COIN App: How Much I Got PAID To WALK!

all right so I thought I was done reviewing these different walking apps so I'm minding my own business watching a tick tock video and all of a sudden I didn't ad for something called the coin app which again claims they're going to pay you for simply walking you can literally start earning digital currency of the future just by downloading this app so I just so happened to be in Mexico walking on the beach so I figured what better time to actually try this out so I'm gonna do what I do best put on my walking shoes and I'm gonna do some walking however I am barefoot so we're gonna 86 and shoes and we're gonna see how much way we can make with the coin APIs [Music] we have fully exhausted our water supply but we got to keep on walking to earn that passive income actually this is the exact opposite this is very active income that were earning right now guys I realized I was being an idiot I'm literally surrounded by water right now so I pulled up my bottle we are back in action let's get that bread hey what's up here guys it's me Ryan breaking the third wall anyways while I was on my walk I was able to scavenge for some food which was very helpful on my journey so I lost cell service three hours ago I have no idea where I am so I decided this was a good place to make shelter I set up a bed over here I found a some kind of mat and a pillow and we're gonna take shelter for the evening and then hopefully tomorrow I can find out where I am but the good news is I'm makin that sweet coin alright guys we are back safe and sound here in my office luckily while I was in Cancun and I was lost on the beach a shark came to shore and gave me directions so I was able to get back to my resort so everything is good and I am back home today so here we are again with another one of these apps claiming to pay you for simply walking so we're gonna do a deep dive on the coin app now and talk about what you're actually getting how you're earning these coins and this time rather than with sweat coin where you're just getting a currency that it's not really real it's just points to use towards redeemable offers mostly sponsored offers with this app you're actually getting a cryptocurrency called X Y o now before you get too excited guys wait until the end of the video when we talk about what this cryptocurrency is actually worth so just for signing up for the coin app I got 1,000 of these X Y o tokens and then while I was in Cancun walking around I was able to earn an A 101.7 9x y Oh bringing me to a grand total of 1101 and seven nine X Y Oh coins now the only thing is you do have to hit a 10,000 threshold in order to cash out and have that X Y o cryptocurrency transferred to an external wallet now here's one of the cool features of the coin app which is not the case with Sweatt coin and real quick I just want to make sure that I make this disclaimer here guys I am NOT personally affiliated with the coin app and I'm not getting any kickback or sponsorship for talking about them in this video but one thing that is interesting is that you are able to earn coins not just for walking but you can also earn it while bike riding or skateboarding or even driving at slow speeds so one blog actually did a test I'll put it up on the screen here and they found you can earn coins while moving up to 37 point five miles per hour whereas with sweat coin you had to be walking if you were building too fast you would not be earning the coin and here's where the coin app gets a lot more complicated than sweat coin alright first of all as I'm sure you guys are familiar with you are earning coins because you are sharing your location with the coin app so the coin app is essentially using this location data to anonymously verify location based problems that enterprises are looking to solve for example an e-commerce company might be wondering hey has this package been delivered or are my truck drivers in fact in the location that they say that they are now personally I'm suspicious of whether or not any enterprises or companies are actually paying coin app just yet for this data because it is very early on in development but it is interesting and down the road it may have some useful applications now as you have the app open and you're walking or essentially moving less than thirty seven point five miles per hour you are earning the xyo tokens but there's also this weird prism like device called a sentinel that you can purchase and on their website it says all you're paying for is the shipping so it's not very expensive and this device allows you to earn up to 12 times more of the xyo while you are moving about as long as you have that on your possession all right next up we have something called geo drops which is where you can actually drop these xyo tokens for other people to discover so I actually tried this while I was at Starbucks in Cancun but you can't drop any xyo tokens that were given to you for free so I was unable to do this because I didn't earn enough myself to do a geo drop and then finally we have something called geo claiming which is where you claim a certain area on the map for a set period of time and then you earn a percentage of any xyo mined in that location now where this gets a bit more complicated is that multiple people can claim one area at a time and if they do that the percentage of the XY o that they earn is going to be split accordingly so if it's two people it's going to be split 50/50 so now I want to answer my favorite question which is how exactly is the coin app making money well first of all they do have this ability to sell this location data to enterprises and companies but like I said I'm suspicious of whether or not they're doing that just yet because it's so early on in the development of this app where I know they're making money is through subscriptions and paid ads within the app you can click a button and it allows you to earn xyo by watching a paid advertisement and they also have multiple tiers of paid subscriptions that allow you to accelerate your mining or earning of the xyo token so finally let's answer the burning question is this app worth it I'm not going to say whether it is or not I'm just going to share with you guys exactly how much I was able to earn and what the equivalent value is of this currency and then you can decide for yourself whether or not you think it's worth it so like I said before you need to have 10,000 coins earned in the app before you can cash out and transfer to an external wallet outside of the app and according to coin market cap xyo currently has a value of 0 point zero zero zero two six for USD per coin so essentially that means if you were to earn ten thousand of these coins and each one is worth point zero zero zero to six for USD if you earn ten thousand that has an equivalent USD value of two dollars and 64 cents now I'm assuming most people who do this are hoping that this value right here goes up over time but based on the charting I've seen it's done basically nothing so I was unable to cash out because I wasn't able to accumulate ten thousand xyo and based on a number of forums I was looking at and reddit users it looks like it would take you about a year to earn ten thousand xyo at the base mining speed so that means you don't have a sentinel and you don't have any paid subscription and personally I don't think that's worth it for me to be leaving the app open on my phone burning out my battery and sharing my location at all times but you of course may feel differently now another interesting feature is that within the app you can actually purchase Bitcoin and other large popular crypto currencies but again the exchange rate is very very high so for example if you want to buy point zero two five Bitcoin you're going to have to cash in four hundred seventy two thousand six hundred ninety nine XY o for the exchange so in my opinion guys based on looking at a number of these free apps that give you you know some kind of free reward for walking or scanning receipts what I find with every single one is that most of the time people who use the app will not meet the reward threshold to actually cash out and when you combine that with the paid subscriptions as well as you know the fact that they have the in-app advertisements to earn extra points that is how these companies are able to make money but at the end of the day you can decide whether or not it is worth it to you but let me know what you guys think about this app down in the comment section below if you've actually been able to cash out I would love to hear what you guys think but anyways that's going to wrap this up and thank you so much for watching make sure you subscribe if you are new and hope to see you in the next video [Music] you

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