Como Minar Dogecoin con CPU con un PC o laptop Vieja

Well its time to show you this tutorial where you will be able to earn 2 coins with any CPU here and I will show you how you can mine and earn coins without investing anything. We need this is the Dogecoin page and you have to download or get a wallet if you don't have it because you can do it from here, I recommend using a wallet from an exchange house for example coinbase, the coin base already deals with Dogecoin and here you will be able to change currency Or sell it without any problem, I would recommend using this wallet or if you have for example some other wallet or some other exchange office then do it from there because they say here it should be used for small amounts, it does not mean to deal with large amounts, so Then this part is actually optional and I imagine most of you already know it is a wallet that is a wallet what is your currency address the status is Dogecoin but I already have my wallet t put my wallet from here where I will receive payments what is the next step you can download miner to download miner you have to go to this page it is called infusible so i know what this capsule would be in spanish but that is the name of the page and i will leave you the link in the description just give it to download the miner m and download it from here, and remember that you can, and you will be able to mine with any cpu or any gpu and it is available for you to mine most currencies not only Dogecoin, you can mine Ethereum, you can mine Bitcoin, you can mine any other currency, and here it is also important that you see That this page is where you can see how much you earn from mining Remember the Dogecoin algorithm here you can see how much you will earn more or less See in this case I put 120 Mh / s to see how much they can pay me for 120 Mh / s To see if he is here Take good notice that here he is telling me he will make a dollar in fifty cents Remember that market is horrible at the moment Cryptocurrencies are very cheap and you can still make a dollar but we are talking about 120M/sec Well let's go to what we came here , we go to the tutorial as soon as you download the program because you are simply looking for it wait for me I have it here it is and I downloaded it it is this program that is here and remember to deactivate your antivirus so you can and we will say so you can run the program because you know it Most antivirus software see this as a Trojan horse or as malware because don't worry, dismiss your antivirus and it won't happen once like when you mine Ethereum or when you finish another coin because it is the same and then you simply open it, it doesn't install or Anything, you can simply open it up and see here where you get the software from is this software you provide here to continue and that choice is very important here, you really have the option to mine with gpu or mine with cpu the good thing about this is I know it You can search with computers that don't have a lot of power i.e.

If you have an old laptop you can do this in this case I have a 16 core processor and it's a very good Ryzen but I've already seen the tests and I'm testing it on other computers I have here that it's not Very powerful and if it can be finished with a CPU that is not high-end we will also say that it gives you the minimum requirements and they tell you about it also give you some guidelines on what you should take into account to master the unit Central processing but let's go over there and give the next and most important look here, this is my Dogecoin wallet wallet here that I will receive my payment and you are here You have the option of mining another cryptocurrency, not necessarily Dogecoin but I am interested in this coin because you know this coin has Lots of future so you can paste the address of your wallet of your exchange house or if you extract it from the same page here and then you paste it to here your address and make sure it's the correct wallet of the correct currency because if you paste a coin here the wallet that is not Dogecoin you know the payments are about to lose once you give it to start and to start see how the program starts loading no it starts loading and here you will see where it will mark you because the program is connected and there is also this part you see here because it was something I developed a moment ago I'm making this video and that's when I saw that this part spawned me, look at the computer so it scares me a little because I do everything with the same computer I'm recording the screen, I have a dual screen I have the miner unlocked for this reason, I'll post Its so that the recording won't spoil me and the video will go wrong because I do everything with the same computer I am recording myself on dual screen I am using Streamlabs obs to register and do the tutorial but you more or less seen how it was marked besides it was also undercut if I gave Here advanced options Here you have the option to send slow or high I recommend using the maximum speed when you are not using the computer for example if you are sleeping at night or you are not going to use the computer I recommend using this option or if you have a computer that you are not using it is a computer Its around and you know you can get a pair of coins because you always keep it at this high because that is because if you see what you left high and start using the computer it can cause problems because you will feel the computer become slow because the miner is taking all the The cores your processor has and from there you get all the power, all the power also has something I like which is, look if I go back, if I say well, because I no longer want to search with the CPU, I use graphs if you have one graph that would be a strong graph because it's the same you gave me for the graph and see how it now changes to Mh/s In this case I use 3090 and rtx 3090 and see here how to determine Mh/s that It gives me this graph, usually it is a mark between 100 and 105 because the card I have more we will say I have overclocked but I have and will say in the medium term I do not have a very high score so as not to force it too much and note that it only gives me 60Mh/s due to the consumption problem I am having On the card the Streamlabs Obs is now run by the card and also the dual monitor which is also loaded into the graphics card see but for example I only had the program and this program ran and I only had the graphics I was calling about 105Mh/ s, and I say this because I already did it a moment ago that I tried this part and it was giving me more or less about 120 Mh / s and look here where I have and rtx 3090 in the absence of flies in case you doubt it, look here where he envy me too with Ryzen 9 processor, 5950 x 16-core, The truth is I'm going to stop this, I'm going to stop it and I'm going to do the following again to put it by the CPU and that's the part I like, you have the option to interact with each other and if your laptop is very old and has graphic power nothing happens to you simply leave it here in the unit central processing and you can win some money a day important data i will give you here initially to see i will give you here well stop well important data and something you should know that payments are done automatically once you already have 30 Dogecoin when you have 30 Dogecoin because they did Automatically to the wallet you added and it is here if you give the first letter because it sends you here to the part of the homepage where you make payments and look here where it actually tells you what was mined apart from this and here you put that it gets paid automatically once it hits 30 Dogecoin As it is and it looks like I haven't flagged it because I'm going to flag it to see if they pay me that little in 30 the next million dollar question is Alex How much do I earn How much do you earn with the unit of CPU because I'm using my gpu to mine Etherium or Ethereum and that part what I'm going to do is I'm going to put the processor in from time to time and I'll put it in so I can also look at everything, with this processor I just saw it's a 16 core processor that barely gives me About 3 Dogenco per day, this is the calculation I made and according to my calculations, you know that this may differ for each user for another, for example, if you have a less powerful computer, it makes sense that you can get 1 Dogecoin per day at a price Now Dogecoin, which literally costs us nothing, is 0.23 cents dollars, so also no illusions that with this you will make money but you know how the market is now all cryptocurrencies are cheap what I see, I even have a balance here of 1.8 Dogecoin but it's not bad for you And if you're mining Chia or mining Ethereum, it's nothing more than you put Dogecoin easily you earn 30 per month or you earn 40 Dogecoin if you save it limits it so that it's 20,30 5,10 years the coin is likely to go up significantly and you instead above I have a few dollars because when you come to see that it has thousands of dollars, you know that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and today there is one price but tomorrow it may be another price, if that is the case.

Mining another currency because it doesn't hurt that you also do it with Dogecoin, which I will do, I will also mine Dogecoin, Ethereum, Chia and all the cryptocurrencies that come up and I'm going to save the coins so guys And you know, I hope you liked this software The tutorial was a bit long but I like it that way, I like things with great detail, there were some little things that blew it up, how to download and install the software, and this is really very simple I think any user already knows something like that if you have any doubts, So talk to me on my Instagram or contact me here in the comment box leave me a comment and through it I will let you know if this software is worth it to look at the next wizard even when the camera is slow I don't know if you can see here the camera is slowing down a bit so i paused it until the video looks good but it makes sense when you are mining Dogecoin leave it so you get the most out of it if you like the video give me a subscribe give me a like and i'll see you in the next installment bye until next time

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