Comic Con 2009: Tron Legacy Part 1

garrett hedlund Olivia Wilde and Jeff Richards ladies and gentlemen each of you has a little chocolate kiss in front of you oh and that's those that's of course a seat for Donnie so I just the title tron legacy tell us about the untitled well you know if you guys already penalized may I'd like to know as little about a film that I want to see as possible so I'm not going to answer that in too much detail but I will say it's basically a story about a sons search for his father and you know the first verse draw when we made that long as it seemed that 881 if you look and there was no there was no internet it's not cell phones were these big things you carried around their suitcase no personal computers or anything like that and so you know what you saw was so so new and fresh and I can guarantee that you're going to get that same kind of pop of this one everything is going to be super eyes Wow super eyes nice so Joe last year you were the talk of comic-con that you showed some footage that I'm sure a lot of you've seen what have you been doing now the last 12 months well we just finished our principal photography last week working very hard on making Tron Legacy footpath to yourself you know it wasn't a hard movie to recruit you before everyone up here all the cream work on the movie was a big fan of the original that Steve did so we're all really excited to be working on on this film big part of kind of this great film legacy and we've got another year more than a year of the work to still do on the movie so it's not a lot to show yet in the world of trauma but I did bring a couple of concept images will sneak peek of what you guys can expand character stuff out it's really cool I got to see this too so alright so any fan of the original movie remembers the recognizer is one of the most kind of iconic vehicles from the person movie so this is a little glimpse of what the new version of the recognizer looks like the world of Tron has is kind of evolved past 20 years is this isn't a film about the internet that if it worked Ron is sat on a server for 20 years kind of evolving on its own like the Galapagos and it's become more realistic darker more visceral physical and this this vehicle is one thing you'll see you know there's another shot showing them recognizing flying on the city of Tron you can see the scale has gotten much larger we've got weather systems it feels like a kind of photo real or photo surreal environment there's another shot coming into the middle of Tron city and a shot of a this is a shot of the mile high tower in the center of the city looking down so this is another environment that we get to visit at during one portion of our film we also have a scene where we go onto the streets of Tron cities we get to see what it's like to be a program in this world and of course the gladatorial aims were a big part of the original film so 11 game that we've continued to evolve is discourse and here you can see a glimpse of a disc game tournament in progress we've got 16 combatants playing simultaneously it's like an NCAA kind of bracket tournament except you get to watch all the matches have been simultaneously and as the matches are won or lost the boards actually recombine forming larger and larger boards to get the finals where the final two dis combatants battle against each other in a giant a jump board this is a view inside than one of the dis courts the goal have kind of combined two of the sports from the first movie into one so the goal is to strike down your opponent with your disks or knock out the board under him causing the kind of lunch and beer is and in developing and sub developing a little dark hair but here and you'll see this is done without any strong for no wires this is a real athlete doing a a method of martial arts called blue kicking or tricking which we basically combined endure this game so this is just a kind of a glimpse and some of this test footage of the athleticism of the disc game and what you expect yeah I get you down I taught you that all the time but super easy for me typical my god yeah and we shot this all with

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