Dogecoin, Elon Musk's favorite cryptocurrency currency that appreciated a lot after an indirect help from Elon Musk that made her value about 1,500%. with a total of 7 billion dollars of market cap. and these days worth 0.05 cents Nowadays it is used as a means of payment in Turkey And can be traded on electronic markets in the united states In about 5 years after its creation Dogecoin went from a meme to one of the top 100 cryptomodes in the world And in today's video, we will talk about its origin and how it works. Hey guys, beauty who's talking here and Matheus and Today's Video we will talk about Dogecoin That cryptocurrency that was created by a joke between friends And today it is one of the most popular on the market First of all, I ask you to let me like this video So that Youtube recommends this video to other people this will help the channel a lot Answer me the following in the comments Do you already invest in dogecoin or do you intend to invest? if you intend to buy dogecoin I recommend you buy at binance In case you are interested, I left the link in the video description To understand what dogecoin is, how dogecoin works We need to know about its origin It all started in the year 2013 When Jackson Palmer posted on his Twitter that he was going to create a cryptocurrency called Dogecoin He named his cryptocurrency Dogecoin after a very popular meme at the time The dog meme, that Japanese dog of the breed shiba inu That had a meme that went viral in 2013 to 2014, on twitter, reddit and Facebook He thought of creating the cryptocurrency because of a joke Palmer had seen several crypto with funny names, and he thought of creating a similar The crypts that had funny names were Pandacoin, BananaCoin, Sexcoin and just missing DOGECoin to join the fun He shared his idea of ​​creating a crypto with his friends and they liked the idea They set up a meeting at the palmer's house they bought the domain But there was a problem, they needed a programmer to develop the cryptocurrency inside the site palmer had placed a white paper and a contact email It had been 30 days after the whole idea, they probably had already forgotten about the idea of ​​creating Dogecoin However, an IBM programmer named Billy Markus He entered the domain and became interested in the project and sent an email to Palmer He wanted to make the whole project a reality When Dogecoin was released, it was restricted in several places just as Bitcoin was, too.

But with the expansion of the internet, expansion of social networks. at the expense of new people entering the internet the dogecoin community has grown a lot and cryptocurrency is no longer a restricted cryptocurrency in many places with the expansion of the internet, Dogecoin started to reach different people The community has grown a lot, being a united community When Bully created Dogecoin he used as a base a cryptocurrency that already exists in the market what was called lucky coin She had a random reward system through mining For example, when a person mined bitcoin, litecoin they received a reward and that reward was Dogecoin with it increased the popularity of cryptocurrency the dogecoin community at the time was very close they helped each other a lot they not only helped themselves, but also helped others They collected $ 50,000 for a Jamaican bobsled team to go to the 2014 Winter Olympics They also put together $ 30,000 to create a well in a small town in Kenya.

Nowadays Dogecoin is used as payment methods in turkish markets It has also been traded at ATMs in the United States Dogecoin has been gaining a lot of space in the market lately Over time, Dogecoin had several updates, that there were several changes His initial idea was to produce 100 billion dogecoin however in the year 2014, jackson palmer announced that he removed the dogecoin limits Making dogecoin an inflationary crypto, an unlimited cryptocurrency How dogecoin was an unlimited cryptocurrency If someone arrives and mines 1 dogcoin trail, it will not end As it is an inflationary cryptocurrency, it has the same logic as ordinary money When the government prints more money, there is an increase in inflation and the currency starts to devalue, and the same thing applies to dogecoin Dogecoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency mining of dogecoin, can be done by ordinary computers through the processor – CPU Bitcoin, on the contrary, requires a much more powerful machine Dogecoin compared to other altcoins, it has a much faster transaction and a much cheaper transaction fee bitcoin has a transaction fee above $ 3 the dogecoin transaction fee is 1 dollar cent While bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are intended to solve problems Dogecoin was created without any foundation, it was created by a joke The dogecoin foundation no longer exists today.

All team spirit is lost What remains is to wait weeks, months or years to see which way the cryptocurrency will take Until the moment I am recording this video, dogecoin is being quoted at $ 0.05 cents. Its last update was in the year 2019, but recently in March 2021, it had an update an update that brought many improvements to the cryptocurrency, they brought this update due to the increase in interest in the cryptocurrency Perhaps the project will be resumed If you wanted to buy dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies I recommend you to buy at binance, which is the largest exchange in the world If you are interested, the link is in the video description I hope you liked this video, if you liked it, leave the like for YouTube to recommend this video to other people. Subscribe to my channel, because I have a lot of separate content for you I'll see you in the next video, bye bye.

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