Como funciona el STAKING de ETHEREUM 2.0 en Binance 💸 STAKING ETH 2.0 BINANCE

Hello, Tigres, how are you? Welcome to my channel, welcome to a new video tutorial in which I will tell you about Ethereum, I'm going to talk about this product that we find inside and that is very powerful, it is found within the blocked savings section, or fixed terms, and with this product, we can reach obtain returns within twenty percent, or at a eight percent, according to what I'm going to tell you next, because this profitability varies depending on some factors. Before starting, I leave you a referral the first video comment for you to create an account with a ten percent discount on commissions whenever you make deposits, operations, transactions, or withdrawals of capital and this little money that we will save with this discount that I leave you will come in handy to buy others cryptocurrencies within the platform.

I would like that too leave you here a playlist with all these investment products offered by the para platform that you inform yourself about all of them one hundred percent and you can make a correct and wise decision based on the profitability you are looking for and your acceptance of risk. Having said that, Let's go with the Intratoda Leche, which we started. Alright Tigers, we're here, we're back, like You see, on my screen, we are inside the platform of and in In this case, to access Ethereum, we will have to Let's go to the finance part, and here we, how do I know? commented before, we will find the flexible terms, the fixed terms, and high-risk products.

I'm gonna leave you here a playlist for flexible terms, for you to analyze, since they are products whose profitability It is lower, but we can withdraw whenever we want. I'm also going to leave you here a playlist for the high-risk terms, high-risk products, where obtain high returns, but whose profit is not always insured, but in this case we are going to talk about two zero point, to which, if you click, a new tab, and gives you all this information. Ok, here you says it is safe, API up to twenty percent, this API, basically, what is an annual return of twenty percent, and here is the graph, because obviously, As we can see, it gives you the estimated APR of Serium, being a maximum of twenty-one point six, and having a minimum zinc, or four point nine, okay? This is where we we will find a variable profitability. It is currently at this value here, which is eight eat a percent, and this value depends on the amount of in millions, that are currently in this product, okay? That is, the fewer there are in the less people will share the profit from this product, and the greater the reward in terms of annual profitability.

This is very easy to understand. If there are fewer people, distribute the less the profits, if there is more, then it is distributed the more, and the gain is less. In this way, go on a curve like this, being able to be observed up to a maximum of twenty-one point six percent, and a minimum of four point nine percent. The concept of is very easy to understand, since that in the end what we do is provide this cryptocurrency, in this case, Ethereum, if it were from another cryptocurrency, such as BNV, etc., and what is done is to lend this currency, block it to strengthen all the network behind it, that is, to support all the transactions to be carried out with this cryptocurrency. In this case, this cryptocurrency, that of this cryptocurrency, it is done by the update that is taking out the within the cryptocurrency market, and here you explains, since Ethereum is going to pass a two point zero, and you says that two point zero is a set of updates that will be launched in three phases, the objective is to Zerium is more scalable, secure, and sustainable, a part fundamental of the updates is to introduce which allows users to do the Zerium, support the network, and get rewards, that's what I was telling you, In the end, he is evolving, and we with what we do is support this evolution.

The thing is that as we are going to see, the characteristics of this are quite common, they are a little tedious, they are a little demanding, and we will see that, to obtain these rewards, we are going to have to leave the environment locked to two years, and this, to some people, may seem like a craziness. You already know that from my point of view, I am long placista, investing in cryptocurrencies and I do not it seems no folly to leave your Ethereum here for two years since on the one hand it will be revaluing in the market and on the other hand you will be sustaining a profitability which can vary around a twenty or four point nine percent. It is very important to read and understand all the process. The process, as we have read above, is divided into three phases. At this time, they are still in the first phase in the one that tells you that, with a single click, the minimum requirements and maximum profitability, you cannot redeem your during the first phase that can last more than two years. Bye, we converts.

You see them in the only proof that your are in basically what he is telling you here is that you are going to enter your in and it will give you a name that is this one that we find here and it will appear in your wallet having the value of what does this mean? That we we will leave ours in and give us in return this will allow us follow the growth or decrease of the cryptocurrency of the since the the value of the in the market. We will not be able to redeem them, BED, we will not be able to sell them, or convert them, or anything. It will simply serve to follow the market price, and that's it, there is no more. I mean, that's what the B gives us for, we'll leave our blocked product, and they will give us this in return, simply to follow its value.

The second phase, basically, it consists of distributing the rewards generated in the chain during the participants based on your position of, that is, depending on what you have of BED, then, they will split more or less rewards, they will give it to you in your Spot account, and then you can redeem your you can spend your am when this whole process is finished. Here, if you have any more questions, they put you frequently asked questions and solves these doubts, tells you that it is the two point zero, It also tells you when I can redeem your etcetera, okay? This is important, if you have any questions, I think I have explained very fully, but if you have any questions, go to this because, really, it can help you a lot. So, let's suppose that we want to do this with him in I have censored this case, I will even have censored, but as I have not yet here in I will demonstrate Well, I don't have anything yet, but when you put your they are going to give you and here I would give you the accumulated performance in and last day's performance, okay? This is important since here we can also follow the performance both of the day as he accumulates.

If we give him to make us put the amount we want to do, in this case, I don't I have available. When we have put the amount in here will put the instead that you are going to enter Inside your wallet it tells you that the ones you have in yourself will be blocked during the first update phase during this blocking period you will not be able to redeem the ones you have in terms of taking into account the risks that this entails.

Me I think it is a product that is attractive, I think it is a product that is high risk too, even if I put it on you as a product that is not high risk, but is fixed terms, but I believe that having a cryptocurrency blocked for two years, is from my point of view, a high-risk product, since, really, it is not known what is going to happen with this cryptocurrency, and not really we have that operation to be able to redeem it, change it, or do what we want. It tells you that you can redeem the whatever you have when the first phase of Zerium ends, you says that the assets are touched that represent the with a one-to-one radius, distribute them on your spot account, and that we can change your again for when the end of the first phase. This is all that I have explained to you in short, but it can be a very attractive product if you you trust him you trust his project, and you trust that of for two zero point update.

And by the way, I was forgot to mention that to see where we can find these that we have in our wallet, it is very simple. Basically, what we have to do is go to the wallet, we go to the wallet, the part and here we are going to find all those products that we have in investment, both in flexible terms, and in blocked terms, okay? I have, for example, in terms flexible, BNV, but for that we are going to be blocked and here is where we are going to find the or the one of Zerium, I for example in blocked, I have some here, which are very attractive, but if you have it in Ethereum, then you go to and this is where we would find, redirect us back to the page, and we will find all the cryptocurrencies, in this case Ethereum, which we have in locked.

Well, Tigers, the tutorial has come to this point, I hope it has served you, watch this other video to learn new things within or subscribe here to have the best tutorials within YouTube. I hope you have served. See you in the next video. That goes well. Bye..

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