Hello friends I met last COİNFARM site our list and I'll show it updated both payment will be 900 rubles, so that makes 12 dollars this a bit, but the calculations are made even let let's work on I have written already 900 rubles is $ 12 a couple doing Turkish Lira at 12 dollars him also let Let's say $ 12, let's say 100 lira, friends, at $ 12, now we will get a payment of 100 lira from here, coinfarm will attract it and the site is updated.I will say something about it First of all, when we come to the forehead, the color of the birds is updated but the functions are still the same how much money does the king bird earn per hour 21925 earns eggs Owl bird is directly Evolving to the Money you can withdraw already here 210 in the hour you see here I will show the calculations I will show them Let's go into the calculation Now I have 19 Superbirds 6 owls Red 4 2 these are not very important anyway These two birds are very important friends winning pit king of birds direct weather you here for hours inside used for your purchase gives here 70 percent gives 30 as the withdrawal of why there are calculations there you see the account is trying to raise money you make fully capture these owls I earn much now Musuem says that 62521 Let 24 that much g per hour Silver earns money for this shot See the other for the purchase.

This is the hold I can withdraw friends, see what it says 625521 For example, let's say withdraw money Let's write it here 62521 Look what is 6.82 dollars I earn a day. How is this happening now? For example, when I made this bird for the first time here I made this bird 4 dollars, now I make about 7 dollars. How is it? As you see here, as you increase the number of birds, I make money first. I made an investment at the beginning, I made an investment of 200 dollars How much I earned this much, friends, look here.For example, this amount is 19 . My advice is two birds, so try these 3 birds, already can not open the owl without taking these red birds him I have already stated in previous videos from there you can follow the detailed Haji updated I What is What is not I show them, even where the writing is already 70% of eggs sold in the tank So for purchases within the site It says Ya You buy it as Silver, that is, the silver money turns the other 30% into Silver and it comes to here, You also make the withdrawal transaction.

Here you see how much I can withdraw when you enter the amount, it shows how I will withdraw 900 rubles here today , the dollar part is closed. euro and ruble I got payer Look, I work with I'll show the moment payer let me screen defeat Look rubles There are currently 0 rubles friends even shooting let when I did I shoot you I'm proven that I've also just 900 rubles How much is it not? I will withdraw 914 82 878 rubles friends, this is 11 dollars or something.

We get the payer account from here You get our account here, you copy it and paste it here, I say it is already defined Order payment, it says Successfully paid, Look friends 878 rubles It says that the account is gone there might also friends what attracted my previous $ 6 $ 2 $ 1 $ 11 $ 8 15 16 10 bottom there, but here the list is showing in this way, now that we see here are currently 0 when you look right past friends have ever wait for 878 rubles, let's look at how ediyor Look him we say now let's look at 878 rubles Russian Ruble 97-98 pounds I took the moment Friends I lay my money account that also I wish I Look pull portions there herbalist I send it to where I want, I sent in here Look Bitcoin trailer got advan cache me here My suggestion is to send it as bitcoin to your wallet t wallets, it doesn't get much commission as you can see Others It takes commission with less Perfect Money does not get much, there is also a visa card or something, but they never get involved, they get too much commission How to open the payeer account you said you can watch them You can watch them I received the payment directly into the account As you have seen, let me tell you something in my previous videos I introduced it, but let me tell you a little bit again.

On this site direct friends, let me show you the payment areas. Uur My name is Batın shows what I bought here. There are people who buy it, for example 3 dollars 62 rubles bought 2 dollars 14 rubles There are people who shoot 32 rubles 14 This try It says, but because it is online, this dollar has taken 3 dollars. You can check this list . It is constantly changing, I have already earned 16 rubles. I said, if you invest here , I will show you the investment part . For example, add money. You come here. Look, there is no changed message in this system. You get silver money as much as, for example, for silver money. You buy a bird, for example, percentages came, it was new, I just saw it. If you research these, my friends say, for example, let 's buy this for 50 dollars.

My recommendation is that you can buy one for 100 dollars, because you can buy a bird from Buy a bird You can buy two of this bird per hour. egg gives this Friends for folding every day you add one from a bird Let's say two weeks, because there money accumulating these birds So at first to have taken 30% along with 70% here my advice is do not take it, huh work for your shots taken after currency yarıyor My suggestion Firstly structure of accumulation friends, accumulation structure of your money later point So much you endure accumulates to 70% of birds purchases Expects but water and affect your Exchange purchases in your inside, and you can take 30% cash, your priority, try to grow are birds that Hani shooting $ 6, as you can see after I enlarge it, see I am 2 from now month later I'll probably be able to get $ 10 a day Read these rules section, friends pay no trouble, here are the reference parts 40% of the money you deposit or your references are coming to you This is making crystals, you have the right to withdraw 1 dollar for each crystal, Read these rules The video is not long I do this directly in this way, read the rules section will take money pay as you see friends or just the account as you have seen no shortage of 878 rubles is equivalent to about 100 pounds now dollar was 8 lira vicinity I would grow faster if you do invest I would recommend that you evaluate it, you win if you do not make the selection you I stayed, I made money in about 2.5 months when I invested The rest is as profit The video is that much, I hope it has been beneficial, there have been a few innovations, I have already shown them, How many people use the site are friends Active for 4 years The number of users is here friends 2 million 312 1474 These are the ones active today 4 years This was also also there to pay anything, as we also active, that they do how much to pay him left off I pay no shortage next to Old'm already paying first thing I have on my well here directly Grow these birds to your investment structure of the birds, then shooting part I'm saying if you make investments directed the Like Do it this way Grow the content then your daily earnings will increase every day I hope it has been a useful video, Have a nice day everyone

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