Como Crear billetera para guardar tus Dogecoin paso a paso ..[DOGECOIN WALLET](2021)

Hello, such friends, everyone, welcome to my channel, in this video I am going to teach you how to create a touch coin wallet, for that we go to the play store and this is the application that we are going to install to save our two new breweries in it. what is the world of egypt currencies and then what is the dove coins a crypto currency as well as the beat coin as well as the stereo as elite coin that has a value so you must know that each crypto currency has a wallet to be kept or also There are wallets that are general, that is, to save all the crypto currencies such as the elite coin such as the iter yum and so on we are going to install then what is our purse or 12 coin wallet and to save our crypto currency of everything well we give it In opening here it tells us that to create our wallet we have to register, you can register with your phone number with your facebook or with a google account.

I think the google account is failing as well. That they register with their phone number yrigoyen login ok here you will get a code to your phone they enter ok and we give it in the jin here we believe our four-digit GDP and we have to repeat what the pin is we repeat Again our pin that says congratulations I already create your wallet with happiness is good here we create a name anybody put my name here mark this and here here mark states and wish you sign up and ready friends we are in our purse here we can save our touches click here on re save ok this is the address of your touch coin purse and for example we will copy what this address is click here on your address for example we will go to telegram here I have what is a bot this volt gives you what two coins are gives you the omonia script of coin in small amounts for visiting ads for example to work this pot you can here and you can visit sites here in lupita and they make ab Laugh at opening you give it now and that way you are going to win what are two of coinstar removed you have to wait for the ad to finish and here it will load and here it appears above that it was already credited credit what are coins touches let's go back At the top it says he has earned 0 points 250 dollars for visiting the site already and since we want to withdraw our touch coins and store them in a wallet we already have it, not that it is the one here and what is this which is good here is it to ask every time you enter they will ask for your pin you do not enter your pin in the ceip copies this address which is the address of the purse you go to telegram and repulse here in this little square and give kilos says balance already hybrid your balance of 0 point 250 dollars if you want to withdraw you give it in windows it says good that it tells us that you have to earn four blocks to be able to withdraw them from aquino and pass them to your wallet of 12 with wallet now well let's say we already have the four drugs because they will to ask that you enter an address as we have already copied it from our wallet in the address we hit it here we hold down and we hit it now and then we give it to send seen and they will send us what the four authors are to our wallet of the dogging coin but since I still do not have 42 later so I can not withdraw you there are also pages that give away what they are where coin through tasks maybe you solve they will give you what they are where coin already and you can also withdraw them and each page will ask you what is your address of your d'hooghe coin purse in order to be able to that page send the deuces to your wallet and they will go to their touch purse with wallet already and here it will be reflected what that your balance already in here where it seems to be an author is here where it seems to be or blocks will appear four doubles that what you just won you can also send to other people what it is by giving it here in send and in the same way it is each person has their address and you put here in walt between three and here enter the address of the people who are going to send the touches you can also do it with email in the same way they already have here where it says scan you can also send through the scan and each person has Also its qr code you can also generate another address and if you want to generate another address for zack engineer in you, which is to generate another address by pressing and here the address is going to be changed and that's it, friends, I hope I have helped you with this tutorial on how create your dog and coin wallet and do not forget to comment subscribe to my channel to continue uploading more content thank you very much take care and even another video bye

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