Clear Phone 620 | Decentralized Blockchain Privacy Phone Unboxing Review | Clear United Network

Hello there friends, Caleb Wright here 
from Bitcoin Lifestyles Club. And today   I'm really excited to bring you an unboxing 
video of the blockchain privacy phone   that I've been telling you guys about recently. 
I already got it delivered by FEDEX today,   just ordered it last week. And I'm just really 
excited to tear this open with you guys.   This is what the box from FEDEX looks like, 
very thin, not too big, just open it right up.   Here we go, a little bubble 

Oh that's a nice box.   Kind of reminiscent of an iPhone box. Seems 
a lot skinnier. Looks like we have an invoice   right here, and some bubble wrap, I'll just 
push that to the side. And here we are.   The Clear Phone. And this is the 620 model. Which 
is very large, I've been using the iPhone 7 plus,   ever since that came out a long time ago. And 
that's still been working for me until today,   really well. So I had to get the phone that 
was their biggest phone on offer.

Because   as an entrepreneur that does a lot of work 
online, I'm constantly using the phone. So   the bigger the screen, for me personally, 
the better. But yeah pretty skinny box here.   And here's the back of it, it has some cool 
description of the features and stuff like that.   And here's the seals. So I'm going to go 
ahead and just break these seals here.   Gotta be smarter than the box. okay I'll peel it.   Here we go. Looks like we have some initial stuff 
in here. Look download the quickstart guide.   By scanning the QR code. So I guess you 
can do that with your phone. And you can do   it with probably even your current phone and check 
that out. I'll figure that out after. Here's the   phone. I'll pull that out. There we go. And 
what else is in here? Looks like we have a,   okay pulling this open and we have. A charging 
cable Earbuds, with the traditional audio   input. And looks like a wall charger, 
that we can plug the charging cable into.   And additionally, what do we have here? 

It actually came with a cover,   for the phone. Aw that's nice. Okay so it 
comes, the Clear Phone comes with a clear case.   Alright, so the next step is to peel 
off the protection plastic. Alright.   Wow it really is a big phone. So it'll 
easily be the biggest phone I've ever had.   So this is interesting, it has a 
bunch of, kind of graphics on there,   before I peel it off, I'll 
give you a real close look.   Very satisfying, to pull that plastic off of the 
new phone. And look at that, very just sleek,   very thin, as thin as any phone out 
there today. And I know this has very   high performance. I was comparing it with the 
iPhone 12 specs, that's out by Apple today.   And that has a very similar performance level. 
8 gigs of RAM.

This is actually bigger. Than   the iPhone 12 Pus. And I think the width is 
similar, I'll do a graphic in a little bit.   But the length is actually longer. Alright, lets 
see I don't know if it has the energy to turn   on yet straight out of the box. Wouldn't 
that be interesting, lets give it a shot.   Oh whoa okay that was the on button, 
great. Right here on the side,   so here we go. It'll turn right on. Right out 
of the box. Clear OS. Which by the way is a fork   of the Android code. That's open source. So 
that's very interesting, okay. Open source   software, so that you can basically access all 
of your favorite Android apps with this phone,   which protects you at the hardware level. 
So this phone is so much different than your   Apple's and your iPhone. Your Apple iPhones and 
your Google Androids. Because those phones at   the hardware level have trackers in there that are 
providing data, that they are selling, that they   are harvesting and selling to the corporations and 
the highest bidders.

And it's been proven that the   Apple phones and the Google phones are recording 
you even when the phone is off. That's right,   the microphone is recording you even when the 
phone is off. And that's how when you have certain   conversations about different products, with 
your Apple iPhone or Google Android around. Then   when you go online again with the phone or on your 
computer. Or on one of your social media accounts,   then you see ads, about those products that you 
were talking about. On your phone. Okay because,   the companies provided the data to 
the advertisers. And so that can work   against you in multiple ways. Because basically 
those companies Apple and Google, they have…   that's awesome, welcome to your new digital life. 
Because basically you get to own your data. And   see that's the big deal and the big difference 
between this phone and the Apples and the Google   phones.

Alright, because they have a centralized 
database, of centralized servers where they keep   all of the mobile user's data. Alright, and 
each of those companies have departments with,   you know one or two hundred people who have access 
to all of the user's mobile data generated by   the phone hardware, on the whole network. Alright 
now, what if any of those actors turned malicious   for example. And decide to take some of that 
data and sell it on the dark web. Or any other   type of ideas that they might get. Okay I just 
put on the cover, that went on real easily. So,   you know with those companies and the way that 
they store your data.

You are constantly at   risk to the evolving digital financial criminals. 
Who are becoming ever more sophisticated in this   modern technological age. With cryptocurrency 
and money going increasingly digital.   So the Clear phone decentralizes your data. 
The company that makes this phone, does not   put any trackers in the hardware and this phone 
is built to protect your mobile data. By basically   decentralizing the storage of it. And how it 
works, is that your data is actually decentralized   over the whole network. Over the whole Clear 
network. Now let me describe how that works,   in a very simple way, okay. So imagine that each 
Clear phone that's on the network is a node,   on the network. Which can store your data, 
alright. And there's other devices that Clear   has that they sell as well. Like decentralized 
storage nodes and servers. So all of those things   can be nodes on the network, okay. And so the 
way the data is stored, is using a method called   'sharding.' That's with a 'd' okay, for 
those jokers out there. And what that means,   is imagine if your data was like a pane of glass, 
kinda like this phone, alright.

But we're not   going to shatter my phone. But imagine if your 
data was a pane of glass and then you shatter it   into a million fragments. Alright and all those 
fragments went in a million different directions   to a million different nodes or 100's of 
thousands or thousands of different nodes   on the network. Any of those possibilities 
as the network grows and has more nodes.   Fragments are going to randomly distribute to all 
the nodes on the network, ok.

Now the only thing   that can pull that puzzle together, to be able 
to access that data. Is the private key, which   encrypts it. So you have to have the private key, 
in order to plug it into one of the Clear devices.   And that pulls together all that data from the 
decentralized storage method called 'sharding.'   And pulls it back onto the phone device. Alright 
so with this device, when you use it, your mobile   usage is not stored on a centralized server by 
the Clear company. Or nothing generated by your   mobile usage goes to any service providers, that 
you would be using it with, if your not using the   Clear network, that is.

Because you can take this 
phone and plug it into service with any network   that provides service to Android phones and Apple 
iPhones. But you are going to get a whole other   layer of security, with the Clear network as well. 
So that's a reason why you might take it into   consideration to completely switch over to the 
Clear Network, and not just use this phone with   your current service provider. Even though 
if you wanted to get started real easy.   Say you have a contract going on. There's 
no reason why you can't get started with   a Clear phone today.

And start decentralizing and 
protecting your data. So say hackers are trying to   get after your data. They can't just go hack into 
the company that has it on the centralized server,   in order to get it. It would actually need the 
exact 12 words in order to access the data on   your phone. Which is going to be extremely hard 
to be able to do. So think of this as similar to   cryptocurrency and bitcoin. Decentralized 
networks of value transfer. And think of   cold storage wallets. Now a cold storage wallet 
is where you pull that bitcoin, you withdraw off   of a centralized exchange. And you put it on to 
something like a Trezor, or a Ledger, or a Bitfi.   When you withdraw your crypto funds to a cold 
storage wallet, like the Ledger, the only way   to be able to access those funds is someone would 
need to know your 12 or 24 word recovery phrase.   So just like this phone here. You can 
own and decentralize your data. And the   only way someone can get at your data, is 
by literally getting their hands on your   phone and getting it unlocked.

Or figuring out 
where you hid our 12 word recovery seed phrase   and plugging it into a Clear device. Now its up 
to you to protect that 12 word recovery seed,   okay. We'll find a really clever way to store 
that. So that it never gets found by anybody.   But as you can see, that provides you with a much 
bigger layer of protection than you have with   today's current phones from Google and Apple. And 
with this being a fork of the Android software,   in terms of the Clear Operating System.

Your going 
to able to use all of the Android apps that you   love, but this phone is going to put a security 
fence around those apps when you use them,   in order to keep the apps from being 
able to access your mobile usage data.   Now just for fun, I have an iPhone SE that I 
just bought a few months ago. When I thought   I had to go buy a backup phone. So this is 
more of a handheld sized phone. We'll just   put the Clear phone 620 right next to it, so you 
can get a idea of the difference of the size.   Very large phone. So as someone as many of you 
know, who's very deep into crypto since 2015 when   bitcoin was $250 a coin.

I'm always looking for 
all of the ways that I can maximise my security.   And protect myself from the hackers and 
financial, digital financial criminals,   alright. Because that is an ever growing threat, 
and the sooner you can get on top of that,   the better. So that's why when I learned about 
this phone, from one of my friends, who did   their research and told me this was something, 
that absolutely needed my attention. I spent a   whole day, watching all the videos. And learning 
everything that I could, about this phone, and   this company, and the technology. And make sure 
that it was the real deal. To make sure it wasn't   a gimmick. To make sure the technology was real, 
alright. Because I knew that, in my position,   I need every last thing I can do to protect 
myself, alright and put myself ahead of the curve,   of those hackers that would be trying to get after 

Alright so, anybody else that's serious with   their crypto, you would be good to be thinking 
of all the areas that you can secure yourself   and your online activity. And your activity 
in general. That's something that you have   to consider, alright. There's multiple ways and 
you gotta protect yourself from all angles. So   this phone here is just really important for that 
alright. It's going to give you the chance to   sever the cord of your relationship with 
the centralized Big Tech companies Google   and Apple. That have been prostituting everybody, 
everybody, for their mobile data. And selling   it to the highest bidders, and making maximum 
money, while putting all of us, in big danger.   Especially in this digital financial age, 
where money is increasingly becoming digital.   And cryptocurrency is ever increasingly rapidly 
growing in adoption. With all this something that   I wanted you all to understand. Is that this 
is just so much more than a phone. With the   decentralized network aspect, that I was telling 
you guys about. Something else that your going to   want to know, and probably for you crypto fans out 
there, your really going to like this.

The Clear   Phone company is also tokenizing this network, and 
their having an ICO later this year. So Clear Coin   is going to be a thing. And there's going to 
be an opportunity to earn Clear coin passively   airdropped to your phone, to 
users of this network. And so   that's a big reason to become an early adopter of 
this technology. Which is simply genius anyways,   and we all need this. Alright, but there's 
a financial opportunity behind this,   to get involved as an early adopter, with 
the Clear Coin cryptocurrency, alright. And   it's just a genius plan, because as this phone 
network grows, because that's going to be an   amazing way to distribute the currency amongst 

And create a really nice circulation of   the coin, that creates a powerful network with a 
powerful network effect. And really could be very   successful, so you also have an amazing trading 
opportunity. Kind of a crypto passive earning   opportunity here with these phones and this Clear 
network. So That's something that your definitely   going to want to be paying attention to. The 
sooner that you get started with these phones,   the sooner you can get yourself positioned 
to earn those coins passively, alright.   And the other amazing thing about this phone is 
that there is a wallet on here as well.

So when   you refer other users to the network. And they 
purchase phones, or get service with the company,   or buy servers or buy decentralized nodes. 
Your going to earn commission in Clear points.   Which are 1:1 to a dollar. And your going to 
be able to right now in the US and Canada,   you can withdraw by Cashapp. But their going 
to have bitcoin and ethereum withdrawals coming   very very soon. Which is going to be amazing for 
obviously the global potential, alright. And then   of course there's going to be some additional 
methods coming up that I've heard about including   Gold, Silver and Palladium payouts.

So that's just 
really powerful in itself and something I though   you all should know about. So this network 
is really just an incredible opportunity and   even if you are not ready to buy a phone right 
now. You can join the network for free. With a   free registration and you can actually, if you 
are into 'internet marketing' and networking.   You can actually become an affiliate of the 
network for free and start sharing these phones,   and this opportunity with people online and 
on social media. And you can earn from that,   right away. Withough having to do anything 
special, without having to jump through any hoops,   without having to buy anything, without having 
to pay for any additional fees of any sort. And   people can do that globally. So with the bitcoin 
and Ethereum withdrawal methods coming soon.   Anybody can get started with this opportunity 
online, as well.

And you can even earn commissions   that you could use to purchase your new Clear 
phone! Again Crypto Caleb here from Bitcoin   Lifestyles Club. And just wanted to have a little 
unboxing with you, this is the first unboxing   that I've ever done. And I guess there's a 
first time for a lot of things out there,   so here we go. First unboxing video. Perhaps 
I will have to do more in the future. For   Clear phone upgrades! Because I'm definitely not 
going back to Google or Apple. That's for sure.   Can't trust them. But of course if you are 
interested in more information, I have the   information for you.

I also have a mastermind chat 
group that I've put together for you on Discord.   Where I'm helping people learn about the Clear 
phone and Clear network, and how it wall works.   And I've also provided a team marketing funnel, so 
anybody that joins for free, whether you purchase   a phone or not right off the bat. If you are 
interested to market this opportunity with the   network. I have an amazing team based funnel page 
that I can share with you, and put your affiliate   link on, and you can just get started, dig in. 
Learn all about it.

And move forward from there!   Comment below this post or video wherever you 
are finding this, whether it's on Facebook,   YouTube or some other social media. And 
I will be there to help you my friend.   So that wraps up my unboxing video. Pun not 
intended, right there. But I promise that   I will be back soon, with even more video content. 
Reviewing the features and functions of the phone   and exactly how my experience is going with 

Because I know that's what you are all   going to want to see next. So catch you in the 
comments and in my next videos coming soon..

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