Cómo encontrar las Mejores Preventas, ICOs & IDOs de Criptomonedas?!

Good morning everyone,
welcome to the Crypto Futuro channel! How are people doing? Surely many already
know that one of the best ways to earn a lot of money in a short time in this market
is through pre-sales of cryptocurrencies, where we can buy the tokens of a
project that interests us at a pre-sale value , which means that By buying these
tokens we would be providing funds for said project at a very early stage of its
development and of course paying a much lower price than the
token will have once it goes on public sale.

Where many investors can make a 5, 10,
30, 50 or even 100x or more on their initial investment in a short time … Something that the truth is
very attractive for anyone, all this clear if we know how to search and what platform to
use for do not fall for scams or low-quality projects. That is why today I want to bring you
this video of how to do to find out about all the best cryptocurrency presales
and which are the main platforms that grant us access to them. So if you're
interested, join me until the end of the video. But before starting and as I
always tell you, remember to subscribe to the channel and activate the bell so that YouTube will
notify you every time I upload a new video so you don't miss any. With nothing more
to say, let's start with the video.

Well people, the first thing is to know how to differentiate
the 3 main types of presales or fundraisers that exist,
since not all are exactly the same. First we have the best known, the
so-called ICOs, initial coin offerings. Which is where we are offered to buy
the token of a project early and before its official launch, so
that we can have a portion of the coins of a project with potential at a very low price,
which in the future could give big profits. Many successful cryptocurrencies that we know today
started with an ICO, such as IOTA, NEO, and Ethereum. So there you can see the
real potential of these types of presales. Where only 7 years ago Etherum came out at a
price of only 30 cents for each Eth.

On the other hand we also have the IEO, Initial
Exchange Offering, or as it would be in Spanish " Initial Exchange Offer" these are practically
the same as an ICO but they are carried out by official cryptocurrency exchanges, so they
are usually quite centralized pre-sales where The pre-sales of the projects must pass an
exhaustive review before being published and their conditions of sale are subject to the rules
and decisions of the exchange. These may also require investors to validate their
identity through KYC, block their tokens for a certain time after purchase and even in many cases, they
must also pay a commission or a percentage to the exchange for allowing them to operate.
A clear example of IEOs are those offered by Binance through its Launchpad. These presales
are usually a bit more cumbersome when it comes to participating, but they are also usually the ones that
offer some of the highest quality projects. Finally we have the IDOs, which are
my favorites.

These are decentralized initial offerings . Pre-sales that are
made through a decentralized exchange, so we can forget about many of the
controls and regulations mentioned above in order to participate very easily in almost
any pre-sale that we want in a simple way. Of course, we must know well where to look for these
IDOs and how to analyze their projects well, since if we do not investigate well where we invest we can end up buying pre-sales of
projects with little or almost no future.

Good, but now … where can we
access these presales. Well, the truth is that there are many platforms
that offer us these types of services, but personally my favorites are 3. First we have Dao Maker, one of my
favorite platforms, since this is a launchpad that offers us different types
of Pre-sales from where very important projects came out such as My Neighbor Alice,
Orion Protocol, Hord and lately DinoX, a video game that we analyzed in the last videos
of the channel and that made more than 40X since its departure just a couple of days ago. All these currencies
leaving their investors with great profits. On their website daomaker.com we can see
the active projects or those that are to come, like these 3 that you see here: BaconDAO that is
currently active, and two that still do not come out: BBS Network and Gold Fever, a blockchain game
in which I will be investing and will soon bring you a video about it.
Below you can also see the completed pre-sales and the profits left by each one of
them, as most see it multiplies its prices enormously since this platform is quite
reliable and usually offers pre-sales of very good quality projects, so many people
participate and They raise huge amounts of money, although of course these profits that you see on the
web are according to the historical highs that these coins managed to reach, that does not
mean that today they are at those prices or that they have not fallen from their historical maximum, as
In each investment, each one must establish their entry point as well as their
exit point according to the profits they want to generate.

To participate in the pre-sales of this launchpad
we must have a certain amount of DAO in staking, DAO is the native token of this platform and
having it in staking on the web is one of the requirements to participate in lotteries
and win a position within a great part of the presales, being a minimum of 500
DAO tokens in staking to be eligible , which is approximately $ 1,000 today.
We must also have the account pre-funded with at least $ 500 in USDC, since this is the
minimum investment for most of these projects, so having all this deposited we can
register in any pre-sale of our interest that appears on the web and participate in
them to take us those so sought after x5, x10, x30 and even x100 or more that are obtained
with these initial coin offerings.

But hey, what other
reliable platforms can we use without having to meet these requirements or
if we want to invest less money? One of the main options for this is
Binance. If we go to binance.com and open this menu from the top left we can
enter this section called Launchpad. Here we will have all the initial offers of cryptocurrencies
carried out by the Binance platform, these offer us the Launchpad function from where
we can access different presales that as you see the last one was that of Coin98 that ended on
July 23, just a couple ago of days and how good it came out at 7 cents per coin and today it
is above a dollar.

So it was quite profitable for those who entered this presale.
Before, other currencies also came out such as the barca token, tokocrypto, Lina and even Axie Infinity.
As you can see, the projects are of excellent quality, but the platform takes its time to
analyze and launch new presales. So you have to be patient and wait
until a new one is announced. Although they also offer us another function,
and that is that if you do not like to risk a lot buying these totally new coins,
there is also the Launchpool option. Where you will be able to deposit your BNB or BUSD in
different pools to obtain the new tokens that interest you most passively as if you
were staking from Binance. This is the safest option since you will
always keep your money in BNB or even in stable currency, but of course, to earn a
lot of money in an extremely safe way like this you will need a lot of capital
to really see high returns.

And now finally let's move on to a
platform that is becoming increasingly popular for offering
very interesting presales in a fairly simple way. I'm talking about Polkastarter, a protocol
created to offer auctions of tokens of different blockchains and thus allow the
raising of funds for high- quality projects from a Polkador-based ecosystem.
Well, as soon as you enter the platform, one of the things you can do is click on this
button to subscribe to all the new pre-sale announcements, this is basically a
telegram bot that will send you an automatic message every time it is posted.

for sale a
new project. It is important to be subscribed since these presales are very popular and
the places tend to end extremely rare. Sometimes they last 1 hour or even 30
minutes or less depending on the project. If we go down a bit we can see
that there is currently a project about to come out called Polytrade,
which according to how little I was seeing is a platform of decentralized finance services
, insurance and things like that, the truth is that I still did not have
time to analyze it in depth. As you can see where TBA says it means that these
values have not yet been announced, so
the date of the pre-sale or the minimum or maximum amount that we can invest in this
currency has not yet been officially announced. so we will have to wait. but hey if we go down a little more we can
see all the pools of very good projects that have already been completely filled.
But hey, how can we participate in these presales? Well, the first thing we have
to do is be holders of POLS, the native Polkastarter token, this platform
asks us to have at least 250 pols in hold to be able to access the white list and be
invited to the different token offers, these are Today approximately $ 300, where
each 250 POLS is equivalent to 1 ticket, and the more tokens we have, the higher our tickets will be
and therefore our probabilities.

Every time a new project comes out, we must
sign up for the waiting list and the lottery system will automatically choose who
can participate and notify them that they have won a place. Being the ones with the most POLS tokens, the ones with
the most chances of winning, but we should not be discouraged if we have the
minimum of 250 POLS, since the platform has a system that does not allow users to
win more than one pre-sale at the same time. week, which drastically reduces the number of winners and
gives more chances to those who have few tokens … so sooner or later we would win the
odd position, which is worth it since all the coins that came out of these presales
multiplied their price enormously.

So if you are interested, you can start participating,
I assure you that you will not regret it. Well those were the 3 platforms that
I am using the most to access presales, there are also others such as TronPad,
TrustSwap, Redkyte and others … but those I am going to investigate well first and if you
are interested we will analyze them in another video. Now, what is the best way to find out
about all these presales without having to give F5 to these 3 pages 24 hours a day?
There are a series of tools that collect all the most relevant presales of all
these platforms in one place so that we can find out all the
details before many other people.

One of these and the one that I use the most
lately is the ICODROPS.COM website. As soon as you enter this page we can
see on the left all the presales that are active at the moment, such as
Ethereum Eagle that is currently on Coinlist. In the middle we have the presales that are
coming soon, where we see projects like Polytrade that we recently saw on polkastarter and
many others more very interesting among which we have BaconDAO and GoldFever that
we also saw at the beginning of the video in DAO MAKER. Finally on the right we will see the pre-sales
that have already ended where we can see coins like the DinoX for example and check if they
met their fundraising expectations and open the projects to see
how each one of them did after these offers cryptocurrency initials.
So you know, if you are interested in presales, use this website or any other
similar that you find to find out very early about the most important presales,
know the requisitor and have everything ready to participate in the one that interests you the most
to get those juicy Xs out of them. your capital.

And well friends, this is how
we end today's video, I hope it has served you. If
so, do not forget to leave me a simple like and subscribe to the channel to
be aware every time I upload a new video. Thank you all very much for
having listened to me these minutes, I say goodbye and I hope to see you soon in a next
video, bye! Oh and remember, the future is crypto..

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