Como COMPRAR USD COIN en BINANCE 🚀 Comprar USDC en Binance

hello tigers, welcome to my channel, welcome to a new video tutorial in which I am going to teach you how to buy Lluís from coin stacy or usb within the pain dance platform in the easiest, simple and intuitive way possible to be able to get hold of this crypto currency and having it in our portfolio I would like to emphasize that Lluís de Coin is an actress or currency that is backed by the dollar and that has been issued by Coin Veis recently when it went public, basically what it does is follow the value of the dollar and It will allow us to make exchanges with other crypto currencies, it will also allow us to make investments in investment products such as liquid swap for example before starting as in all the videos I will leave you a referral link in the first comment of the video so that you create one It has a 10% discount on commissions whenever you make cooperations, withdrawals, transactions or capital deposits within the platform A balance sheet will also leave you a reproduction list that I personally made with the investment products offered on page 7 I leave it here above the cards so that you can take a look at it and you can invest with subscriber coins in these products and earn a double return Since, on the one hand, subscribed currencies are revaluing within the market and on the other hand, they will be generating some interest by using these products that I left you up here on the cards.

Back on my screen we are inside the page platform and the first thing we do we are going to get to the point directly and we will go to the markets part and in the markets part we are going to go to the areas part that is here on the menu of zones and we are going to have everything selected here we are going to find absolutely all the crypto ways that are available on the platform form of finance but if we do not find it, then by scrolling down we are going to filter in the magnifying glass that appears here I am this and it is worth as you see it and here they do not put guys dikoin puts you the last price which is 0.83 euros that Basically it is a dollar here to put the exchange in 24 hours and it puts the market capitalization worth obviously we are going to give it to operate but before giving it to activate recommend a video also that says very intuitive about the commissions within pages on how reduce the and how to save us the greatest amount of commissions and everything leaves here above the cards so that you can take a look and you can save from all the possible commissions ok let's give it to operate and a new tab opens with the trading chart balance, it is very intuitive, here it will look like a graph that appears to us, the order book, we appreciate the action of placing an order but as we see it is u A stable coyné is to say a stable cohen whose price has remained constant over time since in the end what it does is follow the value of the dollar within the market and finally we here can change the temporality four days an hour to a week gives the same because in the end the value is the same although well it is true that it varies within a range in the end it is susceptible to these variations but well the first thing we have to be clear about is how we want to buy Lluís Dikoin with which currencies we can buy joystick coin inside the market and for that we are going to put the mouse over justice and lluís marmoset and we are going to write in the magnifying glass uscc again it is worth u sdc and we are going to see all the possible exchanges with which we can get with usb how we can buy u sdc and how we can have it in our wallet well for that we need some crypto currencies that are interchangeable with uss etc which in this case we find a few such as wititi etc the wild balance and that is the bost that are two other stable coins and then we find the rest of quito coins such as cardano atom bnb the links for all these that appear here well with all this list of krypton coins we can get the usb ok if we have one of all these that appear here we can get the usb and this is very important ok if we for example have polka dot and it does not appear in this list here for example It is the case here it does not appear dumps because we could not get with usb we would have to transform the polka dot to yield and grant to buy the uss etc voucher or otherwise with the dump we could pass it to bill coin and with the bitcoin buy usb the question is that we have to get one of the currencies that appear in this list and to convert them I am going to leave you here a tutorial too Who is the sea of interesting and it is also very fast to learn how to convert them in this case we are going to work with this graphic that we have here which is the sdc luís ditty of the cct we want to get the win joystick and it is very simple as it appears here for what we are going to give to buy not to sell because if we tell it to sell we would be selling the cdc but we want to buy it with the cc and we are going to make a market order there is another type of order such as the limit of the stop limit order the order is a little but good, they are a little more complex orders that will allow us to place orders at fixed prices in this case we are going to do a market basically it means to place an order at market price when we give uscc to buy we will be buying at a price of 0.99 92 which is the real price at this very moment if you want to learn about the other orders the limit order or stop limit the order little in this tutorial that I leave you here that is very comp Leto and talk about the orders very in detail but hey in question we are going to buy in this case the sdc we have right now 12 of you but well imagine that we have a thousand thousand dollars if we want to transform the ios of cee well we give him to buy usb and we would already have this value in our wallet at the market price, we remember not at a different price, we are choosing a market order before showing you where we can find our cryptocurrency that we have just bought.

I will teach you how to buy it and get it from the phone. mobile so we are going to go to the mobile device and now we are back well tigers to be able to buy the Lluís and coin within the mobile phone platform in this case of the balance platform of the application the first thing we have to do is subscribe as suggested by my wallpaper nothing is a joke what we have to do is open the page application that I have in the menu below and we s we are going to go to the part of markets that we find in the lower menu here we are going to filter at the top where the magnifying glass is by Lluís de coin we are going to put uss etc as we have put before in the usb computer and we find The same exchanges that we have seen before are worth both the described currencies and the stable coins that we find above. I have city finance.

I imagine that we want to buy the other time with the joystick and well, it is very simple. more compact obviously because it is the mobile phone but very similar we will find a graph where we can zoom remove zoom change the temporality four hours one hour whatever we want we can insert indicators as we have there we will see an order book but what interests us is to buy and for that we are going to click on the bottom part and we will find another very similar menu where we can c Buy sell and choose the type of order that we want to make, in this case I remember that we will place an order, mark a market order since we will be buying at the price that Lluis Dikoin is at at this time, which is 0.99 93, it is also worth it.

We can put the amount of new city that we want to buy as we have said before thousand 5000 80 thousand 85 thousand whatever it is that I am becoming legitimate because we buy the amount we want to buy and obviously it tells me that it is a failed order because I do not have this and if the dollar is cc.oo in the wallet so it does not allow it but in this way we have learned to buy the joystick coin in the easiest and simplest way whenever we want since we have the mobile device on top with the others well tigers one is we have made it from the mobile device we are going to close this tab here and we are going to go to the part of the wallet to see where we can find this crypto currency that we have just finished s to buy in this case we are going to go wallet we are going to go to spot wallet which is where we are going to store all those written coins that we have just bought and that are not invested so to speak, it is like the pocket where we keep our coins but in the pocket and we will find a differentiation between the cash balance where we will find national currencies such as the euro, the dollar, the rubles, the Czech crowns, whatever and we will find a balance of crypto currencies where we will find all those crypto currencies That we have bought within the market in this case well, here I have the ccr the dump of the cardan or etc.

If we had bought Lluís de coin we would have it here in the spot wallet if you, for example, have invested it in the liquid swap that to me It is a product that for stable coins seems far back to me because we would go to erne's part and in the gel part we s we will find it in the swap section that we will find all the west point participations in the liquid assets here for example if you want to analyze what assets we can find well here we can see ok we can filter example joystick point with the joystick and then we can get a Quite affordable profitability in fact we can find it around here I chose new city 6 89% plus 12% in rewards which I think is quite quite good you have until the tutorial arrived I hope it has served you give it a super like through this own to learn new things within pinténs or subscribe here to have the best tutorials within youtube I hope it has served you, see you in the next video that goes well [Music]

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