Comment échanger ses cryptomonnaies ? Binance 2020

Hello everyone ! today i will show you how to convert crypto Vechain , Bitcoin , Dash, Litecoin ,Monero, Zcash , Bitcoin Cash,Tezos,Link,DogeCoin ect ! After connecting to the binance site clicked on SPOT you will be on this page to the right In the little table on the right, he is there to convert crypto example click on Btc and after choose the crypto you want


ect vet = Vechain the list is in the description (xtz = tezos ect) in the table in the middle at the bottom with the green button it is to buy and in red to sell click on Spot then limit to choose the price or market to convert directly when you write your price it is to give the price of a unit and not everything! example: 0.50 USDT is the price of a unit Vechain therefore 200 vechain for 0.50 usdt for the unit = 0.50×200 = 100 USDT everything that is fiat (USDT eur ect) is stable! When you put your price do not put too low and not too high! here in summary how to convert crypto! if you need help, please leave a comment i'm here for that feel free to subscribe and like the video

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