Chiliz (CHZ) – Análise de hoje, 28/05/2021! #CHZ #Chiliz #BTC #bitcoin #XRP #ripple #binance #ETH

Hey everyone, let's go from Chiliz, to chz, now on May 28th at At 2 pm here in Spain, 10,046 people are activated as Test our top channel wallpaper here, or better design here And the crypto world like these guys, the fall rises, there is no way And this is Ballet Bolshoi from Linden, she's testing the bottom services This high pen, I see it will climb the bottom in this high channel and then it will climb here The upper streak will coincide with the ascending and abnormal escalation of the ichimoku cloud's upper streak In the relatively aggressive upward channel, the autism bias did not change Buyers are still fully in control of the original understand that the double-wave amplitude buyer has opened And that the capacity is one on the sell side, which is already at the end, because the paper is climbing The bottom of the ascending channel, barely reaching the second quartile of the lower band of the scale, And the short exponential lines and the line, straight and beyond the signal line on a Mac, didn't progress until they moved To the lower band of the scale, i.e.

bullish slope, call in all indicators on الموجودة Distance from the MM 200, and the next kick from this bullish ballerina is here, as it is being promoted, And now testing the bottom of the channel that's going to have a MM200 face you can be that here in the area 0.34 0.35 Attila in front of some traffic to then catapult jump to the top of this The high channel is hypothetical so people, this analysis timeout Trixie is still in The upper part of the scale indicates complete control of the assets by purchasing power It's personal, I'll be back soon with an analysis by Doji Cohen. Keep personal time private Autism is testing the base of the high channel and now it will test the network close to zero resistance 340 35 in a time 200 period moving average and who wants to suggest analysis Some assets just put the messages below in a moment I will come back to analyze the dog with.

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