Comic Con 2010: TRON: LEGACY Panel – Part 1

welcome furries I'm sorry I'm sorry that's um I'm doing later today uh thank you guys so much for coming out to the Disney Channel the Tron panel oh by the way did you see on this before I start is there something really called the comic-con fulfillment room that that sounds like the most sinister thing I've ever heard in my life I do not want to go near the carpeting in that room okay first is that all of you know we did a little bit about Tron last year's show you some footage this is the third year that we're doing Tron here at comic-con because as you know this was the hall Hall age where the first test footage for trial legacy was shown and you guys are like crazy so these guys of course have now completed the film finally so what we're doing is we're going to show you five minutes of Tron Legacy every year for the next 20 years and will cost you $10,000 a season complete film me on Twitter and you want to help this thing trend just add hashtag comment trauma facebook-dot-com forward-slash Tron and for some reason there's a Friendster page with three people on it and a picture of a hamster there's also an iPhone 4 app forward slash Tron for all of your Tron updates during the day including the secret shirtless Jeff Bridges and Bruce box idler knife fight that will be happening this evening you will be sent the location of that also make sure to drop by the Tron booth which is it hang on I they told me to actually say what the mile is but if you've been down to the floor it's huge you can't miss it but drop by three seven one two you can check out the term evolution video as well as a lot of cool tron birch and this year only permanent tron facial tattoos show your loyalty for this film and of course you could have always go to disney comm for its last ron for all kinds of updates and coolness so how many people here actually remember seeing the very first Tron I remember seeing it in the theater just raise your waters but 27 years don't run it's pretty much suck itself pretty deeply into our culture wait deeply way more deeply than I realized so right now we're gonna run a little mini documentary to kind of show you the cultural impact of Tron so I can say my three favorite word's roll the package and how about producer Sean Bailey Sean Bailey move looking recklessly definitely in an open shirt oh and the original creator of probably this is the guy Steven Liz Berger and now let's bring out these doors of the film Garrett Hedlund Olivia Wilde so many happy nerd boys out there right now Trotman South Bruce box my hair and a man who really ties the show together all right you don't think here a lot of random dudes during the day so that's that's not any kind of flashback just take it and roll with it okay so Joe let's start with Joe the director you have been basically you are doing the next chapter of Tron so talk a little bit about how you know kind of intimidating that must have been and talk about some of the special effects and stuff that you work with it go ahead throw them no Tron was one of those movies I remember as a kid seeing the first time they let the VHS in mid 80s and it just looked like nothing else I've ever seen technically it puts boundaries conceptually I think it was really decades ahead so as it was an honor but a daunting challenge to to the next chapter we had to push the boundaries creatively technically and also school write wise tell a story that could be told until today I think we've done everything away from we've shot this thing with the camera in future camera system true 3d movie now no conversion here in the sky we've done is we've fully illuminated suits so on the front over the head they had to basically trace them each frame by hand in this film we did fully illuminated suits so you'll see when when the actors get close to each other they illuminate each other they illuminate the environment of elements just as a tremendous challenge but I think that the results was making themselves and then finally I think you know the biggest technical challenge the thing I'm most excited about is Jeff they're just having the film first of all but played two roles makes Kevin Flynn by the programmer for the first Melvin and he also plays plans avatar clue in our movie and clue has remained the same age us we gets created still CG 35 years old it's pretty eerie in a good way and the 3d camera technique did this is that the next generation of um uh stuff they used in Avatar right this is like the new improved yeah this is we use the latest generation Sony have 35 camera shall i master prime lenses it's a vehicle image and not like Avatar that cheap piece of junk like this is now Shawn – it was two years ago you gotta show the footage that you shot in a men's room at the Greyhound bus station at Cahuenga and yata and from that footage you had missed suddenly you everyone look crazy not find writers you gotta find a director like what was that what was it like putting all this together it was it was a great process starting with our incredible writers and with kids incidental Horowitz from lost and Justin Springer Bergen Taylor Jeff silver our leader Steven list Berg and then to me who I think is a visionary filmmaker and Joe Kaczynski and shortly after that we also came across Daft Punk and then you hit the the piece of casting I had the process and we felt we had to have Kevin Flynn and we had to have Tron so we were very fortunate and that's turning us off we had Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner joined the cast we're very much focused on a father story a real emotional story at the heart of this movie in addition to all the what I believe are stunning visuals and so to cast the son of Kevin Flynn we're fortunate in finding Garrett Hedlund to place and then what wonderful other cast members living a while assistant Michael Sheen there's an incredibly fortunate process with a great collaborative team that's now Jeff Bridges I mean you're the the number of characters you've created in your career all the acting challenges that you have have gone through now suddenly you're in a movie for a year revisiting a character you played 27 years ago I think that might be the furthest amount of time between originating a character and going back to him and then you got act against yourself a 35 year old version of yourself the movie where you play yourself at different ages is that they're usually that's no longer the case we could play some idiot to be his groundbreaking movie where that he was a lot of fun I can you know I know the they're publishing movie right up to the very end so I haven't seen the final of the final but I can't wait what do you like bummed out seeing the 35 year old version of yourself sure car well now Garrett you of course plays the young Flynn the son of Flynn the dead they were mentioning earlier how they have these the light-cycle suits actually lined up and so you were you you basically you did a movie where you're in a skin-tight suit the entire time they didn't paint that on that was real right but you know first included on sa I mean it's it's kind of the Wardrobe of a lifetime know where do you go from here the teacher would just never be the same and then the white part was really lit up you had you were wearing the suit that had live electricity pretty much going through it yeah I mean this was three quarters and this sort of foam rubber and there was a sort of a difference all the way so the morning sort of end what are you gonna rip the more repairs the process stand as straight as you can exactly and now Olivia of course whoo yes whoo exactly you you kind of a representing the other pop girls out there who are feeling very incredible right now sir thanks but you play a very ambiguous mysterious character who is sort of helping Garrett but I mean you sort of talk about flora and when you think her agenda is Cora is an amazing character it was such an honor to play a really powerful tough kick-ass woman in a movie like this she's mysterious and smart cool and she's for a long time and she's a fearless warrior and I've always wanted to play a warrior so I finally got to do that and we got to learn how to fight and it was just incredible now anyone who was here last year they showed footage of the martial arts stuff so in both of you guys you and Garrett were both do what was that like in the head did you have to keep in mind the special effects they were put in later as well as actually doing the martial art how much martial arts did you do in the film we did a lot of martial arts training and we did as many of our students as we could but we also had an amazing stunt team from 8711 who made us look pretty badass but not in 4 inch heels and then started shooting a movie and I was in foreign she'll decide to learn to do all the kicks and flips and all that in the suit which was a whole other thing but now I know how to do that Garrett did you train for martial arts in the skin tight uniform er like how did you did you take that it keep that in mind there's a lot of intensive training that went into this you know I think I'd started maybe the first week of January and we didn't start filming to tell April sister so and my character had to go through parkour training you know leaping over obstacles and that sort of stuff and motorcycle training and also intensive physical training you know with 8711 group sort of hand-to-hand combat sort of that it was a tedious process but first you got to do this training to be able to you know comply with this you gotta have this track to sort of you know to defy the restrictions that may be it may offer but I think we did a very good

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