Coinbase’s Next ALTCOIN Addition Is Coming Soon…!?

Coinbase’s IPO is coming. And once again, no one does it like Chico…we
have been following it closer than anyone else since the news 1st leaked. Obviously the floodgates are now opened, it’s
public news that the event is near…although there are still hidden leaks, that only this
channel can find. You ready to sip our drip, because it’s
time for eChico Crypto! The news crossing the airwaves was oh so bullish
yesterday. Pre-Trading through Nasdaq private Markets
had already commanded a 77 billion dollar valuation for the company…. So, let’s break this down.

In the Coindesk article it says last week's
closing price of $303 dollars per share. But it also says “Coinbase pre-IPO futures
contracts were trading on crypto derivatives exchange FTX at about $386 at the time of
writing. At $386 bucks per share, that commands a higher
valuation of nearly 100 billion dollars. And by the time the IPO actually begins, that
could be the price on Nasdaq’s own private markets.

So I just want to play what I said about this
nearly 2 months ago, right after I cut my long hair & bitcoin cracked 20k… Uh ya, we predicted that like no one else
could. So what was that video all about back then? It was about eventually getting to $100k per
BTC. It was price predictions due to the coinbase
IPO, let’s listen to my prediction back in December with the price chart going along
with my predictions…. Holy Shmackeral, I was almost dead on…a shooter mcgaven of
sorts. But now it’s time to pull out shooters crux,
the adam sandler long drive….. So my friends, these shares of Coinbase…they
have been trading. Like the Coinbase article said “Nasdaq’s”
Private markets have valued them at 303 dollars. The article states “The Coinbase private
market is running an anonymous order book ahead of the company’s direct public listing,
a date for which is still unknown.

The sale allows current and former employees,
as well as investors in Coinbase, to take some cash off the table. Around 254 million shares in Coinbase will
be outstanding and available to trade when the firm goes public, according to sources
with knowledge of the offering” So what we can take from that, is coinbase
insiders & investors are getting to play around pre-ipo, either get cash themselves or increase
their Coinbase share stack….but the major piece of that from Coindesk is “the coinbase
private market is running an “anonymous” order book. Yes, the order book is hidden, it's not open
to just anyone. It’s anonymous.

Why is that?? Why hasn’t there been a lick of information
about those who get to trade the asset. Coinbase Shares? Literally you cannot find a single person
talking about their experience. Why? Well I think there is an NDA, holding those
trading it back…as they have something to announce in March… Coinbase will be taking a different route
than the typical IPO… Of course we know when they go public, they
are taking the unorthodox route of a direct listing. But that is not the full story…. To figure out the full story, we have to back
up to the end of 2018…it was leaked that Nasdaq was considering launching regulated
crypto token trading venue, for securities tokens…well just a few months later, early
2019 it was announced that they had invested 20 million bucks into Symbiont…and the article
stated “As part of the investment, Nasdaq Financial Framework, a software company owned
by the exchange, will integrate Symbiont’s Assembly smart contracts platform to explore
new avenues involving tokenization” Well, this integration has come…July of
2020 this news came and got swept under the rug.

But Ben Jesell, contributor to Forbes knew
something was up. He posted “Nasdaq’s New Platform Backed
By R3, Digital Asset, Symbiont And Microsoft May Not Be What You Think It Is”…his article
stated “Last week, the exchange giant Nasdaq announced the launch of its SaaS based digital
asset suite named the Marketplace Services platform” Going to Nasdaq’s own explainer on this
they say “The Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform provides a complete, end-to-end service-based
platform to operate marketplaces in a cloud environment. Built on top of the Nasdaq Financial Framework…remember
that is what symbiont was brought on for in early 2019, to integrate into Nasdaq’s Financial
Framework, that is what coindesk said. Nasdaq continues “the platform provides
access to functionally-robust services covering the transaction lifecycle — from issuance
of assets and trading through pre-trade risk management, market surveillance and efficient
digital custody and settlement” So the big question is this…has Nasdaq’s
anonymous Coinbase private market integrated with Nasdaq’s marketplace services platform,
which is built with blockchain & focused on digital assets? Well, in November of 2020.

This news was dropped. A company called Templum shifted from Ethereum
to a Symbiont-Built Private Blockchain for STOs. Yes Templum was using symbiont and nasdaq
marketplace services to issue their STO. And the article stated “Regulatory compliance
also poses a challenge when using Ethereum for security tokens. According to Templum CEO Christopher Pallotta,
legal concerns over the status of Ethereum miners also played a role in Templum’s latest
transition. Pallotta said “We believe for securities
issuance, you need a private, controlled blockchain … [you] need control of the full lifecycle.” So….there is still a chance that Coinbase
has tokenized in the private markets, the news isn’t out yet. And I want to replay this clip, of Jeff Roberts,
Senior fortune magazine contributor, when he was on the Unchained podcast in July of
last year.

Jeff, had spoken to Fred Ehrsam, Coinase co-founder
jut weeks earlier, discussing the IPO and tokenization. Here is what Jeff said after talking to Coinbase’s
co-founder and board seat holder. So when could we figure this out? Will it be a combination STO/IPO?? Well back to Coindesk’s 77 billion valuation
article posted yesterday. They said “Hopes for Coinbase’s public
listing are riding high within the crypto community, especially as the price of Bitcoin
continues to reach above $50,000. (More will be revealed about Coinbase’s
finances when the confidential S-1 it filed with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
is made public in the coming weeks.) In the coming weeks, we should know the full
story….and like Coinbase’s own co-founder, if they go the typical IPO route, with no
blockchain involvement….

That would be really boring…but, no matter
what happens, tokenization or not. It’s going to be much hyped…within the
crypto community and beyond!! A flood of publicity, a flood of eyes on the
base. Which isn’t going to be a bad thing, for
those projects connected to them.. The BIG airdrop that is going under the radar…Pool. People don’t realize how big the lottery
industry is (200 billion dollars) and pool is connected to the base.

Like I showed yesterday, their USDC bootstrap
fund invested in them along with Uniswap back in April of last year…. Well the connections are bigger than just
that me thinks. Why?? Well co-founder of pool together posted this
on medium, in November of 2020 about the dapp. He said about dapp connections to coinbase
“Wallet Link" is what you will use to connect with your coinbase wallet!” What is Wallet Link? Well going to it’s landing page, it seems
to be a development tool for connecting to the Coinbase Wallet, as that is the only wallet
it connects to now…and Coinbase Peter Kim is featured speaking on it, on the website. Now the dapps it connects to, is oh so telling. Compound a token, and it’s on Coinbase. DyDx…no token, but Coinabse and Andressen
Horowitz connected. Maker a token, and 2 of them are on coinbase
MKR and Dai, IDEX an exchange, with a token, not on Coinbase, and why? It’s a competitor coinbase it is not invested
in. Uniswap, a token, on Coinbase, but a coinbase
competitor, why listed? Well Coinbase and Horowitz connected, and
CBs USDC fund also invested in them.

0x protocol, same story as Uniswap, token,
on Coinbase, competitor….but on there as they are connected. How about Airswap? Token, but coinbase competitor and no connections. Now we get to pool Together. Token just launched, Coinbase connected. Those connected have their tokens on the exchange. Does this hold true with the other? Kyber Network, token, on Coinbase..connected. 1inch token, not on Coinbase yet…are they
connected? Not that I know of.

Sablier, Zerion, DeFi Saver, Set Protocol,
DDEX, and NUO…no tokens. But synthetix & aave, tokens & on coinbase. So through the process of elimination, through
wallet link, it makes me think there is a likelihood of POOL eventually being added
to the base. They have a token, they had an investment
from Coinbase, and they are one of the projects using the wallet LINK. That is just a bit of research on my part,
but fundamentally Pool is here to change the DeFi game. Before the token was aidropped and released,
they launched something special. The Prize Pool builder february 9th, which
the blog states “It’s now possible for anyone in the world to deploy a no loss prize
pool for any token” Going to the builder super simple, you choose
your type of no loss prize pool…you choose the parameters of the deposit token, you choose
the Random Number Generator service, which they are in partnership with Chainlink as
one of the selections, you enter the prize period in number of days, the number of winners,
and finally the fairness which includes early exit fees & the fee decay time.

Not complex to create, and anyone can do it. A person, a dapp, an influencer like myself. It has far reaching implications for the world
of social tokens, and NFTs. How will this play out is to be seen. But I’m excited for the spring and then
summer, and the pool to warm up! Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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