Chiliz (CHZ) – Análise de hoje, 28/06/2021! #CHZ #Chiliz #BTC #bitcoin #XRP #ripple #binance #ETH

It's very personal to Chile here at 8:00 am and your trustworthiness is our Wide virtual high channel I reported here on the channel that this hole here on the 22nd was fake and quickly shoot back into our great high high virtual channel here, my indicator has already bought it, it is only activated when a real Kendall body the whole is above the waterline the waterline is the turnaround level of the daily Wap Way is an indicator that indicates a relevant consistency in Buying forces then very likely that it hits now starts this stride here and impulsive towards this resistance band here o these three tops here o that imposed this correction on the 26th of May, this correction on the eleventh of June and this correction on the sixteenth of June then, and this resistance band here is the target is or is it the most impacting resistance for you in the region of 0.32 0.34 between 0 32 33 and 34 here we made a high there is this top here also in this Residential band and here it was 035 top here was 037 here was 035 and here was 036 So this range between 0 to 36 and 03 is the most relevant resistance of tilly on Squid, there is already a range where there buyer ok guys, I'll be back soon with shiba inu analysis and your shiba ringtone that will be Dex effendi's native ringtone shiba inu shiba Suape that will run on the network and such and promises to be a new unisoap Oh ok guys in a little while I'll be back whoever wants to suggest analysis of Any asset Just put in the messages below the big

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