Clu’s Betrayal / Flashback Scene | Scars (Part 1) | TRON: Uprising

There's only one program who
could have done this. Let me guess, your 'petty vandal'. My colleague is being modest. The Renegade has actually built quite a reputation. Some even say he's Tron. No. Believe me, he's not Tron. I was there when Tron and Flynn
nearly destroyed the Grid. You knew Tron? Knew him? I watched him die. Flynn! Am I still to create the perfect system? Yeah. Now. Flynn, go. You've failed, Clu. Flynn will vanish.
Disappear into the Grid. He's the creator. He can go wherever he wants. It was you I'm after. Without the mighty Tron, the creator will fall. And Clu will rise. Dyson? What do you think, Tron? I made Dyson perfect again. Dyson, I trusted you. He betrayed us. You're wrong. Flynn betrayed us.
Betrayed all of us.

Now… Clu is free to cleanse the Grid of the ISOs..

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