Como trocar Bitcoin em dogecoin , litecoin e outras moedas digitais , ou vice versa

this tutorial is teaching you how to change your coins right often and there are 2 billion late coins and you don't know what to do to be able to exchange them for cash first hand you need to convert them you can convert your light coins to bitcoins your dogmas to bitcoins and then you can exchange for real money but we are going to do this video lesson first or first hand this tutorial is basically for you to learn how to change your crypton currency and the transaction that we are going to do here is is the dodi coins transaction for bitcoins so that i have to do here the part where you are going to do the deposit you will put the address of your wallet where you will send the deposit and here on this side of here is where you will put the address of your wallet that will receive the deposit then you will come here and select currency you want to add to send your click here on the side but it was shown that all the coins available as I want transform my 12 million to bitcoins so I will select here dodd make up i selected the doge make up and i want to transform my dodge coins in billions so I come here on this side and select bitcoin here so many other currencies that you can change it also selects bitcoin now that i have to do i have to put here the address where it will be sent to my crypton coins and here i will put the address where my converted crypton coins will be received so since i want to convert my dodge coins to bitcoins then i I go here in my dodge make up portfolio and in my Latin I will copy the address of my dose wallet make up the kopyl at the address I copied here copy a drop here and I will put here a v control to paste kolek address of my wallet now I'm going to paste that the wallet's receiving address in the case of my bitcoin wallet here from my dodge cohen wallet and here on my bitcoin wallet where I will receive it I come here in my wallet bitcoin my plate wallet you are using i click here my address get my copy address here or leave it here then I come here and put the receiving address of the crypt coins that will be converted from dodi coins to bitcoins good here you would need to put what would be the amount that your bitkom wallet would be getting like I don't I want to do that calculation now because it's a boring calculation and the video it has to be a short video so I leave it here blank and I come here I I click I agree with the terms here below you see the transactions that were done 50 seconds ago from two minutes ago to six minutes 10 minutes and so on successively here is changing all the time so after I put here the shipping address that the addresses of dose coins with that and here the receiving address that the address of the coins bitcoins that will be converted from dodi composes to bitcoin then i will click here in getting started it follows three basic steps the first step is here that you visualize there we are here to start after we select here that agree to the terms and by clicking we click start when we create in starting the first stage of the process has been accomplished it appears little elephant and here appears guarding deposit then you roll down here you can see up here an important fact instant fee that will be discounted from this transfer here look that will be equal to zero 0 0 88 who then this is going to be discounted of this transaction here below you see what they are now sending any amount of jorge cohen to the address below deposit you will then receive bitcoins sent to your address to withdraw this because we we are transferring from dodi coins or converting dodge coins to bitcoins and down here you see that the limit the maximum limit that you can send right here is the deposit address so what i'm going to do i'm going to get that deposit address to the clinic copy henin copies deposit address i come here click here in my wallet dodd conm note the amount I have here ó 1,187 dose and the rest of numbers here that are not whole numbers then I come here to send to a kiss and here where it has destiny think that I will copy the address I got here look this address here right this first address copy to address and come here look that copy the address here this transaction is going to be discounted is is a dodge is right so i came here and i will copy this value here since we are talking about integers so let's copy here the whole number I come here puts the amount in which I I'm going to send a lap only, as there is a fee of one I will take these seven here and I will put six because of this fee that will be discounted here so what happens there now i will clicking on send monem didn’t release because in fact here I I have to put 7, the truth is that I have to keep the set and then i'm going to click on send move there are 100 of a man n it wasn’t because the value is insufficient because I didn’t put the value of of of a here that should be right should be here it is necessary to note that in this lime balance on these broken values ​​I take that value this balance here is not to be able to discount this one dog that has to do here where there are 87 and I'm going to put 77 I put 77 then I put it here instead of 87 I put 77 it’s possible to discount 1 dose here then I click here on 100 of a man click on send monem it will process is processing right now we await processing note that he sued success here were demon in tone receiving container note that the amount that was transferred was left over ac3 dose right 3.58 so I'll come back here in my chapo wallet 'and you will notice that he went to the second stage is already completing the second stage and after the completion of the second stage he comes here to the third this happens now automatically notice that the value that was sent that I without 1177 dose received it is certain that it will process processing and bitcoin transforming the value of 12 11 billion so we send it here from the xen 1177 wallet dodd was discounted the value of 7.60 was sent here 1177 as we had sent that you’re seeing 1177 and here after he finishes we will be able to see it here on the my flat wallet 'it will appear here look in the transactions that were made so we will wait for it to complete here ready he completed here the transaction is that shows deposit received is that it has a che and che of completed complete complete change then he transformed my dodge with r 100 billion about 99 thousand also 3586 2011 were delivered to you right then the transaction was made here now from my doge coins to bitcoins are here in my key wallet as i have the plate wallet in mine on my cell phone so he made the transfer automatically to my wallet so you can already see it here the amount that was exchanged and transferred to that in my chapo wallet ' so you saw how easy and practical it is to make this transaction without need you to register account automatically the amount has been transferred right with two simple passes and three blades first put here the address sending the receiving address it processes give you a link below you will go to your wallet and destination as we we teach and follow the process as we teach in this video here

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