Como cobrar tus SLP 🐏 AXIE INFINITY 🐏 mi primer mes 150 dólares generados

Hello crypto lunatics, I hope you are great, I am The Lunax today we are going to see how we can collect our SLPs and transform them into money to know how many SLPs we have available to collect, we must enter inventory and here the total amount appears in this case I have 4,263 SLP available to collect if this I transformed into dollars, with the increase that the SLP had today this becomes 150 dollars and the interesting thing about this amount earned is that I generated it in a month before starting I invite you to subscribe to the channel so that we continue to see and learn about the interesting world of cryptocurrencies and if the content helps you, remember to leave me a like to know well crypto lunatics, to be able to charge them SLP we must enter AXIEINFINITY.COM here we must start with our session therefore we must come to the marketplace then here, we must enter the login and here we can connect directly with our Metamask or with our co rreo and password in case we have created it once we are inside the platform all the information of your account will appear what I want to show you first, it is when I start in Axie Infiniy here you can see that my first purchases were the November 11 and currently we are on December 8, therefore I have been playing for about 28 days the first investment that I made to have my equipment, it is equivalent to 0.43 Ethereum this in the time to invest, it was equivalent to about 190 dollars therefore My 4,263 SLP that I have available, currently they are equivalent to 150 dollars in summary in a month I have recovered 80% of the investment I made and now every month that I continue playing, it will be an extra profit that I will be able to generate now that we have of course the game is profitable, you can recover your investment now I am going to show you how to transform this SLP to other token or transfer it directly to your account well crypto lunatics, we return to the main screen of our account and if we go down a bit here all the tokens that we have available will appear in this case the only thing I have is SLP, it tells me that I have 4,263 SLP pending when the word pending appears, it means that these SLPs are in the game and for you to use them they have to be transferred to your Metamask wallet or the one you are using , therefore we charge SLP this will connect to your wallet and we will have to authorize this transaction because it is a transaction In the Ethereum network we need to pay a fee, a commission this commission goes directly to the Ethereum network and when we authorize this transaction , the transfer will be made from the game and the SLPs will go to our wallet once you have All that of course, we confirm and now we are going to go to our Metamask wallet, in this case I am from the cell phone and as you can see no SLP appears this is because We must add the token for this we need the SLP contract address and we can get this from CoinGecko so we enter CoinGecko and then we select the option search here we will have to search for the SLP once we find it, we select it and here we will open all the information regarding this token, to the SLP if we descend a little, the address of the contract will appear therefore we copy this address and now we return to our Metamask wallet we select the option to add token here In the upper part we must put the custom token and then we must complete all the information that is requested here in this case we will have to paste the contract address that we have just copied the token symbol is SLP and the precision figure that we have to put here is 0 once we enter this information, we put add token and now it will appear to us all the SLP that has been transferred gone to our account in this case the 4,263 SLP that is equivalent to 148 dollars this is what we have generated in a month after we have this SLP available in our wallet now we can transform it to any other token in my case I am going to go to Uniswap and this SLP I am going to transform it to Ethereum if you do not know what Uniswap is I am going to leave you a playlist up here so that you can instruct yourself in greater depth what we are going to do here is very simple what I want to change It is the SLP, so I put it at the top and bottom I am going to put Ethereum because I want to transform this token to be able to change all the SLP that I have available, I only press maximum and here it is going to put the total we have In SLP and below it will put you how much it is equivalent in Ethereum, in this case 0.25 and a fraction of Ethereum as it is the first time that I am going to make this change in this platform I need to approve this transaction here we will open our ticket ra and it will ask us to authorize that we can make these changes with Uniswap for which we have to pay a small commission, which in this case is equivalent to $ 1.87 after we authorize this change, the icons will now change and now It will seem that we can make the change, therefore we select it, we will get this confirmation screen that tells us that we are changing 4.263 SLP and we are going to change it to 0.26 Ethereum once we have all this clear, we will confirm change here Again your wallet will be opened and we will have to pay a commission for making this transaction in this case it is $ 5.84, so we simply put confirm and now we have to wait for the transaction to be made and the change will be made and it will be reflected in our wallet Hello crypto dynastics, it has been a month since I started playing Axie Infinity and I was able to verify from my own experience that income is really generated what here d I should highlight that you have to be constant to be able to get a small income every day and this at the end of the month becomes an interesting sum as well as I saw that income can be generated with Axie Infinity I have decided to reinvest everything I generate this month in a new Axie team with the difference that I am going to operate this in another account so that these two teams that I now have can produce income independently and thus for the next month double the income that I can also generate a detail that I would also like contribute, is that I sold the SLP when it had a rise in this case by 40% this from one day to the next, it made me earn 40% more income I must emphasize that if you see its graph, it generally has rises and falls so So much what I can show you is that the best way to sell is that you sell this when it is more expensive so that obviously, your money will be more profitable but from what can be seen in the graph, this has different periods you what it is worth more expensive and is also lower is your decision at what time selling Obviously this is not an investment advice but what I did is sell it when it is more expensive to have more useful I should also highlight that create an account in Axie Infinity only needs 3 Axies and these Axies have to be in a wallet, the wallets are anonymous therefore, anyone in the world could have Axies and start generating income this includes from small children to adults this is The interesting thing about being in the decentralized world, good crypto lunatic, I hope this information is useful if so, remember to leave me a like to find out and I also invite you to subscribe so that we can continue learning about the interesting world of cryptocurrencies from me.

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