Como hacer STAKING ⚡️ en TRUST WALLET ⚡️ genera ingresos pasivos ⚡️ tutorial celular 2020

Hello crypto lunatics, I hope you are great, I am El Lunax today we are going to see how we can do staking in our Trust Wallet wallet if you do not know the Trust Wallet wallet I am going to leave you a video here, so you can download it and start using it and If you do not know what staking is, in a very simple way, it is to be able to generate more cryptocurrencies with our cryptocurrencies so that you can go deeper, I will also leave you a video here, of What is staking? Well crypto lunatics, once we enter our wallet , all we have to do is come here to the top and select finances, here you will see five cryptocurrencies at the moment which you can put in staking and it also indicates the The profitability that these are going to give you, for example, the first one is Tezos and it will give us 6.09% per year just for having our cryptocurrencies here if we want to deepen the conditions of this staking we simply have to select the currency for the example.

Show Tezos here the important section for staking is where it says, these 3 points, if you so pricked here three options which we must choose to have all the information is staking details and we will show the following information appear indicates The amount of Tezos that we have available in our wallet in this case I own 4.07 Tezos also shows us the amount that we have in stake in this If I have 0 Tezos because I have not yet made any stake below, it will show us the APR which is the annual interest that we will be able to generate for staking and finally two staking functions appear to perform it and also withdraw, in case we want get our staking so we are going to select the first option stake here at the top you will have to put the amount of Tezos you want to do staking I put the maximum for the example and at the bottom we see the validators that is where we are going to delegate our Tezos and that is why they will give us a return, so if you select it, a list of multiple validators will appear and as they can also be set, they appear with different returns so you can select the one that is the most I'm interested to select moneyevere3 example having the 5.72% annually once you put the amount they want and chose their Tezos validator has n that come up here where it says continue, you click and it will ask you to confirm the transaction , therefore it is indicating that we are going to get 4.07 Tezos which is equivalent to $ 8.98 will come out from our wallet and it also tells you The validator that will also go at the bottom tells you the network fee that they will charge you for doing this staking which is equivalent to 0.03 Tezos, it does not even appear how many cents of dollars they are and finally it is not showing the total that we are going to pay including the rate that would be 8.99 dollars so once we are clear about that, we can send here it sends us to the crypt currency Tezos and shows us that the transaction is pending because it is being carried out so we just have to wait To complete good crypto lunatics, once this delegation is made, the amount we have available appears and next to it appears the amount we have in staking .

Why does the same amount appear here in both cases? because we can withdraw the staking at any time it is as if we had money available, that's why it shows it to you on both sides and also here it is highlighted that the delegation has already been done if one wants to deepen, you can simply click and the summary appears here From when this transaction was made, good crypto lunatics, the staking process is done! Now our Tezos are already generating interest in us if now you want to get your staking, it is very simple we just have to click where it says stake, it will open this page at the end it will indicate the staking that we are doing and a little higher It appears withdraw if you select it, it will open this page at the top we will have to enter the amount that we want to withdraw from the staking in this case I put the maximum and below appears the validator in which we had these Tezos a Once we have that clear, we can continue and it will ask you to confirm the transaction again, it indicates the total number of Tezos that we are drawing and what is equivalent in dollars and to withdraw it again they will charge us a network fee equivalent to 0.03 Tezos once you are clear with what we are going to have that cost, you have to put send and you would have removed your Tezos from staking, it is that simple the good crypto lunatic process , I hope May this tutorial help you to get profitability from your cryptocurrencies and thus your capital can grow over time if you want to continue learning more about cryptocurrencies remember to subscribe to the channel activate the bell so that you receive all the notifications when I upload a new video I also invite you to go to the playlists, here are all the courses that I have created for you in order to make it easier for you to learn the world of cryptocurrencies remember also, leave me a like if you liked the video

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