Coinbase Earn: The Brave Web Browser (Lesson 2 of 3)

Brave is a free,
open-source web browser with several unique features. It blocks ads automatically, so browsing the web is
faster and less cluttered. With Brave, you also won't be tracked
from site to site by advertisers… So your web browsing stays private. If you want even more privacy, Brave also allows you to
open a private tab with TOR for truly anonymous browsing. Brave supports all of your
favorite chrome extensions too. It's built on Chromium –
the open-source project that powers Google Chrome, So Chrome extensions
work right out of the box…

Without any connection to
Google in the background. What makes Brave really
unique though, is Brave Rewards. You can opt into Brave Rewards to directly support publishers
and content creators while you browse the web.
And you can earn rewards by viewing private ads
that aren't tracked. Brave Rewards will
notify you of offers as you browse.
When you click an offer, a full-page ad opens
in a private tab. You get to enjoy clutter-free
content, while earning rewards from viewing private ads. In exchange for paying
attention to these ads, Brave rewards you with its
own Ethereum-based token called Basic Attention Token, or BAT.

You can pass along your BAT
to reward content creators, purchase premium
subscriptions, and more. The more you browse
with Brave, the more you earn – and support
your favorite creators. Learn more at

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