Hello friends, how are you spending time today, I bring you a tutorial to be able to pay relatively little the commission of transactions in crypto currencies, I do not know if you have realized that if you send bitcoin or ethereum to throw an example, you end up paying 5, 10 dollars per transaction It does not matter if someone sends a million dollars or 20 dollars, the commissions are always quite high so how can we do to pay less for these transfers for example if you want to send money from one exchange to another let's put Binance or Binance to Hotbit or also if you want to spend from Binance to a decentralized exchange such as pancakeswap or sushiswap or I do not know how many swaps there are I have a little secret that at least I did not know until today maybe some of you already know it but it served me a lot today I made a transaction and paid him 40 pennies on the dollar quickly I will show you how to do it you are tired of your cryptocurrency transactions being more expensive than the new tesla model the very high transfer fees are ruining your marriage I used to pay high bitcoin commission transactions in this tutorial I am going to transfer Ethereum from Binance to Hotbit we are going to the bottom of everything the first thing we are going to do is going to be Set the value of the withdrawal fees for this, let's wave it says deposit and withdrawal fees, let's quickly scroll to where Ethereum says Bep2 and Bep20 are the tokens of the Binance blockchain while Erc20 are the blockchain's own Tokens Of Ethereum we are surely going to use ERC-20 or the most expensive here we see that the withdrawal commission is 0.008 Ethers this without counting the transfer cost of the Ethereum blockchain, imagine that we also have to pay the commission of the mining that is what it would cost us to send these to the other exchange ethereum crazy that I do know how many actually go to these 0.008 Ethers I go to the part e from p2p more precisely to Ethereum and I give it to sell to the one who buys it more expensive here we see that only the Binance withdrawal commission leaves us 2232 pesos brothers so here comes the secret we are going to go back to the part of commissions but This time we are going to look for the DASH cryptocurrency, we quickly notice that in this crypto the withdrawal kite is 0.002 Dash, as we actually know how much it is, we go to the trading part in the Dash / ETH pair, we click the sell button and make of Account that we would sell 0.002 Dash and it gives us this result in Ether we repeat the previous process in p2p chan chan and here we realize that the commission is 64 pesos against 2000 I do not know how many well the next thing we are going to do is the example To transfer money from Binance to Hotbit, we enter the portfolio, we go to the funding part and we look for the crypto Dash, we click on deposit and you will be able to see your dash address to receive balance transfers and today, early today, 2 0 thousand Argentine pesos and I did the following I went to the p2p part I calculated how much foreign 20,000 pesos were then I went to the ETH pair enter the amount of Ethereum I wanted to buy in Dash I go to the spot account I look for the currency and we give it to withdraw we enter the address that we had copied in Hotbit and ready we send this is the transaction that I made earlier today send me 0.6473 of Dash if I now go transformed them to Ethereum and these Ethereum I look at how many come out in p2p I realize that Not only did I not lose, but I have 723 pesos above that is, I am a business genius Ndeah.

Well friends I hope you liked the tutorial and that it will help you I did not know until today maybe you already knew it but well it never hurts to refresh your knowledge knowledge does not take place the one who gets up early, God helps you all those things if you have A friend or a group of Discord or Telegram that you can share the video I am going to thank you very much, you would be helping more than one person to save a few pesos in transactions afterwards, beyond the jokes, the objective is to help each other I do not have to say you like and subscribe an intelligent person like you will have already done it by this point in the video I send you a big hug until the next video thanks

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