Como conectar METAMASK a xDAI como comprar xDAI tutorial celular 2020

Hello crypto lunatics, I hope you are very well, I am The Lunax today we are going to learn how we can install the xDAI network in our Metamask so that we can take advantage of this new network and thus pay extremely low commissions xDAI is a new blockchain in which all its Commissions are paid in DAI but since they are within this network they are called xDAI DAI is a stable currency 1 to 1 with the dollar this means that the commissions are always based on a stable currency which keeps the rates always low over time allowing all transactions with this blockchain to pay extremely low commissions so now we are going to learn how to connect to this new xDAI network for this the first thing we have to do is open our Metamask once we are inside our wallet we must select the three points that are up here the menu will be displayed and here we must go to the settings option , the multiple options will be displayed And the one that we must select is networks here you will see all the networks that you already have associated with your Metamask now if we want to add a new network we must put where it says add network here there are multiple data to complete this data I will put them Now so that you can also copy them what I want to highlight is that this information that I am showing you I am also going to show you where it is obtained, I simply wanted to show you quickly how you can add this network by putting all the information once you have Once you have copied this data, you simply add now the wallet will update and at the top if you look now it says xDAI we are already connected to this network and also the main currency it uses, it highlights it here and tells us that xDAI is something very important If you want to change to another network again, you simply have to select here above and all the networks that are connected to your Metamask will appear, here you simply select Use the one you want in this case, if you wanted to return to Ethereum, select the first one and you would already be connected, good mate, now I'm going to show you where this information is obtained from, so that you have access to it, we must enter the official xDAI page Queser穩a XDAICHAIN.COM here we are going to have to select the three points at the top.

We are going to display a menu with all the information on this network, which is quite a bit of us. What we have to do is go down a bit and get to where it says wallet, I mean wallets and here it will direct you to the page where all the wallets that can be connected to this network are as you will see there are several you can select which is yours but we are going to focus on the Metamask, like this that we select it here is going to tell you a little about the Metamask so you have to go down to the end and we must select where it says Metamask setup and on this page, we go down a bit and all the data appears So that we can connect to the network, which is all the data that I showed you previously, but so you get this information to connect to this network, well crypto lunatics, now what we have to do is acquire DAI to be able to pass it to the xDAI network then the first thing What we must do in our Metamask is to add the DAI token so we are going to add token, here they put in the DAI search engine this currency is super known, so it will appear at once it would be the first stablecoin DAI they click it and add token a Once they already have it on their panel, now they need to acquire DAI or transfer in this case I am going to acquire it from Uniswap, so we are going to Uniswap in this case I want to acquire 10 DAI remember that a DAI is equal to one dollar, for Therefore, I would be acquiring 10 dollars once you put down here that you want 10 DAI up immediately, it tells you how much Ethereum is equivalent so once we are clear, I am going to change it, he will ask me to confirm the transaction here it asks for your permission to authorize what the transaction is and it also shows you the total commission I am going to invest 10 dollars and the commission is going to be 3 it is quite expensive what is the Ethereum network, for that we are going to test the xDAI network once that is clear, we confirm good lunatics, once we receive the DAI in our account in this case how do you see I already have the 10 DAI we have to connect to a specific page, which is going to transform our DAI to xDAI the link on this page I am going to leave them in the description and in the comments once you enter this page it will ask for permission to connect to your wallet, as I am already in my Metamask, it tells me Immediately the balance that I have available in this case tells me that I have 10 DAI which are the ones that we change and that is what I am going to change, so we put the 10 DAI and we put transfer, it will open this page and here you will show that your 10 DAIs that That they were in Ethereum in the mainet now they are going to transform to 10 xDAI and that they are going to be in the xDAI chain blockchain so all you have to do is continue to do this transformation of the token, we will have to pay one small commission in this case I'm going to pay 1.5 dollars, so I put confirm here it shows me that 8 confirmations are needed, so all I have to do is wait once the change is made, it will send you the confirmation and now we owe us return to our wallet when you return to the wallet you will see that the DAIs have disappeared and the xDAIs are nowhere to be found , why? because we must change the network, therefore we must click here above and we must go down, because at the end there are the networks that we have added in this case I am going to connect to xDAI once it updates the wallet it will show you that here are the 10 xDAI that we just changed and the strange thing that appears to me is that it tells me that it is equivalent to $ 3,640 which is quite rare, that should not appear to me but I should say that it is equivalent to 10 dollars, but hey so now You have the xDAI in your wallet, now you can trade on this network and one of the best known exchanges here is called Honeyswap so I'm going to connect so that we can see it well crypto lunatics, Honeyswap is very similar to what Uniswap is here What I want to show you is the commission it charges which is quite low in this case I am going to change all my xDAI to Ethereum, only for the example here it is going to ask me to confirm the transaction, it confirmed sorry for the numbers, they are very bad, no ent Going why he throws them like this but look, we are going to come here to the commission and he says that if I want the faster commission he would be charging me 0.02 xDAI remember that this is equal to one dollar therefore he would be charging me 0.02 Cents on the dollar that is very cheap compared to what we saw, that in Ethereum I pay almost 3 dollars for that this network is attracting so much attention good crypto lunatic, in the next videos we will see what Honeyswap is to be able to take advantage of this network and also new protocols that are being created in xDAI if you want to continue learning more about cryptocurrencies remember to subscribe to the channel activate the bell so that you get all the notifications when I upload a new video I also invite you to go to the playlists here they are All the courses that I have created for you in order to make it easier for you to learn the world of cryptocurrencies remember also, leave me a like if you liked the video

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