show local sentiment a lot more accurately and because of that bitcoin is priced a lot more realistically on these platforms so having said that thank you guys very much for your time please subscribe to our facebook follow us on twitter join our telegram chat all in description below and thank you for your time [Music]

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