CHZ / USDT bot trading – January 14-18 (6.5% profit in 4 days)

Welcome to the Trading With A Bot channel. Today 
is January 18th and this is a look back at the CHZ   USDT crypto pair trading. As you can 
see, this bot was started on Jan 14th   and at this particular moment it's been running 
for 20-plus hours. It had generated around 2%.   There's quite a spike here in price and volume, 
but what's important to note is that the price   stayed within range. The bot is set for 
bottom at 0.0171 and top is at 0.021, and   so the bot was selling as the price was going up 
and buying as it went down, all within the range.   This bot is not set up to trail up on purpose 
and so if the price would go above 0.021   we would have to change it.

fast forward now to January 16th.   As far as bot trading is concerned I think this 
is good. Even though the price is close to where   it was two days ago our both profit is 4.7% as 
you can see, the initial investment was in the   amount of 181 dollars so the bot had generated 
8 dollars in the last two and a half days.   The CHZ USDT crypto pair is one of 
my favorite pairs to auto trade.   Betting on the right pair and setting a good 
range for the bot are the two key success factors.   Here's our profit. This bot grid steps 
are set at 1.6% and with the 181 dollars   I allocated to this bot, each sell trade 
is bringing 23 cents a profit.

The more   fluctuation that's happening within the range, 
the more buying and selling the bot is doing.   Let's keep this setup unchanged for another two 
days and see how the price and the bot behave. After a day of price fluctuation between 0.019 and 
0.02 on January 18th there is a steady uptrend.   We're seeing this live now. There 
are multiple sell orders in a row.   Since the last four days the bot had made 12 
and the value of investment increased by 6.51%. There are five consecutive sell orders here. 
At this moment I am considering to close the   bot. There are still two grids above, so there 
are still two orders that the bot can fill and   generate additional profit. Alternatively, the 
price can go down and the bot will start buying   again. Both of these are good options, but for the 
purposes of this video I will close the spot now.

Just taking one moment to watch the price. Now. I am closing the bot and selling the 
remaining amount of CHZ at the market price   which is currently at 0.020. We've made over 
6.5% – all in four days. Next time I'd like to tell you 
about a WBTC BTC pair I'm trading.   Please subscribe to the channel to 
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your thoughts and comments below..

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