[Chinese & English CC] Unboxing the latest Handshake ASIC miner 买不到比特币以太坊矿机,能买它吗?最新HNS矿机测评

Hello! (8.5 kg is not a big deal 💪) Hi, I’m Jessica at f2pool. Happy to be here for this unboxing! Today I just received a Handshake ASIC miner, Also known as an HNS miner. Based on what we know about the current mining hardware landscape, This miner is one of the Handshake miners with the highest hashrate. it mailed directly from the manufacturer’s library, Let’s go unbox it! Regarding HNS, it’s the mainnet token of the Handshake network, a decentralized experimental peer-to-peer root naming system on which people can register, trade, and resolve domain names. The network is based on a Proof of Work mechanism, it’s mainnet launched in February 2020.

F2pool also started to support Handshake mining at that time. Currently, f2pool miners are securing 26.7% of Handshake’s network, and we rank No.2 on it according to hashpower. I sincerely invite you to join us with HNS mining. So, after the mainnet launched, Handshake experienced a short period of GPU mining time, then it entered the ASIC mining era. One of the mainstream ASIC machines of HNS is called HS3, with a hashrate of 2000 GH/s and power consumption of 2000 watts. Based on the current network difficulty, an HS3 can produce 86 HNS every 24 hours. If you calculate the cost with a power rate of $0.05/kWh, it costs $2.50 worth of electricity per day and the daily net profit can be $7.60. Based on the data above, the ROI period would be 410 days. So, what about the parameters of this HS5? Before diving into the data, let’s unbox it and see what it looks like. This mining machine is the most advanced HNS ASIC produced by Goldshell as it’s more powerful than their HS3.

HS5. Let’s unbox it. Silver colored case. Let’s go through some function keys. This is for reporting the miner’s IP address. Plug the ethernet cable here. The slot to insert an SD card. Status lights are here. Button here to reset. Power switch. Power supply socket. Power port. Basically, it looks similar to some common ASICs. Let’s measure the dimensions of this machine. This specific machine was sent directly from Goldshell’s Library, it's an initial test run of the production model.

The manufacturer has pre-orders open. According to company officials, its hashrate is about 2700 GH/s, power consumption is 2650 watts. Hashrate increased by 35% from the previous model HS3, unit power decreased by 2%. Notably, the price has been decreased significantly, as the list price is about $2600. The price decreased about $500 compared to HS3, so the ROI period of HS5 is shorter than HS3’s. With the price of $0.11/HNS, power rate of $0.05/kWh, the daily revenue can be $13.60. The net profit is around $10.23 per day.

ROI period is 254 days according to the same conditions shown above. So we can see the big selling point is a much higher price-performance ratio compared to the previous model. Another feature of the HS5 is that, after updating the firmware, it supports the mining of both Handshake or Siacoin, you can choose one coin to mine and switch to another by configuring it. Next, let’s run this miner and test it. We’ll get the ethernet cable and power cable ready. ASICs usually have high power consumption and are usually equipped with 16 Amp PSU, so please make sure that the electrical outlet and power strip can handle the PSU. This app measured the noise at 80 dB in this room when running the machine here. This miner has been running for about 3 hours, let’s check out the actual power consumption.

Now let’s check out the backend of the Goldshell mining machine. We logged in, and saw that we can find the place to set up the mining pool here. Here, you can add or remove information. We choose f2pool and set the mining address like this. f2pool supports mining HNS via a wallet address. Users can access this backend after unlocking the page if they want to configure the miner. Now it shows that it’s been running for 3 hours and 24 minutes. The hashrate has fluctuated around 2900 GH/s. Here it shows the hashrate, temperature, and other data of the 4 hashrate boards respectively.

We can see that the actual number meets the official data and can even be a little bit higher occasionally. Next, let’s visit the f2pool site to check out the status on the mining pool side. Visit f2pool official website. Find the 🔍 icon on the top right corner and click it. Input the HNS wallet address that you are using to mine with us, then check it out. Now after Entering the mining page, you can see hashrate and other information. Here you can find your mining revenue. Here it shows the estimated revenue that the miner has mined with us, around 14.2 HNS so far. Currently, one machine is online using this wallet address. This is the chart showing the changes of the hashrate. You can see when it’s online and the movement clearly. Let’s see the average hashrate in 15 minutes, it’s 2840 GH/s, higher than 2700 GH/s. The next column shows hashrate in 24 hours. As for this, because it’s just been online for a short time, it will stabilize after 1 or 2 days. According to our tests, you can see this miner has been performing consistently with official data.

To sum it up, the advantages compared to HS3, the HS5 has a better price thus a higher price-performance ratio. We rate it as 4 stars. We hope by sharing the unboxing video, our viewers can not only get to know the machine but also learn about the mining industry and Proof of Work networks. We’ll share more unboxing videos with our community, please follow us on our social media, and we invite you to mine HNS with f2pool! See you next time, bye-bye! (This video is just for sharing information, not financial advice, purchasing advice or investment advice, please do your own research and understand the risks.

Please note that Goldshell’s official site is https://www.goldshell.com) (Wanna disassemble the ASIC and see more?) Seems this could also be an important part of an unboxing video, to see inside of the ASIC, let’s check it out. Disassemble the PSU first and then remove the controlling board… Open the cover and remove these things on the backside… Why don’t you use this? Switch to left or right? Got it. Let me try. This is the controlling board. (Connect to the world’s leading crypto mining pool).

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