Farming Php 1K to Php 160K (Road to Php 1 Million!)

Alright, what's up guys? MrFish Vlogs here. Okay guys, let go inside my cellphone first. I will show you my And how I invested here in And now, I already earned a huge amount of money of… *plays suspense music* 160,000 pesos guys. This started with a capital of 1,000 pesos only, just in the span of few months. And now, the money became 160,000 pesos. Right now, my BTC wallet has a zero balance, same with XRP, ETH, and BCH because I already transferred all of the money here in my peso wallet. And it increased to 160,000 pesos. So guys, if you want to know how I managed to earn like this, just watch the video until the end And I will teach you how to farm money here in You will farm Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cash. I will teach all of that to you.

But before that guys, make sure to hit that subscribe button and hit the notification bell so that you will be updated if I will post new videos. Especially to my livestreams every Tuesdays to Saturdays, 5 AM Manila Time. Also guys, I am going to have a giveaway in this video Just comment down below your Globe Gcash, or your load, or anything that you want/suits you. I will host a giveaway of 100 pesos I don't know how many, it will depend. Maybe 1,000 or what. As long as each of the winners will receive 100 pesos. Just comment down below your Gcash and also your numbers. Just indicate there if you want load, or Gcash, or whatever, okay? And don't forget to attend to my livestreams because that's where I will raffle the giveaway, alright? So let's start on how I managed to do that and earn 160,000 pesos with a starting capital of 1,000 pesos only. Okay, that's what I am going to teach to you in this video. If you don't have a account, kindly install it now.

Because that's the application we are going to use in trading cryptocurrencies here in the Philippines. If you are in abroad right now, I am also going to teach you about this soon. Because there's an app that you can use if you are residing at abroad. But if you are residing here in the Philippines, use this application So that you can be able to farm Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cash, okay? That's what I am going to teach to you guys.

Again, if you don't have a, just install now. And the other application that you must download is called CoinGecko. As you can see, that's the application of CoinGecko right beside So the purpose of CoinGecko is for you to monitor the value of cryptocurrencies. As you can see, the value of Bitcoin is around 864,000 Ethereum has a value of 22,000. XRP or Ripple is around 14 pesos. And the Bitcoin cash has a value of 11,000. Alright, so what are you going to do in order to be successful in trading cryptocurrencies? It's easy guys, alright? Just always think of the simple rules when you trade, okay? By the way guys, I am not a pro, okay? Just a disclaimer: I am not a pro in trading. There are a lot of pros doing this stuff. I did all of these by just studying the videos that I watched. Then common sense, that's it. Common sense on how to do this.

Just the basic rule on how to trade cryptocurrencies and other trading platforms, even in investing. The number 1 basic rule is to "buy low, sell high." That means if you will buy cryptocurrency, you must buy it when the price is low and sell it when it is high. That's what we are going to do. So let's have an example in Bitcoin, okay? So again, it is important to have the CoinGecko app for this trading to be successful in, alright? So there are four currencies in, excluding the Philippine peso.

So these are the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or the XRP, and BCH or the Bitcoin Cash. So let's start with Bitcoin guys. So for example, right now the value of Bitcoin is around 863,000 pesos. So we would like to buy Bitcoin when the price is low. As you can see, the value of Bitcoin went down to 840,000 pesos for the last 24 hours. Then let's see the chart for the last 7 days. As you can see guys in this graph, 7 days ago, the value of Bitcoin was around 760,000.

Then it increased to 860,000, right? So what I usually do is to trade when it's still low. Let's say for example, today the value is high so I am going to wait for the value to go down for about 700,000. That's when I am going to buy. So you should see where is the amount usually low. So I usually check the graphs of 24 hours, 7 days, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year. You should observe the trend, okay? Right now, the value is high right? That's why I gained a lot because before, 3 months ago, 1 month ago, I bought a Bitcoin at a low price and sold it when the price is high.

That's what happened also to Ethereum. You can see the trend of Ethereum. Its trend is likely the same, almost equal, unlike in Bitcoin where there is a spike. So it is just the same here in Ethereum, it will go down then go up. So right now, Ethereum is on the higher level. What I am looking for is for the value of Ethereum to go down to 18,000. That's when I am going to buy. Then if it reaches to 20,000, that's when I am going to sell. As you can see a while ago, all of my invested money were already transferred in my peso wallet. Because I already gained a profit from it. So how do I usually do this? What I usually do guys is that if you have a spare 1,000 or 2,000 pesos, invest or trade it to the 4 cryptocurrencies which is Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash.

That's what I usually do. Then I always look and observe for the trend in CoinGecko. If the value is low, I will buy. And if it's high, I will sell. So guys, this is so entertaining. If you can watch my previous video, just few months back, I think March, you can see in my previous video that the money inside my is only 1,000 pesos. But right now guys, you can see the current balance of my wallet, It already reached 160,000 pesos. Let's go back to my As you can see guys, the amount already reached 160,000 Just by trading Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and BCH. So right now, my crypto currency balances are still zero because the values are still high. Now, I'm just waiting for it to go down before I will divide them. So the second rule guys is to diversify. You will diversify your grades. Don't just put the whole amount on Bitcoin, or in Ripple, or Ethereum.

Diversify them instead. If you have 1,000, divide them into 250 each and put it in Bitcoin, XRP, ETH, and also in BCH. For example, I have 160,000, I will divide them into 40,000 each. In the past, I started trading with 1,000 and divide them to 250 each. Then it increased to 4,000 so I divide them to 1,000 each. Then right now, I can trade up to 40,000. Now, the challenge is to make this reach 1,000,000 Let's try to turn the amount of our to 1 million, Maybe in the next few months.

I will share it to you guys how to do it soon. If you want to trade, then you should start it right now here in and other cryptocurrency platforms. Because this is such a nice way to earn extra income. Can you believe it, I will make millions from this here in Well, anyway guys, this is so easy to do. And if you have any questions, just put it in the comment section below. Then I will guide you on how to do it. But it's so simple, right? Buy low, sell high, and then diversify.

That's how easy it is guys. Very basic way of trading. I also have a lot of friends that I want you to follow too about trading but it's too complicated. This is the only simple way that I can share to you on how to trade. Just common sense, common sense on how to trade. Well, anyway guys, this is so easy to do.

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So that's all guys. Thank you very much. I hope you learned a lot here. I hope that you earn a lot of blessings. So that we can also spread the blessings to others in whatever we are doing here in YouTube. Again guys, this is MrFish Vlogs. Have a great day!.

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