Come Convertire Bitcoin e Criptovalute in Euro su Binance Exchange e Prelevare

good morning to all the guys in this new tutorial sub to the nas we will go to see how to convert a crypto currency into euro and withdraw our funds all this after the initials here we are by nun if the former number a way for security practicality of liquidity and availability by law currencies in addition to innovation because at a particular level different futures that many other centers do not have in this video let's go I said to see how to convert our currencies that I repeat into euros and collect our our funds to do what I want you must be registered to the platform I will leave you the link and description you know how to read to register me go once logged into the wallet wallet spot we see that at the moment 178 euro here the equivalent in bitcoin on the main account if we have at the bottom we look at the desired creature who is giving me this figure story value is currently teter the first thing to do is to eventually go to convert and go to see if the ten is already co convertible directly with the euro tester couple go to converting my name is maximum because I want to convert everything type the word euro so this coin allows me to do the automatic exchange with euro because this is because I tell you this because it has many coins and they do not allow you to do the direct exchange with euro you have to go through a tac valchetta rite let's make an example if teter in this case did not make me convert into euro but we know that the coins can be converted into euro what we should do teter bitcoin we will go to convert the bitcoins later of which we will do the same step again and then we will put bitcoin with the euro pair is in that case linen and we could convert our credit currency so first step check that the crypt currency we want to change can be converted directly into euro if not we are via bitcoin then in this case we have seen that they can be converted into maximum euro currency preview of the conversi one here gives me the cheaper countervalue and we go to perfect conversion the conversion status was successful here we see the history of the operations we go back to the wallet and as you can see I now have 171 euros now what we have to do we can do two ways to withdraw the our funds then some you know the buy nuns card that you can request it for free you can go to paper then go to transfer want to spot wallet euro card we select one hundred percent we confirm we update the page and as you can see in a few seconds I have loaded my debit card with 171 euros what can I do with these euros I can pay in stores easily both via contactless and in normal card mode I can buy online or I can withdraw from the ATM up to a maximum of 290 euros per day prizes of this is already a great way to manage own funds both in written currencies and in euros if we had not changed the clips currencies suppose we had bitcoin could mo make sure to spend bitcoin directly on the euro post but I always recommend making a conversion into our fiat currency with a ball coin auction but instead let's see how to withdraw it via or political then in this case I transferred it back to the wallet spot then sub ai nas we go want spot withdrawal arrived in this screen which is the same that would then also be to withdraw or convert crypto currencies send ecreto currencies we do fiat is our acronym for the current currencies euro we note that if we want a sepa transfer there is a commission of 0.8 cents if we want instead a charge an instant sorry growth on our visa card that is the one percent commission what we can choose or one or the other suppose that I need immediate liquidity I want believe it on my available visa card and I bring this exactly where it says in port 4 and total of my commission I will get 170 euros and 17 after which you go to select send the card on which to have the final credit and in a few minutes or within a few hours we will receive our our cash in case we want instead to transfer by bank transfer if we go we do nothing but recompile the necessary spaces click on continue enter the our residence cup the one we used for registration go to complete the next steps which are the classic fields the banners on a mission the children swift system and name surname of course and within three four working days we will receive our our compensation in this if I do not need to pay it to the visa card in the sepa bank transfer because I use the buy nas debit card and then I go to rita the asteria I get the liquidity on my card and today the borrowers go to spend it in the shops of my city ​​guys for this video tutorial and everything I hope I have been clear and be useful in case you love me questions do not hesitate to comment on this video obviously subscribe to my channel for those who subscribe the more you support me the more I can make my community known to the crypto world if you need support or even a very active community on tele race with really smart and talented guys even if they are at the beginners are spectacular and I'm not ashamed to say just I'm happy with the community created and you just have to say hello and thank you as usual for your attention hello to the next video

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