CoinWeek: Cool Coins! US Mexican Numismatic Association Convention 2013

hi everybody I'm David will so here in Scottsdale Arizona I'm at the us-mexican Numismatic Association coin convention Romney is a room filled with specialists who deal only in Mexican and Latin American coins all kinds of exciting things have come out here on the floor we're going to talk to the dealers to find out what exactly what is the coolest of the coins that they brought with them we want to show you stories and examples of great Latin American and Mexican numismatics I really like the cavity two series struck from 1910 to 1914 it's a very popular and beautiful coin it's always in demand you can find them from all kind of grades and all kind of prices from from $30 to to $3,000 how difficult is it to find the pieces in very high grade is difficult especially for the 14 1914 Hawaii toe and 1911 Shore raids very difficult to find them in height weight on super right it is very difficult and they are expensive when available in this piece what kind of value this one is 120 130 125 dollars 135 its uncirculated but it's a common day 1913 this coin here is a one year type Spanish Colonials actually whose common in Peru and it's a 8a school o piece of Ferdinand and it's a one year issue of 1824 and the coin is in very nice grade and there's only one or two items known to be higher I don't believe this point exists uncirculated this one is almost uncirculated and they're calling it a you 53 on a scale of 70 of course who was heard man and why is he important Ferdinand the seventh was the last Spanish king of the new world who oversaw most of the earth from sunrise to sunset and they lost to the liberabit Liberty movements and the freedom movements of most of the Latin American Republic's as we know them today and basically these things happen from 1821 to about 1824 depending on the country Mexico Peru Bolivia whatever so that's what happened what kind of value oh this is valued at approximately $8,000 today I bought from my own collection one of the first banknotes it was the first banknote ever attempted as a central bank in Mexico Mexico didn't end up with a central bank until the 1920s there were a couple of earlier attempts in the very first use of the term Banco de Mexico was this note which was produced for use by Maximilian it was commissioned and designed in in France these notes are extremely scarce I just recently had an opportunity to buy five of them and what was a stamp auctioning humbled Germany these things showed up I collect bancos myself I have a pretty extensive collection I thought that I was going to get an opportunity to perhaps buy these cheap steal them which did not turn out to be the case even the European dealers know how rare are these things truly are the Banco de Mexico has one piece and it's this same denomination I've now accumulated the four denominations that exist for the three separate unrelated sales that word I was just lucky because it's the first time to my knowledge or anyone else in the fields knowledge that the pieces have been accumulated together and so this is the hundred peso it's a remainder son sign to be issued by Maximilian as the first Banco to Mexico rich story he was Maximilian why is he important Maximilian was the second emperor of Mexico he was installed here on behalf of two or three European governments that decided that they ought to have control over Mexico and his reign lasted a couple of years unfortunately he was a good guy he didn't deserve what he got he ended up being shot before a firing squad he had the opportunity to walk away and leave his lieutenants there to be shot and they were going to release him but he said no without the whole group I'm staying with my guys and they executed it yes I brought this beautiful atrial hook neck from Durango and years ago they weren't as scarce as they are now because there's a few people trying to I think there's about 45 or 46 different varieties of these coins and there's a few people who are out buying them and they've disappeared from the market so these are really tough to get and this one this particular one has the snake would face down but sometimes they have them biting the tail or turning making loops and there's a whole different bunch of varieties of that coin why is the hook Nick so populous well you know this is this is difficult to say why think one coin is more popular than another it's a beautiful design and it's a set you know it's aside it's a perform view of the eagle with a snake very symbolic for Mexican coins and if it's extremely popular it's a tight claim this Durango was owned 1824 only made for one year and they made 45 different varieties and was a fellow who wrote a book on it and he shows all the different varieties I don't know how many people are collecting but it doesn't take very much to make them disappear from the market but kind of valuing this look Nick it's a nice of VF it's like a thousand dollars well I didn't bring one but I picked up one okay for my collection this is a really cool coin it's a pointer work which is very likely one of the most popular Mexican points now the interesting thing about this one this particular one is that it struck on a copper plant as opposed to the usual silver plant so they're not necessarily a pattern because you know we do have a pattern right at the beginning of the series that it's not necessarily a trial strike as sometimes it's considered this was the very last coin minted in the series and you can tell because a bad cop developed on the Eagle side and that only appears on the on the copper strikes Tony's about why what is the matter where to mean why were they struck well this were ordered by Pancho Villa and it basically means depth to work so you know it's a very popular coin worldwide not only in Mexico because of that you know that sentence about wishing death to to an individual why do you want yeah what does he kill Francisco Madero to cover the Mexican presidency what kind of value this this should be around five or six thousand dollars on the market today you know Mexican coins are not like us : somebody just told me that I'm a stellar dollar brought over million dollars I remember nineteen delivered 1978 going to the AAA and Atlanta and see who are in Houston I don't remember and I saw six of them month before and I was thinking at that time there were 50 or $70,000 and I was thinking to myself Jesus these are 50 guy you know 200 our Mexican coins and you could look for the next 10 years and not even find one so that's the difference

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