Coin Value 1989 P Roosevelt Dime

Hello everyone, today we will talk about our collections of US coins Subscribe to our channel to get the latest news and the oldest coins , if you estimate the value of this coin, this coin is in average condition you can estimate it will be valued at around three US dollars in one place. certified mint condition can bring up to 12 at auction, this price does not refer to any standard coin rating scale, therefore, on average, we mean a situation similar to other coins issued in 1989, and The metal content of the top coin rating companies was confirmed by one of the mint status 91.67 This coin with a diameter of 17.9 millimeters and a weight of 2.27 grams of copper 8.33 nickel is the rarest coin to be considered.

The coins are in excellent condition and are sold on website You can also follow us on instagram. We share the oldest coins from our collections every day There are several key dates that are searched during search and collection, and a common error near them. roosevelt dime prices between 80 and 90 usd containing a brief summary heavy and light motto The double die offers more information from the 1980s and for photographic samples more basic dates and mistakes you can find these coins on our website tell us the value of all the coins we have There are a lot of world money and coins in the world, if you are a collector and if you want to know the information or the price of your coin, then shown on my channel Watch videos of coins and find out.

More than 600 videos about your coin and You can display information about world coins on our site, the site where you can buy and sell your coins is The best site for the oldest coin collections is the link pasted on the description . Get the latest news and the oldest coins for watching.

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