Comic Con 2010: Tron Legacy Press Event (1 of 4)

so i'd like to introduce our cast and filmmakers of tron legacy uh so we're going to have these two guys that are going to be up in the front that we can take questions please raise your hand one of these two guys will come and hand you to mine um if we can limit the number of follow-up questions to just because given the share a number of people are in this room uh that would be great we're very happy to have them here but we have a limited amount of time so keep your answers short concise and uh one of these guys um for the actors who are new to the toronto franchise can you talk about your first exposure to the original was did you see it when you were young did you discover it as an adult i remember when i first saw the film back in 1943 you were too young to see it in first year i was it came out two years before i was born but i but if it was the culture i was aware of it because of video games because it was kind of this cool retro thing um that that i was aware of because it was just part of the zeitgeist i don't know but i just always knew it was cool and now we made it cooler i was in there when it closed camera scarily sitting next to me now and you were not over the feet phenomenal acting i can't remember actually but uh it was that just that look to look at that kind of both futuristic and historic look that kind of silent movie secret look with the the colors and that really stages and this weird i never saw the original um toronto kill i never saw the original i think about 2003.

I was sitting on a laptop overseas somewhere the valve had to show me it's like you never seen the original trunk you've never seen tron oh no no i've never heard that god did this so we sat back and watched that i just thought it was a trip well it was like nothing i've ever seen before especially at that point you know 20 years old and still you know played so well question for the filmmakers and writers it's great to see a tron sequel that actually brings back flynn and alan bradley just curious why didn't you want to also use the laurier character uh well uh you know our story is the story is a father-son story a story of samsung when you make a movie you have to kind of make difficult choices what you're going to focus on and for this story uh we chose to focus on the story of sam and kevin flynn as well as the kind of instrumental role of tron and alan bradley in that story but the character of uh played by cindy morgan is um is in the tron universe um however just not in this particular story um hi it's a question for joe uh how hard is it to update the look and the whole atmosphere of tron without being retro but without making the original look too interior and in terms of technology and how was it working with 3d well the work that steven did with sydney and mobius is just phenomenal design work and for me i come from a design background i feel like that's one reason why the film you can still sit down and watch it today even though the computer graphics are simple compared to what we're able to do now the design work is so strong and the imagination is so vivid and vibrant um it it just it transcends kind of time so it was quite a task you know to sit down and and start to look at you know what group of designers i could assemble that i felt were going to kind of be the next generation of those those amazing designers and it was a great i had a great time assembling people from the automotive industry the world of architecture people outside the film world to all come in and collaborate on this this project and um there's such a great foundation there for us to build on it so there's a lot of fun kind of evolving those designs and making it feel more photorealistic more visceral i wanted the movie to feel like we had been pulled into the computer and we shot it with motion picture cameras on the inside and uh as far as 3d goes uh you know this film just seems perfectly suited to it and we use the new generation of the fusion camera system developed by james cameron we used a newer generation camera than uh cameron used on avatar the sony f35 and it just created such a beautiful uh image i'm really happy with the decision to go 3d because it is a lot more work it does cost more especially when you do it the way we're doing a true 3d movie shot with two cameras all the effects are finished for both eyes it's a really tedious process that pays off in the end you

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