Como Hacerse Rico Por Internet (Trading De Criptomonedas) Cap.2 Herramientas

welcome to the course of how to get rich online with the trading of cryptocurrencies this is video number 2 or chapter number 2 where we will see tools for market analysis tools that we should have in mind to start of course we need to have a good purse or a good bitcoin wallet for this I recommend coin page if you have not yet registered in coin face or you do not know how to do it remember that in the description of this video you will find the link that will take you to the video where he taught how register on this platform now let's start with the tools that we must take into account and is that our desire is to venture into the world of cryptocurrencies or rather in the world of cryptocurrency trading I recommend that these tools that I will show below the warriors in a notepad or make shortcuts to your desktop without further ado, we will start with the first dotcom reed tool this is an excellent tool because it allows us to visualize the price of the beat coin in real time as we see it here a bitcoin at the moment is costing 440 and 1.40 dollars, the fantastic thing about this tool is that if we deploy this part here we can place the exchange rate that we want to be displayed let's suppose that we are in Mexico and we want to see the price of the beat coin in Mexican pesos so here we only put the acronym of the currency Mexican, as you can see, there comes out pesos Mexicans click and we are automatically seeing the price of the beat coin in Mexican pesos so we can visualize in the currency of our country we simply have to put the acronym and automatically the system will find your currency we can not only see the price of the bilkoin but also of light coin per coin and the dow that coin then to take into account this tool because it will help us maintain good control over our currency, be it our country or the currency we want to handle quickly we go to the next tool that I highly recommend and it is called bitcoin winston dotcom this is an excellent tool that we allows you to view the price of bitcoin and light coin in real time here we have the main exchange houses from which bitcoin wisdom to the graphs ok for example we have a bit phoenix vts and beat stamp coin you see among others me I recommend seeing it graphic of beats stamp for it we just click on this part that says beats as well as we can see here is the bitcoin graph and these red and green bars that you see are called Japanese candles in the world of trading are called Japanese candles each candle Japanese represents a certain time in this case or at this time these candles represent a day because here the time is set a day what happens if we put a minute then the graphs automatically do a minute as we can visualize here it is almost not even noticeable now what happens if we put it at two hours as we can see these are the graphs of two hours this means that each bar represents two hours a time of two hours but I recommend working on the graph for a day ok this is one day now we have these Japanese candles in green and red look at every Japanese candle has a start an opening and a close an ok close when a Japanese candle opens at a a certain price and closes at a higher price that means that the price is on the rise then the candle will be green if otherwise Since this candle that we have here is totally red, this means that it has had an opening point that is in this part and has closed the price in the bottom part is to say downwards and automatically a red candle now the fantastic thing about bit with winston is also that it provides us some tools and if they want to be clear, of course they are registered.

free here these tools for what they serve us we are going to use the tool line for this example and we are going to click here now yes I am going to draw this part and I'm going to put it up to this limit, which is the highest price had at least in recent months that has reached 470 points 0 2 well here we have the graph I have drawn my lines as we can see and here it has been created a huge support we have a two three four bars that are holding a support this graph tells me that the price of the beat coin will follow the rise or at least it will continue to remain in this range because look a support has been created and the day before going to those and also the bar has created a support and yesterday today that is just starting here it is opening is already a bit high so let's see what is the evolution of this candle if it is red if it manages to break or manages to go to that if at least it goes to this line from here the price comes to stay here means that the price of the beat coi is very likely to go up again well that's what's great about visiting bitcoin and winston we also have up to set an alarm but for this we must register we also have to make lines for example I would be here I'm going to make one line there it is well with the mode we simply rotate to bring the graph closer and with the wheel we can also go back to see the most complete graph possible ok then to take into account the graph of bits are in bitcoin winston because we It will allow you to have control of the price of the bit coin is something very important ready now quickly we go to the third tool that also We must take into account this is the most important tool and it is called coin market cap dotcom here we have the ranking of the main crypto currencies or crypto currencies here are all the crypto currencies that exist currently there are currently 689 cryptocurrencies and here we can see them all it is also important that if you want to invest in a certain very new cryptocurrency or that you see there in an advertisement or someone invites you to invest in a crypt currency first you look at coín market cap if it does not exist here if that currency that you have suggested it is very likely a scam or maybe it is also a pyramid system I know many coins I called coins which are actually ponzi or pyramid schemes is that they want to pass themselves off like cryptocurrencies but that's what co and market cap are for here we can see all the cryptocurrencies already established logically well here as we can see in the ranking in first place is bitcoin coin market cap takes the ranking in relevance to market capitalization across the currency for example bitcoins is currently leading in second place we have of tyrius in third to ripoll in fourth alarcón and so on is very It is important that in this part they become familiar with the acronym of each currency or at least of the main crypto currencies for example bitcoin su acronym is from tc de e tir yum is this h of the river is x rp these terms we are going to use it a lot in the main exchange houses like this that we will have to familiarize ourselves for example of corn with smart its acronym ok the dog coin is dog de monero which is an excellent crypto currency is x m & r and so we can learn at least from the main crypto currencies we also have here the price and we also have the volume of transactions in this part we also have a linear graph to see more data of each crypto currency we simply click it for example let's see about the monero currency and click on this part here we have more information the monero is up 1.17 percent here is the price in dollars 0.96 dollars and here at the bottom we have the graph linear this graph is not represented in candles as we had seen in bit with window but it will serve as a reference because here we have all the graph if we put a m or 7 days or a day this graph is automatically changed and Also here we have the website if we want to have more information we simply click on the web and here we can see much more information regarding the crypt currency that we have selected well this it has been everything in terms of this second video see you already in the third chapter that soon I will be uploading and remember that if you like the new ones technologies and lies share and subscribe to sabira coin ávila coin building the new economy of the future

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