ColdStack CLS Altcoin Review: Decentralized Cloud Storage Aggregator for Filecoin, SIA, Storj & More

welcome back to invest global today we're doing a deep dive into cold stack now you see this trend of multiple projects in the blockchain ecosystem space like filecoin focusing on innovating in cloud storage so using blockchain technology to create decentralized uh cloud storage because currently you know you use something like uh a lot of people use dropbox or google drive or any of these services like that most of them run on aws amazon web services um you have a big problem because you have a centralized server so you want to focus on moving towards something like filecoin and just like you have aggregators in the decentralized exchange space so just like i would have told you you know a year ago okay you're probably going to want to look at moving from uh using coinbase to using a decentralized exchange like uni-swap like now sushi swap and there's so many other these d7 plus exchanges out there now but the thing is when you have all this competition in this space you want to find the best possible trade essentially for the decentralized exchange space just like for this space you want to find the best uh really most optimized for your individual use case for computer storage right really cloud storage so not having it on a centralized server rather having it on the blockchain so you can use the interplanetary file system i have a video on that if you're confused go check it out or just let me know in the comments and i can i'll link you the video um but basically what cold stack does is similar to like how one inch aggregates all the best trades from all the decentralized exchanges coldstack aggregates all the best decentralized cloud storage uh projects and gives you the very very best opportunity for your individual use case so we'll be going a little bit into their white paper to kick things off we'll also talk about the twitter medium and token cls very very early stage so keep that in mind with this but the main thing here that i want you to understand is really the use case this video is not sponsored it's just really something that i find very very interesting even if you're not investing it in at all um just from a kind of technology standpoint okay where are we going in this cloud ecosystem you know people pay apple for for icloud storage and they apple charges them a lot it's like okay what if we cut out the middleman what if we cut out apple what if we cut out dropbox what if we cut out google drive and go straight to to a decentralized data server system so this is something that you know can do very very well uh moving forward in my opinion the more adoption things like this gets so cold stack is a unified protocol which allows to use the decentralized cloud storage platform such as filecoin c r wave storage a without significant integration efforts much like how uber supplies its clients with convenient and cost effective rides and deliveries from huge pool of drivers cold stack supplies its users with convenient ways to use the world's most affordable storage space from any cloud so that is very very important to understand um i did want to show you this the road map here so they basically lay this out by saying cold stacks ambition ambitious plans focus upon critical tasks such as developing our artificial intelligence pipeline launching various degrees of demos debuting our token sorry about that in addition to forming partnerships with various decentralized storages in order to better aggregate them into our system and allow them to complete compete with descent with centralized storages apologies so this is their road map and this is always important i talked about this in the video how to do your own research why studying a roadmap is important not just what they're doing moving forward but actually looking you can use things like the wayback machine or use things like uh seeing you can actually check their twitter on like the date they posted an update versus if they've had to uh you know back up a lot of these uh these promises they make in in a roadmap so if you can see for example um older projects roadmap from 2019 or 2020 then you can have a better perspective moving forward just like in technical analysis you know you look at previous chart patterns to tell you kind of okay what is how can we potentially set up a trade moving forward in in kind of that same framework you can apply it to fundamental analysis with okay does this project follow through does the team follow through on their on their kind of milestones on their goals and that's really what the road map shows you it's it's the beautiful thing about blockchain space it's public it's open source so it'd be like you know if you were able to go you know whatever your local town is and have a tokenized version of a business and every single time that business you know laid out their their monthly roadmap their plans they just keep it private within the company within the team but if you were to tokenize that business everyone who has the token would get to see everything they'd get to see the updated minutes from the meetings they get to see the notes they get to see the progress the real numbers and there isn't kind of this curtain you know because a lot of a lot of companies and countries as a matter of fact um have kind of this curtain around information basically they're they're keeping information to themselves because they're not open source that's the beauty of the blockchain space things can be open source and still secure and actually have the benefit of a network effect of using decentralized technology like the blockchain to to help benefit many different aspects of uh kind of the how society currently runs so cold stack on twitter you can go give them a follow at uh let's see or sorry at cold stack underscore i o just actually similar to at invest global underscore ior twitter um so go give them a follow there let's see some of their recent things so cold stack will be extending its investing schedule by two months this means um that no more tokens will be released until august 15th okay that's awesome that's also on their medium um you can see these these different things going on with the rust some of their uh collaboration so it's always good to see a project is burning so if it's deflationary um again i can do a deep dive video into one one individual aspect um of this project so you can see their their listing is very very new on coin gecko but um if you want to see for example uh deep dive into just the tokenomics or just an individual part of their light paper over here which obviously i will have linked down below in the description but if you want to see a deep dive video like on cold stacks white paper on some of the you know use cases for something like cold stack with uh aggregator for these uh decentralized cloud storage technologies uh just let me know in the comments because i'd be happy to do that this video is really just to kind of explain um it kind of hopefully an objective view that's really what i try and do is kind of objectively look at what this project is doing maybe kind of paint the picture of what potentially it could be doing moving forward i mean i think this a project like this whether or not this one wins the race if you just identify this kind of narrative in the market that we need aggregators for these different decentralized applications because people want the best of things just like you use airbnb you don't go online and go to each individual vacation homes uh website no no airbnb aggregates all of them for you and creates a platform just like uber aggregates all the rides just like one inch aggregates all the decentralized exchanges coldstack aggregates all of these decentralized clouds during computer networks so it's very very important to understand from a fundamental perspective again let me know in the comments if you want to see a video like that just kind of going deep into one individual aspect but you can see they've retraced ridiculously far i know they got kind of hyped up over here and then obviously you know the the past uh what really week two weeks has haven't been the best for the crypto market with ethereum crashing with bitcoin crashing but it's great for anyone who watches this channel because you know that i see this as pure opportunity you know when many people you can ride the wave either way if a wave is coming in the ocean like a price drop like anything in the markets you can either learn how to ride that wave by studying past waves like studying past market cycles preparing your board and riving that wave just like in surfing or you can get absolutely wrecked by it by just being out there in the middle of the ocean putting setting yourself in a random spot just like positioning yourself in a random altcoin that someone told you like dogecoin that's going to go up no you're going to get wrecked in that position because you're probably going to buy high and sell low and that's the opposite of what you want to be doing so that's basically it for this video you can see that you're getting a significant discount on a project like this especially since it's in such early stages i will personally be be picking up some cold stack uh i i don't own any right now but i mean this is ridiculously low prices i mean you're getting it at a bargain and based on what they're doing i mean it's it's ridiculous this use case is absolutely incredible so that's all for this video if you enjoyed it let me know in the comments what else you want to see about cold stack also like the video subscribe to the youtube channel to stay up to date hit the notification bell so you don't miss out on new videos this is time-sensitive content so just to summarize that like subscriber button invest global and until next time

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