Coinbase PRO Tutorial – How to use Coinbase PRO trading/exchange platform

this is a step-by-step tutorial for
Coinbase Pro where I go through all the functionality this crypto Exchange has to
offer so if you're a beginner you should definitely watch this video before we get started with the Coinbase Pro tutorial i want to announce the first
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tutorial Coinbase Pro is a popular crypto
exchange even though beginners might not know they can pay less fees with
coinbase when they use the platform because the two accounts are connected
I'm going to login if you already have an account with coinbase you should be
able to login into this webpage with the same account so if you don't have an
Coinbase account yet check the link in the description when you sign up with
that link we both receive $10 worth of Bitcoin so once you log in this is what
you'll see it might be intimidating at first but I'm going through all of them
and I'm going to explain this interface to you it's an interface that traders
use but it's a very simplified one so it's a good place to start and learn
about trading if you want to but even for beginners that just want to buy
Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies at good prices you can totally use this use
this interface so let's just start from the left if I click here on select
market I can see all the crypto currency pairs that I can trade.

With Coinbase Pro
it's very nice that we can trade with fiat money as well fiat money is the
dollars the euros the pounds that we are using in our day-to-day lives in my
account I only have EURO available but depending where you live or where you
open your account you might have a USD or pounds as well
There are not many pairs here on Coinbase Pro there are other exchanges that allow you to
trade more pairs but will have to do with what's listed here you can see here
all the pairs available for euro or your USD. USDC it's a stable coin
and its value it's fixed to one dollar then we have a Bitcoin.Bitcoin has a
lot of pairs to trade here.DAI it's only paired with Ethereum and Ethereum
which only has two pairs so most of the trades are done with Bitcoin and USDC
and for this example we'll pick Bitcoin EURO next to it we can see the
current price of Bitcoin how much it changed in the past 24 hours and what's
the volume traded for this pair in the past 24 hours on the left-hand side we
have our current balance in Euro and in Bitcoin and then two buttons to deposit
and withdraw if we click on deposit then this window will pop up and we can
choose what type of asset we want to deposit let's say I want to deposit
EURO depending where you live you might have different options here in Europe I
have SEPA transfer and from .One great thing about
Coinbase Pro is that you can easily switch funds from your
account and Coinbase Pro account for free and instantly so if you
already have funds in coinbase you can easily transfer them to Coinbase Pro and start trading if you do a bank transfer it will tell you about the
limits about the processing times and the fees that are associated with it
and regarding fees you can go and see them here and I'll also leave the link in the
description so these are the deposits and withdrawal fees if I click continue
here it will give me the bank details that I need to send the funds to from my
bank account to this to these bank details the most important part here is
to include this where is it this reference number that will associate the
transfer to your account so include this reference number in your transaction
going back if I click on you can see that I have some funds in my account and I'll just click on max to insert the full
amount and then there is no limit to do that
and the processing time it's instant and then I'll just click deposit and my deposit is
complete you can see my ten euros here available for me to trade right now if
you want to move some Bitcoin to this platform and click on deposit select
Bitcoin and then you can choose from the account if you have
already some Bitcoin in your coinbase account or from a different wallet this
is your Bitcoin address and you'll be able to send from your wallet to coinbase pro in order to trade you need to deposit the funds first and then when
you want to withdraw if we click on withdrawal and follow the same process
I click on Bitcoin I can withdraw to a crypto address to my external wallet and
one great thing about the coinbase Pro account is that all the
withdrawals are free so you can have ten dollars worth of Bitcoin and you can
withdraw that for free to your wallet and this is great because most other
exchanges they will take a fee which is around three to five dollars so if you
want to buy just $10 sort of Bitcoin like the free Bitcoin you receive when
you sign up with my affiliate link then you'll have to pay three to four dollars
in order to withdraw that that amount but with coinbase pro you don't pay any
withdrawal fee that's why you can easily buy smaller amounts of cryptocurrency
and we draw them to your wallet where the safest is the same if you want to
draw your own you can choose to withdraw to your corn-based account it's possible
that in coinbase i can have better withdrawal options for your fiat money
for your USD or euro so you better check that first otherwise we'll frequency
power transfer or what kind of transfer bank account transfer you can do from
from here and you receive the fees associated with it in my case is 0.15
euro so that's that's totally acceptable and it will take one to three days to
withdraw money into my bank account that's all about the posting and
withdraw let's say we want to buy some some Bitcoin and we have a few options
to do that we can either buy at market price or limit and stop options which I
will discuss in a minute buying at market price it means it will buy at the
current price which is the one listed right here and that it will trigger
instantly I've been here that I want to buy for 10
euros and when I place a buy order this order will trigger instantly and you can
also see the fee right here the fee that I'm going to pay for this transaction
which is listed here so for under $10,000 the taker and maker
fee is the same it's at 0.5 percent 0.05 euro is 0.5% from my 10 euros that I
want to buy when you buy at market price you are a taker you are taking from the
market but whenever you set a limit or a stop limit order you are a maker you set
your own prices so then you have lower fees associated with that in the case of
coinbase Pro unless you trade more than $5,000 this fee will be the same for
taker and maker so it won't make any difference you click buy at market or
limit price but with other exchanges this difference might be much more
significant however even the 0.5% field that's much lower than the coin base
purchase so if you want to buy from coinbase is better if you use the coin
base pro platform it will take from you much less money for every transaction
for the limit transaction you set your own price that you want to buy at for
example if I want to buy one Bitcoin I can say I want to buy Bitcoin whenever
the price is 5000 euro or right now it's a over 8500 I'll say I just want to buy
when it's 8500 if you only know the amount you want to spend for example in
our case I say I want 10 euros on this transaction and you don't know how much
a Bitcoin is that or just go on google and type in 10 euro to BTC and this is
the amount you'll want to buy I'll just copy this and paste in it here and this
is how you know how much Bitcoin you'll buy for your demo to set you'll see here
that's around 10 euro you can adjust this and now it's under 10 euro so if I place
the order now it will only trigger when the price of Bitcoin which is 8500 so
you can see the order here in the open orders tab but if you want to know more
about the limit orders I created a video especially for that if you click on the
card that appears on the top right corner you can see that video here a
stop limit order it's a bit different from the limit order because you can set
at what price to actually open this trade for example I said that when the
price of Bitcoin reaches 8,500 euros I want by 10 euros worth of Bitcoin but at
the price of 8,000 euros so this order will trigger only when the price of
Bitcoin will drop to 8,500 and when the price will drop to that amount then it
will open this limit order like we did here so instead of us coming to create a
limit order when the price is at 8500 we can create a stop order and it will
trigger automatically if you want know more about stopping it order I don't
have a video yet but when it's ready and link it in the top right corner so check
it out so if you want your trade to be triggered instantly we'll just use the
market order otherwise if you want a limit order at your desired price let's
say I want to buy $10 sort of Bitcoin I can click here on these are the sellers
and these are the buyers these are on the order book the people that are
selling Bitcoin this is the amount they are selling and this is for how much the
same here down below this is the amount they are buying and this is the price of
Bitcoin they are buying at the spread is the difference between the sell order
right here and the buy order right here because they are not the same so let's
just say I want to buy Bitcoin at a lower price I'll just choose my price
for this example I'll just click on this one
and adjust it a bit and if I place the buy order and it didn't go through
because the price is too much compared to what I have
so I'll just lower this amount like that I place a buy order and now you can see
my order here the open one and my price in the order book this is the order that
is to be filled in in order to receive my Bitcoin Lucy is the next in the queue
so whenever someone will buy either at market price or the sell price will
reach this price it will be filled in and I'll have my Bitcoin until this
order is filled in it shouldn't take long
but I'll present you the rest of the interface this is a price chart is
displayed as candles going best Pro doesn't offer a lot of tools for traders
these are just basic ones so it would be easy for you to get familiar with them
you can change here the timeframe to one minute this is how the price behaved and
in the past minutes each candle it's one minute or two five minutes and so on and
so forth you can change from candles to line and you can see the evolution of
the price with this line and only to technical analysis tools the exponential
moving average curve of exponential moving average and ten to twenty six
exponential moving average below here you can see the the buy orders and these
are the sell orders and it's actually the translation of this order book here
into this graph on here you can see that my transaction was actually filled so it
disappeared from this list I have now Bitcoin and I don't have euro anymore
and here is the details of the order field I bought 0.001 Bitcoin at this
price this was the fee a few seconds ago and here on the right hand side we can
see the trade history all the buy and sell orders that been filled in if I
want to do a sell order I'll just click on cell and go to market and this will
be triggered distantly or I can set a limit order or a stop limit order let's
just see how market order works I'll just click on max and I'll sell my full
Bitcoin amount this is the field and this is what I will get in return I
place a sell order and this was filled instantly and
basically this is it this is how you can buy and sell Bitcoin and other
cryptocurrencies because this is available for any pair that you see here
this is the Tyrian for example we have the same interface with the same details
and use it in the same way and if I go to orders I can here create a new
portfolio to have separated the balances in my in my account or I can see my open
orders I don't have any now what I can see the filled ones these all the
transactions that has been filled on my account and the fees that I paid and all
the details regarding the fees you can read more about it here if I go to court
folios here I can see all my portfolios but I can also see all the balances of
the coins that I have on my account I can see all the deposits I can see all
the withdrawals and I can also deposit and withdraw from here but there are the
same steps as before the profile settings will give me other options for
example I can see the bank that I have linked with coinbase right here I can
see the limits on my account API settings in case you need an API for
external service to communicate with Quinn BassPro the address book will let
you add different addresses to this crypto exchange so you can easily
deposit and withdrawal from these addresses here are the tax statements
and another tab for taxes in case you need to use these features and margin
trading which is not yet available it will be soon this year and you have to
join a waitlist if you want to to be part of that that's it this is all I
have to say about coinbase pro in conclusion it's a very easy to
understand and learn if change platform it doesn't have a lot of coins just a
few pairs but it gives you an easy to understand and easy to use interface so
beginners can get into it fairly quickly it also has the advantage of offering
lower fees than the coinbase website and you can withdraw any funds for free so
it will be easy for you to move your cryptocurrency from the exchange
platform which is going this pro to your own wallet to keep them safe and secure
which I recommend everyone to do even though the transaction fees are a bit
higher than other exchanges 0.5 is not that high but is higher than
other exchanges which can offer transaction fees low as 0.1 percent but
they do have a withdrawal fee which is three to five dollars so if you already
have a company's account you can easily access the platform is the same account
you already have an account you just log in and you'll get started right away if
not you should create one I'll leave the link in the description like I said in
the beginning we both receive ten dollars when you sign up with my
affiliate link any questions you might have
don't be shy leave me a comment below and I'll answer any questions you might
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