Coinbase’s Next ALTCOIN Additions Arrive Very Soon!!

Well…here it comes. The Markets have decided what they want to
do…another Try towards $60k as we end the week, and roll into the planned week of the
Coinbase IPO. You know what that means!? A BTC bounce in the middle of a bull run signals
the altcoins to get moving once again, and that is exactly what they did…yesterday,
60 coins out of the top 100, where moving percentage wise more than BTC…. So which altcoin will steal the weekend show!? Find out in just over 10 minutes…because
it’s time for Chico Crypto! Now go back to the altcoin chart over 24hours.

Which coin was number 1? It was Enjin….why was this? Well the ones who have their IPO next week,
decided to get the markets bubbling themselves by adding altcoins to their exchange. Coinbase dropped the blog “1inch, Enjin
Coin NKN and Origin Token are launching on Coinbase Pro…. So speaking of Coinbase addition & altcoins,
let’s do another Coinbase addition prediction episode as I personally think, Coinbase just
might add some more coins here soon. So where to look to do research on possible
coinbase altcoin additions? Well, of course Coinbase’s own exploring
asset’s blog posts.

The two last one of these blogs were posted
in October of last year, and then just 4 months before that in July of 2020….. So what Coin am I drawn to from the BLOGs!? Well let’s just look at this price chart
for a certain coin over the past 30 days. From $3 dollars all the way up to $13….just
a 333 percent increase in 1 month. What coin is this? It’s the Theta Network….and theta is getting
real close to breaking the top 10 cryptos because of this RUN. A coinbase addition, just might push them
into that top 10… So Coinbase did say they were exploring Theta
for the main exchange back in July, not just Coinbase Custody like the October blog post… Besides suspicious price movements, and the
BLOG of exploring…what are the other reasons I think Theta could be added soon? Well it ties into a coin they just added.

Origin…. Now this is just a theory by me, but powerful
Silicon Valley individuals. They walk, talk, and are connected. Paypal Mafia, Google, Youtube, Uber…the
list goes on & on… Well a certain individual…tweeted about
the Origin addition. Steve Chen….he congratulated the Origin
team on their addition. Who is this Steve Chen? None other than one of 3 co-founders of the
platform where this video is being shown…YouTube. Of course Chen and Friends were bought out
by google in 2006, for 1.65 billion…but Chen as part of the deal, is a massive shareholder,
owning over 625 thousand shares worth alone, 1.4 billion today.

And he stayed with google the longest, joining
google ventures from 2014 to 2018…he’s obviously Silicon Valley connected.. But what did Chen do after 2018? Well of course he co-founded the Theta Network,
he is plastered on the website… and scrolling down his old homeboys Google are running an
enterprise validator for the Network….. So, him congratulating Origin, tweeting it…
is a sign to me…that Theta might have been in talks with Coinbase too. He’s a little jealous, but his new company's
time will come soon, especially with how connected they are. My guess, this Month. Now, what are the other places you can look
to find possible Coinbase additions?? Where could that information be hiding?? 2 places, and it’s Coinbase blockchain technology. The Coinbase Rosetta API they announced last
year in June, and then Wallet Link…..which still hasn’t been announced by Coinbase
as thiers but Chico knows it ties right to them… And both of these just might lead us into
an altcoin.

But before we get into that, it’s time for
a sponsored segment of this video supported by the team over at Unilayer, and like always
the full details of our agreement can be found in the description. So first what is Unilayer?? Well it's just what the name says. A layer on top of Uni….Uniswap. It’s a DeFi solution, a set of Ethereum
smart contracts operating with UniSwap as code logic. This is all wrapped into a dapp, the Unilayer
application, providing users with an extensive toolset for automating their trading and liquidity
operations on UniSwap. And it just went live into v2….So let’s
check it out now. Going to the application, which can be found
at, links for it are in the description too…we can see that Unilayer has 4 main
products. Basic Mode, for Beginner traders. Pro mode for the experts. A Dex aggregator, and a project launchpad. So let’s check out basic mode. And this is for the users, who just want a
simple place, to exchange Layer for ETH, and vice versa with a basic exchange interface. You can put in Limit, and Market orders here,
and it executes them on top of the Uniswap pool.

What about Pro Mode? For those advanced traders?? Well here is where all the tokens are, the
trending coins on Uniswap displayed, you can search for a token, and you can even favorite
a token. This looks like the typical exchange interface. The trading pair chart, with advanced trader
tools, you can draw lines here, draw lines there…draw them everywhere! Then below, is where you put in your orders,
for coins on Uniswap…both market and limit. Your orders are below and then to the right
is the pairs orderbook on Unilayer, and the trade history for the pair. A bonus within Advanced? Layerfolio, which connects to your wallet
and displays the assets you have including a link, to jump right to the trading pair.

Now let’s get into the DEX aggregator, if
you just want to do the typical swap. But this isn’t just Uniswap, it aggregates
and finds the best prices, across 13 of the top DEX’s also including Bancor, Kyber Network,
Dodo, Mooniswap and more. And guess who powers the price feeds of their
DEX aggregator? None other than that stinky stinky Link… Now there is much more to Unilayer right now,
their launchpad, a fiat on ramp in app, and layerscan, a great research tool, for spotting
trending pairs, pools, and even the option to search for large swaps on Uniswap…. But wait there’s more! This week Unilayer dropped this Blog, about
their coming MakiSwap…an advanced automated market maker….which MAKI tokens are being
AIRDROPPED and the snapshot details are in the blog. That is included in the description, as well
as the Unilayer application! Now back to those possible Coinbase additions
we could find through Coinbase’s own in-house tech. Beginning with Rosetta. Coinbase has a website for this, which shows
you the leading blockchain teams that are working with it. Remember Rosetta was first announced back
in June of last year, and since the announcement only 2 have been added to the exchange.

Filecoin and Celo…. Now what’s interesting to me, Filecoin and
Celo were both pulled from an exploring asset blog post, all the way back in September of
2019. Who else was included in that exploring post…many
of the assets also on Rosetta. Coda, Handshake, Kadena, Near, and Oasis… My guess, a soon to be addition is going to
be one of these. The one that is the most ready. Who is that? Well who was the first to deploy their blockchain
as ready with the Rosetta API, when launched? On the same day, June 17 2020…Kadena did
by dropping their blog, “A First Look on Integrating With Rosetta, Launched by Coinbase”
And then looking at KDAs price chart over the past 30 days, it’s been bubbling just
like Theta….

But if I had to choose a couple other from
the Rosetta list, it would be #1 Handshake. Of course they are in the September blog too,
but they were the second to deploy and be live with Rosetaa, open sourcing it 2 days
later. June 19th…and Handshakes price chart, similar
to Theta and Kadena, especially lately… But there are connections between Coinbase
and Handshake. If you didn’t know, namebase is a company
going gungho on handshake….and looky looky who is on the team. Co-founder of Coinbase, current board member,
and founder of Paradigm..Fred Ehrsam And another connection I found was from this
reddit thread posted 2 months ago, where a person asked.

“Why is the HNS buy price 22% more on
than the sell price?” Donw in the replies we can see the namebase
CEO replied, Tieshun Rocare, they explained why and said “The Namebase onramp works
similar to Coinbase Consumer in that it aims to price buys and sells with a 1-3% spread
— any difference past 3% is due to slippage and not spread. We explain this more in-depth in our learning
center as well. Going to that learning center…its not called
the namebase onramp in their…it’s called Namebase Consumer. Sounds like they might have gotten that from
coinbase AKA highly connected! So Rosetta is covered.

What about Wallet LINK?? Well as we know, 1inch was the token chose
here recently from the batch on Wallet Link…but who will be next?? Well I’m not changing my opinion, here is
what I’ve previously said about POOLtogether…and Coinbase… Could Chico be right…who knows I’m just
a guy, who scours the internet. Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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