Coin Bureau Most Shocking Prediction for 2022! Hold to be a millionaire! shiba inu coin news today!

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1) What’s Coin Bureau's Most 
Shocking Prediction for 2022?  Many of you have probably heard the wonderful 
news that the creator of one of the main   YouTube channels about crypto Coin Bureau again 
spoke flatteringly about our favorite project,   Shiba Inu. He literally gave a final warning 
to all those who had not heard his advice   on Shiba Inu before. I think since he strongly 
recommends the project, then he probably knows and   understands something … These words are usually 
not scattered about, and given the fact that this   guy has a lot of experience behind him, I think 
it is worth listening to his opinion, especially   since there has already been something like that 
they did not pay attention to the words, but in   the end everything turned out as he said …
Comparison of Shiba and Doge?  After the stunning growth, and the recent 
beginning of the local correction, the Shiba token   will probably come to mind for many, it is quite 
possible that in the near and medium term this   is one of the best opportunities to make money, 
a considerable part of people understand this.   We can say that this is similar to the recent 
situation with the DOGE coin, which happened 6   months ago.

True, then DOGE was famous, but in 
fact he was a dummy … It cannot be ruled out   that the Shiba Inu project will take its place 
in the next bull market, only this time we can   say that it is a kind of improved version of that 
old dummy … Shiba has incredible development   at the moment in all plans, this is what the 
creator of the Coin Bureau spoke about as well. 2) What's going on with Shiba now?
Now the Shiba project is not so bad   compared to the rest of the cryptocurrency 
market. Although many coins are now in drawdown,   it is not so bad for Shiba specifically. 
The news regarding Shiba is great.  What are Shiba's stats?
The SHIBA INU price today   is $ 0.000006573 and the 24-hour trading volume 
is $ 240,518,650. SHIBA INU is up 1% in the   last 24 hours. Coin's current market cap ranked 
55th with a real market cap of $ 2,595,040,517 The Shiba Inu coin has dropped 3.5 percent 
over the past week, failing to capitalize on   any new hype. Our near-term medium-term target is 
$ 0.00001730, which corresponds to an 82% increase   and almost reaches 38.2% of the Fibonacci 
retracement level of the May crash at $   0.00001754.

To reach the best possible level of 
$ 0.00000945, the price of the Shiba Inu must   rise by about 46%, breaking the resistance set 
at $ 0.00000731 and $ 0.00000792. This is a long   wait for impatient SHIB investors, but it will 
increase the likelihood of a successful deal. How powerful is the Sheba community?
At the moment, we can only rejoice that the Shiba   Inu crypto community and just fans of this project 
were able to buy off the entire sagging price,   which fell earlier this week due to 
the beginning of a local correction.   By today, people have been able to buy Shiba for 
several hundred million dollars! It cannot but   impress … This moment shows how much people 
are not indifferent to our today's project.  These numbers are really 
impressive, but maybe even more!   Join the ranks of the Shiba Army! Write in the 
comments what you think about this community It should be noted at the moment the last 
couple of days Sheba has been in a downtrend,   but a little more and we must break out 
of this consolidation.

We'll explain   why a little later. In the meantime, we 
digress with one interesting piece of news,   which is great news for all Shiba fans: The new puppy of the founder and head of Tesla, 
Elon Musk, of the Japanese Shiba Inu breed,   unwittingly inflated the rate of the Shiba 
Floki meme token, after which it was named,   provoking its sharp growth. This happened after 
the publication on Twitter by Musk, in which   the entrepreneur announced the purchase of the 
dog and accompanied the message with its photo.  "Floki [puppy's nickname] has arrived," 
Musk wrote. At the time of this writing,   the Shiba Floki token has risen in price by 934 
percent compared to the closing level of the   previous trading session, according to data from 
the CoinGecko portal. The cost of one token was   $ 0.000000005964.
In turn, another prototype   of the cryptocurrency – Floki Inu – rose 
in price by 85.7 percent – to $ 0.00003452.   At its peak, its value grew by 139 percent.
About the intention to buy a puppy Shiba Inu   breed and name him Floki after the meme-token 
Musk told in March and then recalled in June.   At the beginning of the year, he already 
provoked a sharp increase in the value of   the DogeCoin meme-token, which appeared in 2013 
and was named after a fictional Shiba Inu dog.  However, meme tokens do not have any 
value that could act as their security,   and most of them will not become a 
full-fledged cryptocurrency in the future,   which cannot be said about the Shiba 
Inu cryptocurrency.

At the moment,   the project is developing in all 
directions, both technical and social.  Write in the comments, what do you 
think, will Elon Musk pump Shib? 3) What does the future hold for Shiba?
We can think about a different future, and we   can say with confidence that no one can say with 
a hundred percent probability where this or that   coin, or the cryptocurrency market in general, 
will go. But we can unequivocally say that in   the long and medium term, the Shiba project will 
not be lost, it certainly needs to be monitored,   all of it is developing very quickly: various 
kinds of cooperation with other projects and   trading platforms, the development of the Shiba 
Inu ecosystem, if earlier it was possible to say   that Shiba is the same token as Doge, that is, 
it is simply impossible to say so …

It is also   pleasing that big players are joining the fight 
for Shiba, we think that Elon Musk is far from the   last person of this magnitude who closely follows 
the project. As you understand long-term growth is   ensured, so let's move on to another question:
How does Shiba need to grow?  As much as we all want to fly to the moon, Shiba 
is unlikely to be able to go against Bitcoin,   so we must first look at it, and with it 
at the general situation in the market.  Now bitcoin is in some consolidation, it is 
possible that during this month we will already   get out of it and can start a serious bull market. 
This is a very important factor, perhaps the bull   market will show what Sheba is capable of.
There, it remains only to monitor the entire   cryptocurrency market in general and Shiba Inu 
in particular.

Let's all support the Shib token! Output:
No one can give   an unequivocal answer about tomorrow's price of 
any token, but if you add up all the factors:   crypto analysts predict the beginning 
of a strong bull market this fall,   the Sheba project is developing very quickly 
and efficiently. Then we can conclude that,   as the creator of the Coin Bureau 
said, by the beginning of 2022,   the price of the Shib token will VERY surprise 
us all. Let's wait for the future … HODL SHIBA! Now, let us know what you guys think about 
this video? Is it pretty excellent or just OK?   Share your reviews about your 
future plans in the comment section,   and let us know what you 
think about shiba inu coins? Hope you enjoyed this video; If you did, 
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tuned as we will be coming up with much more   fun and informative videos for you. Till then 
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