Como COMPRAR TEZOS en BINANCE 🚀 Comprar TEZOS XTZ en Binance

welcome to my channel and welcome to a new video tutorial in which I will teach you how to buy the crypto currency of pesos within the platform balance in the easiest, simple and intuitive way possible to get hold of this crypto asset and be able to invest our money in this market so attractive before starting as in all the videos they left a link of referred to in the first comment of the video so that you want an account with a 10% discount on commissions whenever we make deposits operations transactions or capital withdrawals and this will come in handy for save some money and be able to buy other cryptocurrencies within the platform I would also like to leave a playlist that I have made personally up here on the cards I teach you to invest your cryptocurrencies in the products offered by pain dance based on your exceptional risk to thus obtain a double profitability since the crypto currencies on the one hand are revaluing within the market and on the the other side will be generating some interest in us using our products that you mentioned above in the cards said all this we go with the intro the milk we started fine tigers well we are here we are already on my screen I have right now the platform of pages open I am already registered and let's get to the point directly we are going to get into the markets part to find texts to find this currency we have to have selected the part of zones and in zones we will also have selected the part of all of us here are going to find absolutely all crypto currencies categorized according to capitalization, that is, the amount of money that you have included within each crypto currency and each crypto asset for example we find the bit with the first the bnb the ripple and so on We have to find pesos, we can find it down here, okay but hey if you can't find it then let's put it up here we're going to put two on you, we will put two on you and once we have put texts here is your sign that is x ez but hey tells us that the last price is five euros as 12 tells us that the exchange in 24 hours is 6% positive and they put us in market capitalization is what we see on the screen before giving operate I want to leave you here a video about the finance commissions in the talk about how the commissions are applied to us and how we can reduce them as much as possible so take a look and learn how to reduce commissions for future purchases within the platform continuing with the video we are going to give it to operate so that you open a new interactive tab where we will find a price chart in Japanese candles we will find an order book and we will also find another menu to carry out an order from left to right we see that the graphic is interactive we can make you zoom out we can move to back we can move forward we can also change the temporality we can include figures we can include graphic lines we can also include indicators within the graph, the truth is that it is quite interactive and quite useful if you want to do advanced technical analysis but good before you buy texts I want us to be clear with which crypto currency we are going to buy pesos with what crypto currency are we going to be able to buy it because we are not going to be able to buy it with all of them for that what we are going to do is first leave the mouse over xtf joystick which is the one of the tc ok and we are going to put in the magnifying glass x tc again ok let's put x tc to see with what coins we can we can buy texts in this case we can buy it for example with bitcoin with you city with just balance and with bnb and you are alone with these four assets we can buy the crypto currency of t2 and this what does it mean Well, it means that if, for example, we have a load, no that is not interchangeable with excesses, we will not be able to buy pesos in a step we what we will have to do is, for example, transform our charge no to bitcoin abnb to new street and wine and west and with these 400 coins that we have already become our burden we will not be able to buy the cryptocurrency of t2 and this is the important brand because many people ask me hey no I can buy t2 well for that what you have to have are cryptocurrencies transferable with the t2 if you want to learn how to convert your cryptocurrencies and transfer them in the easiest and simplest way look at the video that I leave you here on the cards also because it is the lemon pear and you will learn super quick well let's suppose that we already have the jury city that We have the ccr in our portfolio and we are going to buy you two for that we are going to pay special attention to the menu on the right where the option of place an order for both buy and sell in this case we will buy since tecos is the first asset on this chart is worth and then below we see the option to place a limit order a market order a stop limit order or an order or co in this case we are going to place an order mark is to say a market order in real time but when we Let's buy xtf we will be buying at the price you indicate the graph for example 6.15 20 because we would be buying at that price if we now click the other top limit limit orders and the order or co if you want to learn more in detail and get to know them a little more watch the video I leave you here because I explain them very in depth and you will learn a lot of it is on this type of advanced orders we will work with a market order that it is quite simple quite simple to understand we will be buying in real time and well now it is very simple us we put the amount that we want to spend of cc imagine that we have made a deposit of a thousand dollars to our balance account or a thousand euros or whatever it is because we put a thousand and that's it and we give you to buy equis tc and now we have bought a thousand dollars worth 2x tc in our portfolio the we will have and we can find it there but before we show you how we can see where our texts that we just bought are stored I'm going to show you how to buy it from the mobile phone to be able to buy it whenever we want where we want and when we want from the mobile device, having said this, we go to device and now we return you understand me because we are already in the mobile device and in this case to buy the cryptocurrency of Tecos it is very simple the first thing you need is to subscribe to my channel jokes what we need is to have the balance application that in this case I have it in the menu below so we open it and this is what we get for default we are going to go to the part of markets that appear below as well and we are going to filter above in the magnifying glass where We appear to look for coins and we are going to put xtz which is basically the century of t2 ok we will find the same exchanges that we have seen before that there are quite a few and in this case we are going to open any one we are going to open by example the cesr which is the one we have seen before to make it simpler we are going to open it and we see that a slightly more compact menu of course because we are from a device a little smaller in this case the mobile phone but well it is very interactive we can zoom remove zoom we can change the temporality add indicators if we wish ok we can also add moving averages and so on here we can do some fairly complete analysis too and work also works we keep going down we will find the history of orders etc.

But to us what we The interest in this case is to buy texts with the cesr we are going to give you to buy here and we also see a very similar menu where we can buy and sell in the same way that we have seen before and we can choose the type of order that we want a limit market order, little limit or whatever we want we choose the market order because it is the simplest it is an order at a price of market and here we will put the amount of money we want stop buying pesos in this case if we are very rich like warren buffett to whistle or whoever we put the amount we give to buy and obviously it is a Failed order because I do not have this amount of money but hey you taught to buy whenever we want and where we want with the mobile phone since we will always carry it well tigers we have already bought texas from the mobile phone or we have already learned to buy it at least we are going to close this tab and we will see where the t2 that we just bought is stored In this case, for that we are going to go to the wallet part and in wallet let's go to the wallet part, this is where we we are going to store absolutely all the coins that we have made income that we have bought and so on is worth it since on the one hand as we see we find a cash balance in this case we can find euros because it is my national currency because for example lives in the czech republic you will find Czech crowns or if you live in the US you will find dollars etc.

Voucher here we will find the national currency that we have we can work in euros sterling pounds whatever and then below we will find the balance of cryptocurrencies this is where we will find the text We just bought in this case I have not bought t2 but well if we had bought we would have integers here voucher in the crypto balance coins if we then make the decision to invest pesos within the products that offers pages that I left here above the cards as it we would find inside the part of the wallet the voucher in the life they brought we would find all the products that we have used to invest crypto coins for example if we have invested in flexible savings here we would find the bm and the bet that I invest in flexible savings if for example we are I'm doing who of some coin because we will find it here that I I invest mnb for each load, no etcetera, it is worth depending on the products that you you are investing we will find it in the wallet r That said, I hope I have helped you give it a super like look at this other video to learn new things on balance or subscribe here to have the best tutorials within youtube I hope it has served you go well [Music]

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