Hello friends, I met the last COİNFARM website, our list, and I will show that it has been updated. The amount is 900 rubles, so it's a bit of 12 dollars , but the calculations are made, let's first work. I have already written 900 rubles is $ 12 a couple who do Turkish lira for 12 dollars, he also allows Let's say $ 12, let's say 100 lira, friends, at $ 12, now we're getting an amount of 100 lira from here, coinfarm will attract it and the website has been updated. I shall say something about it First, when we get to the forehead of the bird, the color of the birds is updated, but the features are still the same how much money the king bird earn per hour. 21925 earned eggs Owl bird is directly developed to the money you can already extract 210 in the hour you see here I will show the calculations I will show them Let's go into the calculation look, I have 19 Superbirds and 6 owls Red 4 2 it is not very important anyway these two birds are very important to win friends put king of birds directly again you here for hours within use for your purchase give here 70 percent give 30 if the withdrawal of why there are calculations there, you see the account try to raise money, make your owls fully catch I earn a lot now Musuem says that 62521 Let 24 as many g per hour Silver earn money for this survey See the others for purchase Here I can draw friends See what it says 625521 Let us for example say money draws We write it here 62521 Look what is $ 6.82 I earn per day.

How does this happen now? Then I this bird for the first made here, i earned this bird 4 dollars, now i earn about 7 dollars. How does it work? As you can see here, if you increase the number of birds, I earn the money first. I initially made an investment of $ 200 How one way, for example, there refer friends would get so much profit, I now amount to 19 or see e.g. 62521 now that i was 79, you see 30 artificially or follow the second one My advice is two birds, so try these 3 birds, can not open the owl without taking these red birds not. I have said in previous videos from there.

You can check the detailed [ __ ] updated follow. What is what is not, I show them, even if there are 70% of the eggs sold in the tank write this therefore as silver, that is, silver coins, but other 30% of the room silver to turn what comes in here, and you will do it if you withdraw watch when you occurrence amount import What can shoot until I show him I closed a dollar, how will the dollar here draw 900 rubles today I have euros and rubles because I work with payer. Look, let me show you the screen now on payer. Look, rubles. There are currently 0 rubles of friends when I shoot. Let's shoot. Late I prove it. We immediately said 900 rubles. How much is it? I sal 914 82 878 rubles withdrawn, that's 11 dollars or something. We get the payment account from here.

You get us account here, you copy it and paste it here, I say it is already defined payment, this says successfully paid, see friends 878 rubles It says that the account is gone. There is the and my previous photos are friends $ 6 $ 2 $ 1 $ 11 $ 8 15 16 10 below, but here is the list as follows: now we have looked here 0 then just past friends watched Never waited 878 rubles let's see how much ediyor Look at him we say now let's look at 878 rubles Russian ruble 97-98 lbs I took the moment Friends I lay my money account whatever i wish i look draw sections there herbalist send I take it to the place I want, has I'm watching Bitcoin here trailer advan kas for me here my suggestion is to call it Bitcoin send to your wallet t wallets, it does not get much commission if you other can see f Perfect Money not much get commission with less money, there is also a Visa card or something, but they never mess with them, they get more commission How to payer account you say you can watch them You can watch them I receive the open payment directly in the account As you have seen, let me tell you something in my previous videos I posted, but let me explain it again, let me show you what you the direct friends on this site, let me show you the payment areas.

Hour My name is Batın here, also show what I bought, there are other people, for example 3 dollars 62 rubles bought 2 dollars 14 rubles There are people who shoot 32 rubles 14 He tries, but the dollars for it took online friends is $ 3, you can check this list. I change all 16 rubles that I told friends here, let me show you invest, says Look at the investment section of the example he says adds money to what you get here. See no messages changed in this system 50 that the US dollar You get as much money as for example silver money. For example, you buy a bird, percentages came, it was new, I just saw it. If you research this, my friends say, for example, let's buy it for $ 50, my advice is that you can buy a bird for $ 100 because you can ' a bird buy from Buy a bird You can two of buy this bird per hour.

It gives an egg, because it is folded every day word. Friends, let's us say you every two weeks add one bird because this bird is Save money here. So 70% here, 30% together, so initially my advice is not to buy it. After you saved money, work for your forehead shots. It works. My suggestion is to save money first friends, save you money so that you you can multiply money at the next point, so you can save your money for 70% bird purchases. Wait, but you can both extract in water which affects your local purchases, as well as 30% cash, your priority should not be withdrawn, try to raise the birds. $ 6, as you can see after I enlarge it, see I am from now on 2 a month later will I can probably get $ 10 a day Read this rules section, friends pay no effort, here are the reference sections 40% of the money you pay in or your referrals come to you.

It make crystals, you have the right to withdraw $ 1 for each crystal. Read these rules The video is not long, I do it directly this way, read the rules section will pay money as your friends see or just the account, since you saw no shortage of 878 rubles, is equal to about 100 pounds, now dollar was 8 lira environment I will grow faster than you do invest, I would recommend that you evaluate it, you will win if you do not the choice that I made, in about Made 2.5 months when I invested. The rest is profitable. The video is so much, I hope it was beneficial, there were some innovations, I have already shown it, how many people use the site is friends Active for 4 years.

The number of users are friends here 2 million 312 1474 These are the ones who are active today 4 years It was also there also pay nothing, as we are also active, what they do how much to pay stopped him I paid no shortage next to Old'm already paid first thing i have on my stuff right here Grow these birds to your investment structure of the birds, then I shoot part. I say if you are investing like the Do it this way Grow the content then increase your daily earnings every day. I hope it was a useful video, a nice day everyone.

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